You may feel that new career-based responsibilities are a little harder to manage than you expected, but don’t be hard on yourself. Part of being “the boss” is to know when to delegate! In fact once you realize it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, everyone will feel a lot better.


You may be thinking about a child’s education fund, or saving for their future right now. See what you can learn on your own about investing for the future, don’t sink a lot of up-front cash into what might be a risky program. Don’t forget to get them involved!


You may be considering taking a class, attending a lecture or traveling soon. If you are still single, it will be at a venue where ideas are shared and explored that you will find new romantic opportunities. If you are already married, your partner may give you a new book to read.


Romantic relationships are likely to change in exciting and dramatic ways right now. You will be on the phone a lot, exchanging emails or sending letters with some surprising twists and turns. If you are single, eyes meet across a room, and major sparks fly!


Others will see you as someone very important and interesting right now. Someone looks up to you and will see you as being the teacher or visionary they have been looking for. This may be a little unnerving but the truth is you can handle the responsibility.


You will hit something of a plateau at work right now, and may find that it is difficult to get much done. This condition is very short term, and it would not hurt you to give yourself a bit of a break anyway. Don’t try to push yourself too hard right now.


If you have been looking for some fun, try closer to home, especially if you are a parent. There is enjoyment to be had in your own back yard. Rent a video. Don’t go for a family outing where you may have to struggle with crowds and traffic right now.


If you can avoid arguments with your significant other right now you will be much better off. You may be the cranky one, or it may be them – either way it is unlikely you will solve anything when you both feel so contrary. Give yourself some time – it will all sort itself out.


Trust your intuition. You may have some doubts or concerns about your future career path, or the direction your social life is taking. An older friend or an authority figure that you trust will prove themselves to be a wise and understanding guide.


You will be making or receiving a lot of phone calls or emails right now, and the gossips are heating up the phone and Internet lines with all kinds of good news. You may be hearing from a sibling in a far-away place who has some exiting news to share.


Watch your words right now, especially in the workplace. Your subconscious needs and issues will be close to the surface, and your real feelings about a supervisor or employer could leak out between the lines. Double check any paperwork you do, especially if it involves travel or research.


You will still be struggling between your intuition and your knowledge, between your heart and your head, but the focus is on your own wellness right now. You may also need to find a way to tell someone that they have to take better care of themselves.

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