You may have a heck of a time getting yourself motivated right now. You have a pile of chores, so many that you can’t seem to just pick one, and that is keeping you from getting anything done. Put them all on slips of paper, put them in a hat, and pick them at random until they all get done.


This is not a good day to let an impulse over-ride your common sense, especially where it comes to purchases of art or entertainment services. You may want to grab those season’s tickets to the opera right now when they look like a bargain, but will you really make use of them?


A sudden and unexpected dispute could prove to be troublesome, but it may also bring along financial opportunities. You may find yourself juggling schedules at the last minute right now so that you can take advantage of someone else’s dramatic mood swings. Your boss may seem a bit “bi-polar” right now.


You have strong leadership skills right now and people are eager to hear what you have to say. Mostly you’ll be talking about tearing down old structures. Make sure you have a plan to replace them with something new! You could be looking at making financial adjustments so you can better help others.


You have some interesting inspirational ideas about decorating or redecorating your home. You may decide to go out shopping for a new stereo or entertainment centre, or set up a new hobby room where you can pursue a new craft in a peaceful pleasant atmosphere.


If you are involved in a dispute, try to negotiate a win-win settlement. You may have an opportunity to build your financial future with the quiet assistance of someone who wears a uniform, or who works as an official or authority figure of some kind.


Your creative and intellectual energies are high right now. Other people are drawn to you like moths to flame. You may find that one of your ideas is making an especially big impact. You may publish an article or start a popular online meme.


Take some time to be with your significant other, just the two of you. You may be falling into a bit of a rut. Get out and just have some fun. If you are single, and your love life had hit a bit of a slow patch, get out for some fun time on your own, no entourage to distract you.


You may be a source of good news to a loved one, sibling or neighbor right now. You have a lot of extra energy and can inspire others to improve their lives. You have an opportunity to make new friends and to join together with groups of people to make a positive difference.


You are not sure why you feel so cranky and tired right now, but you are coming across as disagreeable and you could end up annoying a coworker that you are normally friends with if you are not more careful. On the upside, your intuition for investment opportunities is sharp.


Your home is calling out for a makeover, but you may be too impatient and impulsive to do a good job right now. This could be a good time to hash out the budget and details with your partner, while pushing the implementation to a date when you can focus better.


You may soon have some extra time to complete a craft, hobby or home improvement project that has suffered from neglect due to time constraints. Some extra money, time off or a shift-swap could free you up sooner than expected to clear the way to clear the decks.

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