You may find that it is a little challenging to communicate with others right now. Expect the unexpected, and keep your sense of humor handy. Those people that you can actually get a hold of will seem to be vacant, distant challenged by things outside of your control.


Your workplace will be something of a circus right now. Someone’s workplace romance has burst out into the open and that has the office gossips all a twitter. If you are not involved, try to avoid the rumour mill. Loose lips can sink friendships.


Take some time out for yourself as soon as you can. A short drive or outing to visit friends could work wonders on your morale. You may find a special treat or bargain that is well worth the travel time.


There are events and ideas in the workplace that trigger a new interest in a hobby or creative pass time right now, but you may find that it is difficult to get others interested. You might have to put aside your new interest to play someone else’s game first.


You may want to spend the day getting a lot of chores cleared off your plate, but you may find that family members don’t share your enthusiasm for neatness right now. You may find that it is better if you declare “Goof Off Day” right now, and schedule the chores for another time.


You have incredible ideas right now that seem to come from some extraterrestrial channeled source, they are so outside your normal way of thinking. Give them a chance to percolate and develop. You may find they are not as crazy as they seem at first.


You and your significant other need to reach out to older, more mature friends who have been through the kinds of challenging that are troubling you now. You may be too wound up in your stuff to see that both of you are out of balance. If you are single, be careful of an unusual sudden attraction.


Changes in social connections may leave you feeling a little insecure right now, but it won’t last long. If you push through your own resistance you’ll find opportunities to connect with others helpful to your growth. An older person will challenge your authority.


Your holidays don’t have to be “perfect” in order to be positive and purposeful. If you let go of your need for everyone to get along, a strange sense of peace could come over you that lifts the stress and the drama. Under all that you really do all love one another.


Your love life could be a little complicated right now. Your family or in-laws seem to have this idea that they run your life, and you are just along for the ride. You can deflect this idea with a little good-natured humor, patience, and some determination to make your own way.


You have a wonderful opportunity to build your financial future with help from an older loved one. You could find out that a wealthy elder in your family has named you in their will, or is planning to set aside a trust fund in the name of one of your children.


If you have kids they are likely to be hyperactive and excitable right now – but that may work, because they are getting it from you. If you want your loved ones to calm down right now, you are going to have to calm down yourself first. Take three deep breaths. There. Feel better?

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