It looks like you could use more sleep or rest. You might need to take some time away from other activities to get in the time, though. It looks like the chores may be piling up as well. It might be worthwhile to hire someone to help out for a short time.


You may be feeling frustrated in some personal goal or project and this may be coming across to others in ways you did not expect. If others are behaving strangely it may be because they are taking you too personally. You may want to comfort them and let them know this is not about them.


If you want to make an impression on a boss or authority figure avoid topics including, but not limited to, politics, culture, religion, faith, sex and spirituality. That is quite a spectrum, but getting into the mysteries of life is likely to lead you down a giant path to nowhere right now.


You want to get some needed chores done around the house, or some time to do some renovations, but your life is a little too busy and complicated. Today is not the best day for you to be working on “do-it-yourself” projects anyway – you are likely to hit your thumb with the hammer.


Your mouth is going a mile a minute right now. Your energy is high – too high, and you may find yourself tripping over your own words as you struggle to get your thoughts and feelings out and across to others. Your intuition is off right now, double-check your paperwork.


Your home and family life may face something of a crisis or turning point right now. If you and your partner have not been clear on your future direction, you may find yourselves asking where you want to go from here. A loved one may be dealing with an emotional challenge.


If the rules in your workplace seem crazy, remind yourself that they may make sense to those in charge. You do not need to understand, you just need to follow the rules. You may find ways to cope, or break out in your own, but fighting the system right now will bring frustration.


You have an opportunity to tell someone something that has been on your mind right now. Your communications skills and leadership ability will put you in an enviable position. You can get a lot of paperwork cleared off your desk if you stay focused.


There will be a blessing in disguise moment for you right now. Your family and social circle seems a little wrapped up in some totally selfish concerns, and it may be up to you to point out the “big picture”. There is always someone who “has it worse than you”. Maybe you can find such a person and help them out?


Your mood will be sliding up and down the scale like a psychotic trombone player. You will need to stay focused on your personal entertainment, relaxation, and recreation if you want to stay in the upper part of the scale. Leave work aside for one day.


A friend or companion may offer to invite you to a sporting event this evening. If you are still single, this could be a good place for you to meet a potential partner. If you are already married, you may be taking your spouse along to a last-minute outing with friends.


You may find that you are out of sorts for feel that you are ahead of the curve in your groups people or volunteering for special project. Your energy and ideas may be a bit ahead of their time. You might want to take a deep breath and slow down and wait for every one else to catch up.

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