You may be feeling left out because the spotlight is on a friend or sibling right now. Find a way to help them celebrate their victory, and you will find they are your biggest fan when it is your turn to take centre stage.


Good news is coming in from friends or companions about an upcoming party or gathering. That may be excellent news, just in time to take your mind off some money worries or a dispute over a financial agreement that has you rather frustrated right now.


You are likely to encounter flashbacks to some uncomfortable moments from your childhood right now. An encounter with a childhood friend, an old teacher, or a relative you have not seen in years could have you rethinking something you long since considered resolved.


Today’s challenges have to do with thoughts, ideas, paperwork and your sense of humor, which is into overdrive right now. Be careful with the jokes or wisecracks, because others may take you a little too seriously or personally at the moment.


You will have a happier and more harmonious day right now if you avoid getting into political, spiritual or financial arguments with a friend or companion. They may be acting like and opinionated so and so right now, but you won’t have the energy to argue with them.


Watch your gut reactions right now. Normally you are highly intuitive, but your insight might fail you right now, especially where it comes to family members, siblings, and coworkers. Double-check your opinions before trying to communicate your ideas.


You may find yourself in one of those “family moments” right now that you normally dread. Relatives are likely to be erratic, confused and cranky. Avoid pushing anyone’s hot buttons right now. If you want to lead, don’t suggest solutions, be quiet and patient instead. Listen carefully right now.


A child may come home with good news, a report card or an award of some kind. If you are not a parent yourself, you may find satisfaction right now in mentoring or tutoring a needy young child. You have more to give than you may realize.


Open your wallet, take out your credit cards. Place the credit cards in a secure location. Okay, now you can leave the house. Today you will be extremely prone to spend for emotional rather than practical reasons, especially if you have to go anywhere near the mall.


A friend is going to ask you to commit to some kind of personal sacrifice on their behalf, but you have other priorities, most likely a family member who is in need of emotional support. They may not realize that their own prejudices are getting in the way of clear insight.


Career and social obligations bring challenges right now. Someone wants something you are not prepared to give. You may find yourself in the middle of some serious discussions about healthcare plans soon. If you are a leader in your office, push for everything you can get.


Your mind may be playing tricks on you right now. It is a little hard to think because there is so much information floating around, and so much of that can’t be trusted. Remember the old Russian saying: “Trust but verify”? That will be especially important right now.

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