If you want to smooth over a rough patch with your parents, or your partner’s parents, the best way to do that is to find some gift or information related to the real problem – that long-standing medical or emotional problem of theirs. A treat of a day at a spa could work wonders on a cranky in-law.


You have a lot of paperwork to handle right now, some of it will be frustrating and challenging, but it has the potential to have a positive impact on your career goals. Keep plugging at it, the rewards are coming sooner, and they may be greater than you think.


Your career and financial energies are getting a serious booster shot right now. Take advantage by pushing for positive change and trying to get your pet project, budget or a personal raise approved right now. You may impulsively speak up at a meeting right now.


Today a fog is clouding some of your best ideas, and you find it hard to concentrate. That may well be because a loved-one rained on your parade by pointing out some of the practical challenges that you will be facing as you chase a dream.


Sudden news or an unexpected bill could force some changes in your financial plans. Just remember that the trouble is temporary. You’ll sail through it fine if you are patient and calm. You may have good financial ideas right now – it is a good day to collect ideas though, let them incubate a bit.


Communications, paperwork and travel are areas of potential frustration right now, especially if you have to deal with a family member who lives in another country. You may find that there are problems “connecting”, misunderstandings, and delays related to communications equipment.


You need some time out with friends, clubs or groups of people, but for some reason you don’t feel comfortable in crowds right now. Your emotional energy is swinging wildly from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, sometimes over a space of minutes.


You will be asking yourself how you got so lucky right now. Someone will likely offer you some kind of plum assignment or there is a job opportunity coming that you could only describe as a dream come true. You could get paid to do something you’d happily do for free.


Changes and transformations in relationships are not always “bad”. Sometimes they are just what the doctor ordered. Remember that lovers need to be friends and partners too. Communication is the key, and remember, you have to be honest about your feelings.


A wonderfully lucky intuition or fortunate insight will help you turn around a financial or investment struggle. You may encounter “found money” or some kind, or be treated to a special perk or bonus in the workplace. Ignore coworker jealousy, they will get over it.


You are not in the mood to “suck up” at all right now. In fact, you are in full battle gear. A group or cause important to your heart, likely involving children or the arts, is heating up and bringing with it a lot of hard, energetic effort as you work to make a difference.


You may feel that new career-based responsibilities are a little harder to manage than you expected, but don’t be hard on yourself. Part of being “the boss” is to know when to delegate! In fact once you realize it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, everyone will feel a lot better.

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