Take a break from any office politics, no matter how intriguing they may be. Keep your head down and your powder dry. A quick getaway may be the better part of valour if you are cornered by the office gossip.


You have been challenged to take a more active role in the health and well being of a child or loved one, and the best way to lead right now is by example. This is not a time for “Do as I say, not as I do”, especially where herbs, drugs or medicines are involved.


You may have over-spent this holiday season, but the looks on the faces of your loved ones should be well worth remembering. Just be sure that you organize things so that the children of the family have space to play – they could be overlooked if you don’t make a special effort.


If you are still single, a friend may be plotting a pleasant meeting behind your back, a “serendipitous” meeting with someone they think is just perfect for you. If you are not single, you and your significant other could be going out together with friends soon for some fun.


You may find that long-term efforts to advance in your career are paying off. You may come to the attention of an important person in your workplace who has the power to help move things along.


You may experience delays or confusion getting to an appointment with your doctor, or in arranging for some kind of healthcare procedure. Double check on any new prescriptions or treatments. Make sure you have checked out any alternatives.


Your partner is not telling you the whole truth about something right now. When you press them for details they get vague and uncertain. Insist on hearing the whole story. If you are going to be asked to sacrifice it is only fair you know it all.


You may be a source of good news to a loved one, sibling or neighbor right now. You have a lot of extra energy and can inspire others to improve their lives. You have an opportunity to make new friends and to join together with groups of people to make a positive difference.


Your circle of friends may be expanding soon. An eclectic, unusual group of people may be crossing paths with the group of people you normally hang out with. When the collision of ideas finally dies down you may find that things have gotten a whole lot more interesting.


Focus your energies on your family, children, loved ones and hobbies right now. You may find that the harder you try to keep your node on the grindstone the less you actually accomplish. If it is possible, and that looks more than likely, give yourself a break.


Your career is driving you around the bend right now because once again you are being asked to make changes, and you are a sign that likes the status quo to be stable. You may act rashly and impulsively in an effort to get some semblance of stability but that is only making it worse.


You may be considering going back to school because of an insensitive comment or suggestion that your knowledge or skills are not up to date. But when you calm down a bit, you’ll realize that there is no real substance to their suggestion, and you are sharper than you give yourself credit for.

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