A change in mindset among your friends and family may have you reevaluating you spiritual or religious beliefs or priorities. You may feel uncertain what to do next. Keep an open mind and heart, pay attention to small coincidences.


Women are lucky for you financially right now while men are challenging. If you are thinking of going out shopping, grab a woman friend and leave the men folk at home. Don’t challenge a male authority figure over a financial issue in the workplace right now.


A recent gift or a gift of money will brighten up your home. You will be hearing good news about a loved one or relative whose musical or creative talents are just now starting to blossom. You may be invited to a concert or entertainment event involving music.


A secret your significant other reveals could bring excitement right now. There is good news coming soon about some financial hurdle you needed to cross. Someone could be having a baby or planning a wedding, and you are happy to be involved in the joyous occasion.


You have a good idea for your investment plan, and are feeling pretty good about that. But you are a little concerned whether or not the information you have is altogether accurate. Follow your gut feeling, and go slowly. It may be a good deal, but the details bear scrutiny.


You have dreams of winning the lottery and though that’s unlikely to happen, you do have opportunities to make some of your fantasies of “big bucks” come true right now. The focus is on your career and the challenges you face to make a long-term prosperity plan functional.


Financial changes will force changes to an important friendship. You may express some fears about future financial security. An advisor or professional consultant may be able to help you with a plan to turn your financial picture back around.


Expect unexpected phone calls, letters, and email messages. Strange news or communication is featured right now. You may hear from a friend or sibling who has been out of touch for a while. They may present you with some interesting challenges or opportunities.


You are still in love with your family, but you may start to see how a large family can be a challenge in the financial area. You may have to shell out this afternoon for a baby shower or to help out a family member who has been a little prolific lately.


You will find an interesting opportunity to share your values and ideals with someone higher up on your social or career path. Listen to them carefully, as they are offering not only advice, but opportunities. They are waiting to see how “hungry” you are.


You may be the center of attention right now, because you have stumbled across some kind of information other people want. You may find a major bargain on the Internet, or finally decide to set up that Internet web log that you have been thinking about.


You may receive a reward or recognition of some kind for your personal growth, philanthropy or spiritual work. An invitation to participate in some kind of social organization could open up new opportunities in you love life if you are single.

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