You really want to sneak out of the office early right now and you could have an unlikely co-conspirator – an older coworker, or even your boss. You are both fed up with office politics and splitting early, if you can manage it, might be a good idea.


Definitely your day to play nurse, but it might be a slightly naughty kind of drama if you catch my drift. You’ll be highly energetic and your imagination is running rampant – along with your hormones apparently. Have a good time, but play safe.


Financial opportunities are really good right now, so it is important to stay focused. That may be challenging right now because you are a bit mentally scattered, particularly where it comes to creative ways to make and spend your money.


You may find that your newest hobby turns a little frustrating right now. Maybe you need more time or money to enjoy it properly? Keep plugging away, and you will figure things out eventually. Don’t give up on something just because you haven’t mastered it right out of the box.


If you are long overdue for a raise, right now would be a good day to approach your employer for an appointment to discuss your financial future. In some cases, they could be coming to you – you should try to wheedle the best deal you can – cash should be part of the improving picture.


You may end up having something of a tough day if you have to spend much of it around family members or loved ones right now. Someone just does not want to deal with some needed medical or healthcare concerns, and you may find it impossible to stay silent.


You want to improve your shot at getting a promotion or a plum assignment, but if you think you can do that with a last-minute crash course, think again. You may need longer than you have to prepare your research. You may have to beg more time for your deadlines.


You are discovering that sudden or impulsive career moves can be both challenging and rewarding. It certainly makes for excitement, but it does not make for the most stable financial conditions. You may find that a promising offer is less stellar than it first appeared.


You are in the middle of some confusing or unsettling experience right now when the solution you are grasping for just explodes into your mind. It may involve disappointing others or saying “no” to unreasonable expectations, but you’ll feel good about your choices.


You may have a really good idea for making some extra money. It may take a bit more work than you expected but you could find a lucrative way to boost your income with a part-time home-based online business. Find a way to help others make money or improve their daily lives.


Impatience with family members is likely to obscure your vision right now. You may find yourself to be a lot more edgy and energetic than normal. If you are seeking a physical outlet for your energy, avoid throwing yourself into home improvements – you are likely to put a hammer through the wall.


You have wonderfully romantic energies in your chart right now. The challenge may come from a sudden tendency to over-work, likely caused by unexpected opportunities in your career. You may have to juggle your personal and career lives to come to balance.

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