Friends and companions are the ones most likely to drop bombshells on you right now. Someone is taking a big step in a personal relationship, and they want your opinion. Be careful to be extra tactful if you offer any criticism, because your motives could be misunderstood.


If you are still single, you may have an opportunity for romance right now, but keep one foot on the ground, because you could spend your way into trouble while looking for a gift to impress your special someone. Remember, it really is the thought that counts.


Your ability to communicate may be enhanced by new technology or new people who come in to assist you in your work. Your love life could use a bit of a boost and a spontaneous gift of travel could be just what is needed to perk up the interest levels again.


You may find you have odd encounters with authority figures right now. Go on the facts, on the obvious. Ask for clarification if you are in any doubt as to instructions you are given right now. Your intuition is not as sharp as it was yesterday.


Friends and companions are confusing right now. Someone is open, supportive, almost literally your “Rock” to stand on. But someone else seems confused and unsettled. It may be that the latter party has some issues that you are not aware of.


You may be getting fed up with arbitrary policies and processes in the workplace. Corporate logic may seem hopelessly dysfunctional to you right now. If it is any consolation, almost everyone else is feeling the same way.


There will be some confusion around friends, family, and neighbours right now. Try to avoid any serious discussions about house, home, family, or real estate property. Shared values may help you overcome an uncomfortable moment. Someone you live near may need your help.


You may find that you have a lot of ideas right now, but while you are eager to act on them, it may be difficult. Other people come across as dreamy and unfocused, and you may find they just don’t “get it” when you try to engage them.


Friends, companions, groups and clubs will take up a lot of time and attention right now. There are likely to be a lot of phone calls and email messages flying back and forth. You could be invited to an art gallery opening, or go out shopping together with a group of friends.


You could have some money coming in soon, but it may be a good idea to keep that little bit of news to yourself right now. If someone calls you sniffing around for information about your finances you may find it prudent to have a handy way to change the subject.


You may have an opportunity to travel or enhance your education due to developments in your workplace right now. Keep your eyes open. Be aware also that you may have to juggle family responsibilities with new challenges if you want to improve your career.


Romantic energies are strong in your chart right now, but you do have this tendency to speak your mind with just a little too much clarity. You may feel anxious about a secret you are asked to keep from a loved one, and it may be incredibly difficult to keep a promise to stay silent.

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