If you are already married it is likely to be a warm, sensuous and passionate day right now. You may be considering taking your significant other out to a spa or for a healing treatment of some kind. If you are still single, you are hot, exciting and interesting to others.


You could find yourself making all kinds of “Freudian slips” right now if you are not careful. You will be at your most vulnerable to verbal faux pas right now when you are pushed to anger, so watch your temper. People will come across as rude and cranky.


Unexpected “in-law” or family problems seem to keep cropping up lately. You just don’t see eye to eye with your own parents, or the parents of your significant other. There are ways to find workable compromises that can bring people back together.


You will discover that it pays after all to be diplomatic. Someone let you down recently but you kept your head up, and now you are getting not only support and kudos, but offers of help and opportunities that you might not have gotten if you had not faced this challenge so gracefully.


An offer or opportunity may come by soon to make a risky investment. Check the details carefully as not everything will be disclosed or apparent at this time. Gamble only what you can afford to lose, especially if friends, relatives or siblings are involved.


You may find a new technological device is helpful in improving your spare time productivity. A change in your daily routine or schedule, triggered by changes in transportation or communication technology could improve your lifestyle. You could find something useful on sale.


You have an awful case of foot in mouth disease right now. Be very careful when allowing yourself to vent or share strong feelings – you can come off as a lot madder than you ever intended. You may find that people are cranky and impatient and they misunderstand your intentions.


You’ll be taking a leadership role in the workplace right now, and there are real “make or break” energies at play. You will experience strange synchronicities that lead you to just the right people at the right time and projects will seem to just “come together”.


The past few days have been challenging ones in the history of your career path, and you may be tempted to make a sudden, dramatic and impulsive last-minute change right now. Take two or three deep breaths, then wait until next Monday before you make up your mind.


Be careful if you are investing or setting up a business involving shared assets right now. This is not an auspicious day for the beginning or initiation of new shared ventures. You may find that the project drags on forever, goes nowhere, or has to be restarted at a later date.


Your love life flip-flops from fabulous to frustrating, sometimes within a few moments passion turns to pressure. You are not communicating well, and you are not terribly realistic about your responsibilities and expectations in relationships.


You have a real lucky charm hiding in your astrological chart right now. You can use your influence with others in the workplace to push for bigger budgets, more responsibility, more control over working conditions that are important to your well being.

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