An argument with a friend may highlight a significant difference of values that you did not know had come between you. You may discover though that you can resolve your differences through the timely intervention of a family member or relative whose calmer head prevails.


You may be considering changing doctors, dentists, or seeking out new healthcare alternatives. You or a lived one may encounter resistance or challenges from these kinds of people, and family members may not be entirely supportive of alternative treatments right now.


You may find an unusual or interesting work of art, a telephone or a new computer for your home. Family members could be dropping by unexpectedly, so it would not hurt to stop by the grocery store on the way home and pick up some snacks, just in case.


You may be offered an interesting investment opportunity that heavily depends on your past knowledge or experience. If you face what appears to be a risky decision, take a deep breath, and then take a few moments to carefully consider the options before making a choice.


You can broaden a romantic relationship by including your friends in an event or gathering this evening. You could be playing one of those adult board games when someone blurts out the obvious truth that everyone has been dancing around for the past few days.


You’ll get some good news that could ease your disappointment at a recent letdown involving an investment deal or partnership. A partner will help you sort out the confusion. Get the agreement on paper, as there could be misunderstandings down the road.


Friends and associates are cranky and unreasonable right now. It may be you or they that lack money, but a budgetary shortage is likely to be the root cause of the shortage of patience you are sensing. This too is temporary – try to be understanding if you can’t get anyone to go out.


You are looking forward to some fun and entertainment this evening. You feel sexy and playful, and your creative fantasies are intriguing right now. If you are married and are trying to add branches to the family tree, this could be a night to remember.


You will be thinking about important spiritual or political matters right now. Your values and ideals are changing because your social connections are changing. They say as you get older, you get more conservative in your thinking, you are realizing there may be truth in that.


You want to travel, and could have that opportunity, but the trip is likely to have an adverse effect on your pocketbook. Make sure you are carrying enough money so that any emergencies are covered and unusual opportunities on the roadside can be investigated.


There may be challenges if you are a parent right now. Little Johnny or Janet may bring home a pal that you are ill-equipped to understand. Try to put off any decisions for the day – wait until you are calm, especially if you feel any flashes of anger whether kids are involved or not.


Happy days are here again! Whoopee, you have a little extra money and you’ll be all too happy to spend it. I have two words for you: “savings account”. Another few choice words of advice: The best thing you can do with your windfall is pay down the credit cards!

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