You need to talk with someone, not yell at someone. You may be frustrated with their behaviour, but if you want them to listen to you, you are going to have to reciprocate. A coworker expects too much of you, or vice versa right now, or perhaps it is a mutual thing?


You are going to have to make some changes in your attitudes about cultural values. You may find yourself confronting someone from another country who shocks you into the startling realization that your culture, religion, and beliefs are not as dominant or universal as you thought.


You are likely to have arguments or disagreements with loved ones right now if you are not careful. Take care to avoid any political or social-issues topics around the dinner table. Stick to small talk and focus your energy on what you love about your loved ones instead.


You will be answering and making a lot of phone calls right now. You will be in great demand by loved ones who are seeking your attention. You may find that a new romance has a downside – it is apparent that some of you are out spending too much money on the dating game.


You may be challenged by someone to justify your value system right now. Spiritual interest is high, but tempers are touchy. Avoid getting into religious or metaphysical debates with a loved one whose motives may be colored by less than spiritual impulses.


Everyone seems tense right now, and the best way to escape is to set up an appointment for a spa or to buy some movie tickets to get yourself away from reality for a while. Pushing things, especially with significant other or family members will solve nothing this month.


You may find that it is difficult for you to communicate with others right now. For some reason, you seem to keep tripping over your own tongue. But if you keep at it, and watch where this happens, you may make some significant strides in self-understanding.


If it comes between a choice of spending money on healthcare, your workplace, or on the items you need for the daily chores, and spending money on arts and crafts and pleasure, right now is the day duty may win out over fun. Unless of course you have children, and their fun may be your duty.


Your phone will be ringing off the hood with exciting and interesting calls from siblings, friends and companions. Your love life may or may not be the one heating up, but someone you know is almost certainly in the middle of a fling that has tongues wagging.


You have some really good ideas about your financial investments right now, but you may be unable to act on them due to problems with malfunctioning communications or electronic equipment. Don’t make new money plans or start new investment projects until you investigate them thoroughly.


Financial dilemmas are indicated in your chart this week. You may be stuck in the middle between two equally challenging problems or opportunities and you don’t really know which to pick. Ask yourself, all things being equal, which one speaks to your heart, soul and dreams?


You may have had some money problems in the last year, and your unusual ideas or solutions about those kinds of issues could be helpful to others. You could be considering teaching some kind of prosperity technique along the lines of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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