You are spending a lot of time thinking about romance right now and you could be told that you are smothering someone or pushing them too hard right now. If you are single there could be a sudden attraction that brings in a sensitive, attractive and carefree soul into your life.


Friends and companions may come across as cranky or unreasonably demanding right now, probably due to the fact that they are suffering from “empty pockets syndrome”. They are focusing on some lack or need and are not really aware how they are coming across to others.


You will encounter unusually lucky experiences right now. While a win big on the lottery is unlikely, more than a few members of your sign will be the recipients of small gambling wins, sweepstakes prizes, and good numbers of you are likely to find money in the laundry basket.


You need to get more active. You may be considering a lifestyle change that helps get you moving more. But you may be tempted to over-reach your limits right now. It is a good idea to start slowly, stretch and take your time if you are taking up a new activity.


You can’t seem to decide if you are joyous or miserable right now, and your conflicted moods are probably reflected in the mirror. People can easily read you right now, and the “come closer … no, stay away!” message you are giving out is confusing, though perhaps that is unavoidable.


You may find some time for an extra break from work or daily chores. You may be invited out by a friend, or be granted some unexpected time off. Keep an eye open for an opportunity to share some time with friends or loved ones, but save some time for yourself, too.


You will get a letter, phone call or email on some controversial topic right now. Don’t let yourself be thrown for a loop. You can be honest about your feelings, while still being tactful. You may have to think of a nice way to tell someone they are wrong.


Don’t invest any of the kids’ college funds in a risky “hot stock bet” right now. You may find yourself thinking a lot about your financial future. Make sure that you are treading a safe and secure path. The daily commute is likely to be a challenge right now, leave home early.


If you are single you could meet someone right now who is extremely attractive and promising as a partner, but their parents may not like you and yours may not favor them. You may have to move slowly when considering whether or not to bring them home to mother.


You may feel anxious or uncertain about your job stability right now as a result of conflict in the workplace, or problems with your health. Stress is definitely a factor right now. You do have investment opportunities though, and should be thinking about alternative ways to boost your bottom line.


You may stumble across something special and unusual that you did not realize you needed before now. This is a special gift of a friendship or relationship that is different than you may have experienced before.


The workplace will be even more exciting and interesting right now because you can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. A supervisor, employer or client will put you in touch with information you needed or an authority figure may clear an obstacle from your path.

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