You may be having something of a personality crisis right now. Who are you, and where do you fit into life? You may be re-evaluating yourself because of some comments or concerns raised by someone in your career or social circle. You may decide to have an emotional makeover.


Try to find inexpensive ways to play right now, even if that means changing plans at the last minute. You could end up spending a wad of cash, especially if you have a big family. A picnic at the beach is a much better deal than that outing to the local theme park.


Your phone, computer or Internet connection may act a little oddly right now. Even if your digital equipment works well, you may experience strange power struggles with people who communicate electronically right now. It is a good idea to avoid the chat rooms right now.


You might not be able to soothe the savage beast right now. Your own energy is tense and impatient, and any attempt on your part to talk sense into your significant other could be frustrating. If you are still single, be careful around people that you meet tonight, they may have hidden issues or agendas.


You may find that your finances don’t stretch all the way across the week if you are not careful. Avoid costly outings, stay closer to home, or budget more carefully. You could regret impulsive purchases of large items, and recreational outings could cost more than expected.


You might try to avoid or appease a “mother figure” in your family right now, but she’s likely to be something of a “hard sell”. You’ll get the message and you will know what needs to be done, but there are some challenges, because she seems a little too determined to be unhappy right now.


It’s a very romantic day but you are not being at your most practical or grounded right now. You are definitely looking at the world through rose coloured glasses, and reading poetry and drinking delicate wines may have more appeal than honestly looking at the facts.


Don’t proselytize on behalf of your religion or spiritual beliefs right now, especially not to friends or companions or people in large groups. You will find that you tend to pick the crowd least likely to be receptive to your “pitch”. If you need to share, aim yourself at the “choir” – the converted will be supportive.


There are some dramatic changes coming in your career plans. You will find that your daily schedule is really challenging. For some reason things seem to be changing from one day to the next, and you aren’t really sure where you stand. Don’t worry – there is opportunity in chaos.


Your intuition remains sharp, but it’s your house, home or family who take the lion’s share of your attention right now. You might feel moved to make improvements to or expand your home. If you are a parent, you might be considering adding another branch to the family tree soon.


You may be a bit accident-prone right now, so be careful if you have to do any chores involving sharp objects or power tools. You need to take things slow and careful, because you are full of energy, and feel impatient and impulsive right now.


A lucky find could bring in some much-needed cash. Keep your eyes peeled. Some money found under couch cushions, in a pocket, or in an old envelope could help just at the right time. Keep your eyes open for bargains, too.

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