Your intuition is bringing in some pretty wild ideas, especially where it comes to your love life right now. You may be feeling “randy” as the British might say. However, it may be hard to communicate those feelings to a partner who seems off in outer space right now.


You may have something of a spiritual crisis of faith. On the one side, there are your beloved family members, and on the other, your partner, or perhaps your own conscience. Only you can decide where to go from here and you may have to disengage from both sides in order to make the right choice.


Looks like you are seriously considering moving. All very well and good if your bills are paid and you have a continuing income, but you may be overly optimistic right now, and despite recent gains, this is not the time to take big risks.


Your family is likely to be a little off their collective rockers right now. There is some kind of chaotic situation throwing them off balance. Don’t offer advice unless you are asked, but if you are asked, point out that they are only getting what they asked for.


If you are considering having a child, are pregnant, or know someone about to become a parent, it is a wonderful day to slip out to the book store or library to bone up on your knowledge. Children don’t come with instruction manuals and you may find yourself wanting one.


You are beating yourself up lately and that’s not a good idea. Whatever you do, don’t call a relative who has made a hobby of indiscriminately pressing your hot buttons. You won’t have a lot of patience or tolerance for unfair criticism right now, but you won’t feel like fighting either.


A friend may help you make a necessary lifestyle or dietary change to improve your overall health and well being. A friendly coworker will help you come to terms with changes in the workplace. There will be some stress or conflict however. You are getting closer to an essential truth, work through it.


You are at a turning point in a friendship. You have gone through a few rough days, but you can now see that there was a purpose to it all. You learned a lot about your friend, and about your own attitudes and feelings about the people you care most about.


You could find that the best place to meet a new romantic partner is among friends and family. You will have a pleasant day because you will be popular and in demand for get-togethers and parties. Your personal energy is very attractive right now.


You get some interesting thoughts and ideas about investments right now. It is unlikely that you will act on them right now. Store them away for a future time when your motivation is higher. Avoid signing any new paperwork or documents related to finances right now if you can.


You will be in the spotlight. There are exciting long-term opportunities for you. It may be a challenge at first, there may be more work than you expected, but a promotion or a raise may be in the offing. Keep your eyes open.


An interesting new entertainer or recreational activity could catch your eye. You may be prone to more sedentary distractions like television or video games right now, but keep your eyes peeled for something like swimming or dance. Your body is crying out for movement.

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