You may find it hard to connect with a friend or loved on right now. It could turn out to be a problem with your communication method. Give someone the benefit of the doubt if they do not respond right away. It could just be that the email or text messaging is out.


Listen to independent coworkers and staff members at your workplace if you are thinking about abandoning your day-job for a business partnership. You might be vulnerable to a picture that is painted with much rosier colours than are held in the true light of day.


You have subconscious fears about traveling right now, and this could make it difficult if you are the designated driver. Your mind is far away on other things, but your family members and relatives may be counting on you to taxi people around town right now. Drive safely.


You could have a strange or unexpected argument or disagreement with a relative or loved one right now if you are not extra careful to listen or be patient with them. You may win the argument, but you could lose a lot more if you are not careful.


You are seeing some success in your career and want to celebrate, but there is just not enough time to get away from your new responsibilities. You need to insist on some “self” time, so that you can recharge your batteries every once in a while.


You may be feeling a bit frustrated right now because you’re not able to take a vacation or holiday in the timeframe that you originally wanted. If you’re patient and keep your eyes open, you may be able to find an alternative online that will be just what the doctor. Enjoy your trip!


You will be in demand in social circles, because you are chatty, exciting and full of wild ideas right now. You have an opportunity to make new friends right now, but they may be dramatically different from your normal circle of friends and companions.


Don’t let a sudden argument or disagreement with a friend or partner distract you from an opportunity to make new friends. You’ll feel a lot more nervous energy right now than normal. People will seem overly dramatic and tense.


Some new friends you have made in the workplace recently present you some challenges right now. You may have a disagreement or have to hammer out an issue involving personal boundaries. You may find out that your new friend has a health problem.


If you are feeling a little under the weather, taking some huddle under the covers time could be incredibly healing. You really need rest more than clearing the chores off your to-do list. You may get more done if you take frequent breaks and pace yourself right now.


Sometimes challenging life questions are the most confusing after good news, like birth of a child or starting a new job. Allow your feelings to be what they are, and do not expect immediate answers, especially if an important cross roads is at hand.


A new hobby or pastime is coming that can help you change your life in some way. You may find that you have a new-found interest in some kind of creative activity that has the possibility to change your life for the better. You might even consider going into business part-time to make some extra money from this activity.

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