Take advantage of opportunities to rebuild bridges, mend fences and get people together. Your home and family are good investments right now. While you may have some budgetary issues, any investment in real estate or home improvement is especially favoured right now. There may have to be dramatic changes before you can pocket your windfall though.


There may be a challenge to the health of your pocketbook right now in the form of a friend who seems to be having trouble taking personal responsibility for their obviously self-caused woes. You may be left with no choice but to apply a little tough love.


You may have some challenging moments with your mother right now. Some old issue may come back to haunt you. This is not the best day to try to mend fences or to deal with hot-button topics with any member of your family, especially those you see as family leaders.


You want to drive through a big career or social project right now and it seems like there are unexpected roadblocks at every step of the project. Ask yourself if now is the best timing for such a project? Are you pushing to get things done too fast?


You may be attending a celebration or birthday party soon. While this may be in honor of a child, there will be plenty of adult gossip to be shared. Something has tongues wagging. You may want to keep out of the line of fire. Avoid any hot-button topics right now.


Your social circles and career ambitions take centre stage right now. You have some wonderful ideas, but feel blocked because of a personality or ego conflict in the workplace. The key to success is patience and holding your temper. You may not be clear on a coworker’s true motives.


You may find you have challenges reading, studying and communicating right now, especially where long distance communication is concerned. Take extra time for travel, especially if air travel is in the stars.


You may be in the mood to do more daydreaming than work right now, and this may interfere with your ability to get the job done. The challenge is to stay focused and energetic when you’d rather play. That’s a switch for you, but one you needed.


You will be possessed of unusually lucky energy right now. While only a rare few will win big on the lottery, more than a few members of your sign will be the recipients of surprise trips, free offers, coupons and small gambling wins. You will get blessings from children, travel and educational opportunities.


You may be feeling a bit under the weather, and your work could be suffering as a result. Cutting down on distractions and getting some extra sleep should help, but it appears you are long overdue for some time off as well.


If you are single, don’t be afraid to let a friend set you up with someone you have not met – especially at the last minute right now. It could turn out to be a lucky encounter for all. If you are married, there will likely be some unexpected news this morning.


Your intuition may not be so hot right now, especially where it comes to authority figures and older males. Don’t rely on that sixth-sense “cop radar” to let you know when it is safe to push the limits. Don’t confront anyone who seems unreasonable right now.

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