If you have been watching those “home improvement” shows on cable, you may think it looks really easy to tear up your home in a day or so and refinish it, but it could be harder to do that than you think. You’ll have a heck of a lot of fun, but have a backup contractor handy, just in case.


You may find yourself in favor with the boss, your employer, or some local dignitary, but you are in considerably less appeal with coworkers or subordinates right now. You may be in something of a conflict of interest position right now.


More adjustments and changes in relationships are coming and the “good-news-bad-news” flip-flops are likely to be terribly confusing and occasionally upsetting. You may want to shout, “Make up your minds!” but all you can do is sit back and watch the antics.


A friend may insist on dragging you off to some kind of spiritual retreat, but no matter how profound it may be, it won’t be the life-changing drama it has been billed as. Don’t have high expectations, but try not to rain on your friend’s parade, either.


You and your partner “need to talk”. One of you has taken up a hobby or part-time business involving some kind of teaching, publishing or holistic product and is not feeling much support from the other. You need to find a way to compromise on your time together.


Avoid social settings with friends who have strong opinions right now, unless of course you enjoy yet another round of pointless verbal battles. The war au verbiage is likely to get on your nerves right now, triggering some rather blunt and honest assessments of people’s intentions.


You will have a strong personal presence right now, but you could come across as something of a steamroller, especially where it comes to relatives, especially your significant other and their parents, or your own. Be patient, they will be feeling unusually anxious right now.


You may find that the strange utterances of a friend or companion hold what can best be described as “accidental wisdom”. The “village idiot” may turn out to be the one whose thoughts and ideas are the ones with the greatest potential – even if he or she is completely oblivious to their worth.


Your moods will swing dramatically right now. You have so many interesting ideas, and unique challenges, that it is hard for you to figure out which rabbit to chase right now. Start with the closest or easiest project, and work your way outwards. You can get a lot done.


You will be on the telephone a lot right now, answering a lot of emails, and getting a lot of paperwork done. You have information that other people want to know. You may be able to parlay that information into better social or career conditions if you are willing to take on extra responsibility.It’s time to get out some duct tape, plant it firmly across your mouth and write on it “Do not open until Day is over”. Normally you are reluctant to speak your mind, but right now you could feel compelled to speak out on all the wrong topics. Humor is not only a tonic it can be absolutely vital to your well-being.


The workplace is a little confusing right now. You are getting mixed signals from the people you work with. Leaders and young people you work with will be dynamic and pushy right now. Older people will tend to be cranky and uncomfortable right now.


Your search for meaning gets intense and confusing right now. A friend of yours may challenge you with new ideas, or is unsupportive when you bring up your concerns. Stick to your questions. They do have value, and the rewards could be immeasurable.

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