You are starting to see some cracks in the family armor right now. The children of the family are suffering from too much creative energy, and way too much time on their hands. You can help by communicating their needs to the responsible adults – these kids need hobbies!


You will be preparing for some upcoming time off by spending some time with a book on some kind of alternative medicine, holistic treatment, or searching the Internet for a good spa. You need to give yourself a treat and the time or money will soon free up for it.


You may have a bit of a bump in the road of life as you travel along, especially if there are older women in the vehicle. In the non-metaphoric plane, do be careful with your driving if you are having heated discussions with loved ones.


If you get into a strange and disturbing online argument, do not let yourself get too concerned about the outcome, but it would be wise to avoid any topics you would not want shared at your workplace. At the office it is a good idea to stick to discussing the weather right now.


You will take personal offense to something a child or loved one says right now. It may be that the comment was meant to hurt, but if you can put that aside for a moment, you may find that there is a small kernel of truth in their criticism.


If you want to have an interesting discussion with your friends right now, bring up topics like sex, investments, values, and religion. You will not always agree, but the discussion will be fascinating and enlightening. One of you might even pick up a valuable tip.


Travel and communication seems out of control in your life right now. Whether you travel long distances or just across town, you will be saying that there has got to be a better way. During this time, someone from your sign is going to invent a better way to get from here to there.


You and your love partner need to reach out to each other. Older, more mature friends who have been through “it” can help you sort this out. If you are single, look into the family life of a new love interest first, before you get too close.


You have a dozen ideas for changes to your home, but the renovations you are considering are potentially a lot more complicated than you expect, and they could be more expensive. Make sure to check with the relevant experts before attempting a do it yourself repair.


The spiritual and religious values you got from your family are undergoing a dramatic adjustment right now, and you will find that you are not alone. In fact, sharing some of your new thoughts and feelings with a sympathetic loved one will be a great blessing.


Odd and unexpected phone calls, emails, letters and faxes interrupt your paperwork, research or study plans right now. It may be terribly challenging to stay focused on your own priorities, because your friends, siblings and coworkers keep coming to you with strange ideas and suggestions.


The cash-flow situation is improving! You could have a garage sale or find there is more equity in your home than you thought. Home improvements, home businesses, or money that comes in from family members are all likely manifestations of right now’s energies.

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