You have a moment of insecurity involving a family member right now. You may hear some news about a medical problem affecting an elder relative. You will need to be extra patient and considerate of relatives right now because they will be hypersensitive.


Don’t let a friend bring you down this afternoon. The kill-joy could be suffering from sour grapes or even jealousy. You may decide to let them stew on their own if they can’t help you celebrate a recent run of good fortune. True friends will share your joy.


You take a strong leadership role in career or social settings right now but you tend to “steamroller” over people who do not share your views. Gender and office politics are two areas likely to bite you in the tender places right now if you are not careful with your words.


You aren’t listening to your loved ones. They have some concerns about your diet or lifestyle, and just because they may be old fuddy-duddies does not mean they are automatically wrong. You may be able to smooth over troubled waters with a little extra patience.


You may have unexpected insights about family members and loved ones right now. Someone seems a little cranky or out of sorts, and they may have taken their frustrations out on you. You can use your empathy and charm to bring them back around.


There is the possibility of an intense and dramatic confrontation with a family member right now. You will be able to spin things to your favour though when you pull some good financial news out of the proverbial hat. You may come up with enough to do some home renovations.


You may have a sudden interest in high technology or computers. You could be reading up on a new computer program, or considering going back to school to boost up your computer skills. A new cell phone or “PDA” could help you in your career.


A family member could offer opinions or criticisms of your appearance or personality right now, and while that may be unpleasant, the real issue is not what happened right now, but goes way back to their childhood, or yours. If you are dealing with an intractable loved one, ask yourself what the real issue is.


You can take a leadership role in your family because all of a sudden, it is your contribution that is most critical to financial security. You may be considering, or have recently started a successful home-based business and juggling freedom versus security is an important consideration.


Do you know what “prosperity consciousness” is? If not, look for an old copy of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and grow rich” or Stuart Wilde’s “The trick to money is having some”. You have a lot of good energy for making money right now, and insights will come into how you can make even more.


If you are a parent, you have to face some challenges relating to the future career or educational choices of your children. If you are not yet a parent, you will find that you are confused about the next step to take in your own career or social ambitions.


You may be invited out to a lecture or class together with friends, but you may find that the content is boring, or too challenging. You will have better luck in getting together with your significant other for some cuddle-time together this evening.

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