You may find some kind if local charity or politics opens up new social or career possibilities. Keep your eyes open for a referral or opportunity that comes from a friend, coworker or sibling. Be ready to act quickly, there may be a time crunch.


You may be thinking about going back to school. An online school or correspondence course could prove to be extremely valuable in boosting your career prospects. Look for a class you wouldn’t normally take, you may get a lot out of new ideas right now.


You have been struggling to bring a spiritual dimension to your work, career and lifestyle for over a year now. Today you just may have a breakthrough – an “Aha!” moment that brings in the solution you have been searching for. Your partner, mate, or a business partner may have a clue if you don’t.


Expect the unexpected from your usual round of financial partners and advisors. There will be phone calls, letters and emails with good news and innovative ideas that you can take advantage of if you are prepared to act quickly and decisively right now.


If you are single, you may be finding that your career is interfering with your search for that significant other. Today is not the best day to buck the tide. You are getting the cosmic message that you need to do a little more self-contemplation and evaluation.


You will be able to come to a solution that helps you sort out chronic family issues – but you may have to work hard to communicate right now. If you are patient and forgiving, you will be seen as gregarious and generous. If not, you may risk coming across as a tad petulant.


If you are looking for new financial opportunities, you may stumble across an interesting “Get Rich” scheme on the Internet that, believe it or not, might actually pay off for you … just not maybe as much or as quickly as you had hoped.


A challenging situation in your career or workplace has you a bit on edge right now, and it is spilling over into your social life. You may find that there are terrific changes to deal with all of a sudden, especially if your business is involved in technology.


An important relationship is undergoing some significant and challenging transformations right now. You may find that your significant other is pressuring you to change your appearance, to get out more, or to stretch your horizons with a new creative hobby.


This is not the best day to set up new educational or travel plans, especially if a long-term commitment is involved. You may find it hard to think and focus right now, especially when driving or dealing with large volumes of paperwork or research. Information may be unreliable.


A friend or sibling may confide in you about a frightening or disturbing psychic experience. Let them know that this is okay – it happens to a lot more people than we hear about is all. You’ll both feel a lot better once you have a chance to talk and understand it better.


You may risk going completely over the top in your renovation planning right now. You want to tear down walls, peal off the wallpaper, and drag appliances out to the curb. Something could happen right now to facilitate your plans, but be aware you may get carried away.


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