Your phone is ringing off the hook, and everyone at the other end seems to have a crisis of some kind. They will be seeking out your help for personal and health crises, to resolve arguments, and asking for your wisdom in dealing with cranky elders.


You may find that other people are taking extra notice of you right now. You can take advantage of the extra attention by simply appreciating your own gifts. You are your own worst critic, and you need to be your own best friend.


There will be terrific breakthroughs. Your personality, sense of pride, physical well-being and appearance all take a wonderful dose of planetary energy that sends you over the moon! You may be accused of being a little self-centred right now – if that is your mate talking, there may be some truth in their observation.


You may find that you are both making and losing friends right now. You and your significant other could be arguing and agreeing at the same time. You can expect the unexpected from the people in your life, as well as people that you meet on the street.


The atmosphere will brighten considerably right now. You may have faced some challenges with a friend or companion recently, but right now they are finally seeing the light. Take advantage of an unusual opportunity to make new friends and meet people right now.


You and your friends may be on a fast track to arguments and confrontations right now, especially if there has been some health problem in your social circle recently. You may find that the best way out is through – let everyone vent within reason, they’ll sort it all out.


You may get a lot of interesting invitations to parties, picnics and outings right now. You may have to make a choice between going to the movies, the park or the beach. Regardless, make sure you get out and have some fun – it will work miracles on your health and mood.


You’ll know just what to say right now to someone in your family or circle of loved ones who is coming off as more than a little bit judgmental. You can point out that spiritual growth does not always mean spiritual perfection. We all have faults.


Good financial news perks up your mood and gets your heart pounding. You may be getting a raise, promotion or new job soon. If self-employed, creative communications and publicity are prime areas for growth. Don’t be afraid of challenges right now, they are there to fine-tune your approach.


You have worries or concerns about a friend’s financial well-being early right now. By the mid afternoon, you will probably discover that everyone was worked up for nothing, and you can enjoy your day. Even if there are challenges, there is nothing you can do right now – might as well enjoy yourselves!


The phone is ringing off the hook with special offers, ideas, and suggestions offered by friends and loved ones, but you have ideas of your own right now. You will want to spend more time in your love life than in your social life, but friends just won’t leave you alone.


Meditation, yoga, and other forms of introspective relaxation would be good for you right now. Taking a step within will help you figure out your problems in the outside world. An unusual new friend could give you some tips on how to relax or get into better shape.


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