It is not the best day for your best buddy to ask for a loan right now. Woe be to anyone canvassing for a local religious charity. You have enough challenges of your own without having to deal with someone looking for a handout. Be patient and tactful right now, words can come back to you.


Your energy turns around completely and you are suddenly turn into a super being. You are able to get huge volumes of work done, and your productivity on a new project will be noticed. You could work your way into a raise, bonus or promotion.


A friend will be pushing you to “get busy” right now, and that’s excellent advice. You need some physical activity, and some sport shared with friendly company is just the ticket to get your mojo going. You may be asked by a club or association to take a leadership position right now.


You have untapped skills and creative talents that are begging to be expressed right now. You may be taking up a new craft or hobby that will improve your lifestyle, and brighten your mood. It may bring a new love interest into your life as well.


Communication, travel and paperwork are all possible trouble areas right now. Stay out of the rush-hour traffic jam if you can by taking an alternate route. But before you do that check with the local radio station to make sure there are not unexpected detours.


You may find that you say things that you didn’t mean to say right now, and may be at risk of revealing a secret that could stir up a hornet’s nest in the office if you aren’t careful. Think before speaking. Remember the old cliché “Loose lips sink ships.”


Even though there are some stressful moments right now, you still feel pretty good. You know things will turn around soon, and have confidence in your creativity. You know you have the mind-power to overcome just about anything. All you have to do is keep an open mind.


You may have the opportunity to turn a friendship into something more romantic, but you just can’t seem to twist up the energy right now. Your get up and go got up and let you down, and you may be worried that the attraction does not have staying power.


A project you have been working on is about to pay off. You may get a lot of attention suddenly or unexpectedly and this could have a beneficial effect on your bottom line. Social networking could be an important part of future business.


You may need to force yourself past some kind of resistance that is keeping you from taking a chance in some part of your love life.


Your love life is a little confusing to you right now. The romantic calls, letters or emails you get make you feel good, but lead to some conflicted emotions. If you are single you may have to decide between a blind date or some time with an old flame.


You and your significant other could argue this morning about your career plans or a social invitation. You may want to wait until the afternoon to try to sort it out, because it looks like you won’t be going where you planned anyway. Try to avoid mixing work and pleasure right now.


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