You will find that there are a lot of little emergencies around the home right now. You might want to have an electrician on speed dial, just in case. It looks like electronic devices, computers and appliances have all picked one day to test your mettle.


Your intuition can bring incredibly healing insights right now. You have a lot of wonderful ideas that could lead you to positive developments in your career or social future. You could brighten your workplace considerably by adding some music.


You will get good news over the phone or via email right now. Some challenging situation you are facing in the workplace is frustrating, but the situation may be a good learning experience that you can apply in your love life of all places.


Your subconscious mind is playing tricks on you right now. You may experience strange dreams or unusual sensations during sleep. Keep a journal of your dreams right now, an important message is coming through that you may be better able to interpret later on.


A health-related challenge that may have slowed you down could be improving with the help of an alternative treatment. Relaxation, meditation, acupuncture or herbal treatments could be very valuable to you right now.


Family members seem determined to stick their noses into your love life and it may be up to you to put the brakes on, even though it may well be your partner’s family who are the most active culprits. You may not be able to get support from your significant other right now either.


It is your time to take a leadership role in your family, but you are afraid of the responsibility you must take on. You have more than enough strength and smarts to deal with the situation. You just need to believe in your ability to compromise and motivate your loved ones.


The day was made for fun and distraction. Unfortunately you are getting more distractions than fun right now. To top it off, everything seems to cost more than you expected. If you want to have a good time, do it in a place that won’t cost an arm and a leg.


You may be able to spend some time with a good book right now, but you could come across ideas or thoughts that are challenging to your values. You might find the nightly news is a bit depressing. Find a puzzle, game or a warm friend, don’t think too much right now.


Avoid topics such as sex, politics, religion, culture and race-relations this afternoon – you have a good risk of making a politically incorrect observation at just the wrong moment. Keep things light – or strictly on business-related areas where you know there is broad agreement.


You may be planning for an upcoming trip or vacation when it suddenly dawns on you that you need to stay connected. Shop carefully for new cell phones or computers, and check the fine print. Not everything may be disclosed up front.


You may want to offer a friend or companion some advice or suggestions right now, but hold your tongue until you are asked, especially if the topic under consideration involves their children or finances. You may get a lot of resistance otherwise.


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