You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role today in some kind of sporting event, gathering or competition. There may be a lot of unexpected telephone calls, letters, faxes or emails to content with right now and everyone seems highly charged.

You could be acting a little foggy today, but you may be channeling the wisdom of the universe without realizing it. You could benefit greatly from meditation, prayer, and spiritual insights. Religious and spiritual issues will be important to you today.

If you are single, someone you know is planning to set you up with someone that they recently met, someone who could be extremely lucky for everyone concerned. Keep an open mind about that blind date, they may have had bad luck before but they may have picked a winner this time.

You are thinking about ways to energize your career when it dawns on you that what your workspace needs is a little more color. You could decide to paint, renovate your workplace, put up a few posters or bring in some photographs to brighten up the cubicle.

The paperwork is starting to get cleared up and with a little help from friends or companions, you may find that there is an unexpected opportunity in the filling out of some kind of form or documentation today. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It’s a good day to make some last-minute updates to your financial records. You may be concerned about a long-term investment but a quick check of the books will reassure you that you are much better off than you thought. Just hold off on any celebratory spending a bit longer.

You are hotter than the midday sun today – everyone feels the mojo you generate. You are highly attractive to potential partners, good news if you are single! If not, you may find your partnership is heating up and there is an opportunity for deeper intimacy with your spouse.


You are going to be taking on a new leadership role in the workplace. Even if you are not promoted immediately, you will see opportunities in new projects or responsibilities that have long-term potential. Look for the hard projects, the ones with the most likelihood of bringing great changes.


You are long overdue for a little fun. You may find that some form of “edu-tainment”, like visiting a local science center, fits the bill nicely, especially if you have children. If not, and you are single, hit the mega-bookstores and browse … for books and people!


Trust your instincts where it comes to property or real estate matters. You may feel that it is time to make a change, but your gut feel is the best guidance you can seek out right now. Don’t let a real estate agent push you to a quick decision based on flattery.


Your communications challenges seem to magically resolve themselves today. Telephones and Internet connections suddenly work out, you can get through to “tech support”, everything suddenly starts to “click”. Things are “clicking” in your love life today, too!


The financial picture is definitely looking up today. There are unexpected twists and turns along the path that fate has set out for you. You may be tempted to gamble today, but the best bet is on your own skills, talents, dreams and desires.