Petition Online, calling themselves “the marketplace of free ideas”, is making a powerful democratic tool available to anyone who wants to be serious about their grassroots powers to make a difference.

An example in point is one of the latest submittals, entitled UN Petition: Family-Plot Food Gardens for a Sustainable Planet, which can be accessed online by transferring their web-link into a browser window: . Addressed to His Excellency, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General to the United Nations, it requests the U.N. General Assembly to help create sustainable small family-plot sized food-gardens all over the world by way of member nations dedicating unused, free government land for such purposes.

This UN Petition “sparked an enormous amount of excitement,” says Dr. Regina Jensen, editor of the international Space of Love Magazine, who drafted the document in behalf of Ringing Cedars of Russia, a world-wide “green” movement originating from Russia. The signers of this petition are convinced that powerful positive change – individual, social, economic as well as ecological – can be affected through increased development of personal or government land into family food-plots and gardens. They also support  the creation of eco-villages world-wide to reawaken the wholesome neighbor-to-neighbor support available in such communities. More specifically, they have great hopes that peaceful life and self-sufficiency can be created by developing hectare-size (2.5 acres) family food-gardens, especially in community, a size they believe is large enough to feed an average family and therewith protect them from survival-stress and harm under difficult economic circumstances. The petition also claims that historically, such food-producing family and community-plots have stabilized a region, state or entire country during economic and other disturbances.

Yuri Smirnov, publisher of Space of Love Magazine in Russia says: “People recover a sense of deep excitement and purpose when they re-discover the power true democracy brings. It helps all of us to come together and co-create a world that truly works for everyone. The excitement and gratitude our international magazine received upon launching the first issue last year was just astounding. It speaks for the deep hunger we all have to come back to our community roots, to Nature and its abundant nurture and to security in our own healing environment. It is contagious and exciting to return to a way of living that is joyful, peaceful and celebratory, without having to throw out the good things modern life offers. The exciting response to our joint online UN Petition seems to be another example of this hunger for a saner way of living.” Although the United Nations published statements very recently in keeping with the petition’s intent, if they do not respond with the urgency these world-wide issues demand, the publishers say that they will continue to present these concepts to whichever governmental organizations will be most able and committed to produce true, global change for the people they represent.

Many of the individuals signing the UN Petition, says editor Jensen, “have already been inspired by a specific global vision for healing, offered by the Ringing Cedars of Russia material, via re-connection with nature and a personal plot of land and the powers of an eco-village type of neighborly support for modern times.” Some of the sample comments, she shares, are: “We are all one. What affects one affects us all. It is time to move into cooperation and real relationship with the earth and each other.” “This is the path for a bright future for our children and their children.” “This is essential to recovery from the global economic crisis and climate change.” “We are responsible for how we treat the Earth and feed ourselves.” “This is the most important thing we can do to save our species upon this planet.” People are encouraged to enforce their voice and participate by signing at: or check with and


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