By Francine

 Hello everyone. For December I decided to bring out my coins and do the Chinese form of divination called “I-Ching.” I-Ching has a special place in my heart and connects me to the ancient Chinese Ancestors. Thru their knowedge and insight, I can view my life in a way I might have not been able to otherwise. I thank them and honor them for their wisdom and love as they have given me so much this lifetime.

And here is what came up.

The 17th Hexagram, ‘Sui,’ which changes into the 4th Hexagram ‘Meng.’ In I-Ching, 3 coins are thrown 6 times, and how they land each time, counting the amount of heads or tails, dictates what hexgram is created and how the energy of the first hexagram then changes into another movement of hexagram energy.

The first hexagram is ‘Sui’ which translates into ‘Following.’ The second hexagram translates into ‘Not Knowing,’ conjuring an image to mind of the first card of the Tarot, The Fool.

The main overall theme is one of great surrendering. There is a certain flow to the Universe and All That Is. We are each stepping into this flow, we are all a part of it. It is all a part of the Great Unfolding. So allow everyone their dance as you allow yourself to dance to the music you wish to make. We all have a part to play, we all have a role in this great theatre of life. Follow your inner guidance and just LET GO.

Let go of all your mental constructs, all your belief systems, all your programming, just let it all go and just FEEL. Go into the movement and move with it. Allow the Universe to bless you and give you miracles in the most wondrous ways, allow yourself to be surprised. Open yourself, open your heart and your mind, just allow yourself to become a flower of expression that showers all others with the blessings of the love of the All That Is.

It’s funny that the second hexgram came up in particular. So many people ask “What’s going to happen on Dec 21st???” Well, what is going to happen. The same thing that could happen everyday. There are times when astrologically, various forces align in order to create the space for great spiritual awakening to occur but to be quite honest, great spiritual awakening can and does happen every day, but we are all hoping and waiting for the big burst of energy that wakes the entire human race.

‘Not Knowing’ is all about the person who asks the same question over and over again, expecting a different response each time, desperate to know the answer and overexerting their self. Muddying the water. It is best at this time to surrender and allow all events to unfurl as they should. Not knowing, and being the Fool, just about the jump off the cliff into whatever new experiences arise underneath your foot is best.

There is majesty, there is beauty and there is glory in the unknowing, so just jump and hang on for the ride! Namaste, Francine

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