by Kiesha Crowther “Little Grandmother”

We are all living at a very profound time on our planet. Mother Earth is going through a shift she has never gone through quite like this before. We are living on the planet in a time that has never been before. The planet is going to start shifting and changing and moving into her High Self. She will change into her own kind of heaven. This is the time of great change that all indigenous peoples have been speaking about for hundreds and hundreds of years, and since the great fall of Atlantis, a very real civilization that existed here. A great shift happened then, when the poles shifted. Long before that shift they had been a highly developed and beautiful people—They knew how to use and utilize the energies of crystals, water, sound, of light and color. They knew how to listen to Mother Earth, and how to work side by side with our brothers and sisters from different places in the universe, the star beings. They interacted with them side by side.I use the term “star beings” because in my experience a majority of them are loving beautiful beings. They have been here since the beginning of time. They have always been coming and going here, and as our energy attunes to a higher frequency we will be able to see these light beings, who are of a higher frequency. Soon all of humanity will be aware of their presence. At the time of Atlantis, we human beings worked side by side with the star beings, and we lived on Mother Earth as we should, for a long span of time in the history of that civilization. But then the great shift happened, and the ice melted that covered up much of the land, and we as human beings had to start over, spiritually speaking. We hear the story in the Bible of the great flood. You can hear this story in many indigenous cultures on the planet as well, because it did happen. But not everyone was wiped away. The people who knew it was coming got into their boats and dispersed out to other countries, taking some of the sacred Atlantean crystals with them.

Some of the Atlanteans went to South America—these are the roots of the Mayan people today.

Some went to North America. There were already indigenous peoples living here, but there are some tribes whose ancestry goes back to the Atlanteans. Another very advanced civilization that existed in our ancient earth history were the Lemurians. These people eventually dispersed and settled on the different islands and are now the ancestors of the Hawaiian people and the Waitaha in New Zealand, even more ancient than the Maori. These peoples today survive and carry within them very ancient teachings and wisdom, some of it from the star beings.

As a wisdom keeper, one of my sacred duties is to return some of these sacred ancient crystals to the earth, at the time of this current shift that Mother Earth is going through. I have in my care several very special crystals from the time of Atlantis; other wisdom keepers have others that they have been entrusted with, to return to Earth. I am told where they need to go by my elders and by Spirit. So far I have placed crystals in the Earth in sacred ceremony in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the ancient land of the Anasazi; in Sweden for the lands of the North and the Nordic countries, in Hawaii for the sacred lands and people there, in the Redwoods of California, those “grand elders” of the planet, and in the crystalline lands of Arkansas on 10-10-10, to connect in with the awakening of Atlantean crystals buried there, and to heal the sacred waters. These crystals have been prayed over, watched over, and kept safe for this time. There are many more crystals to be placed back into the earth. Soon one of the crystals in my care will return to the Waitaha people in New Zealand, and they will place their crystal back into their sacred lands. These crystals are not placed just anywhere, but are placed in sacred areas where two ley lines cross. They must be placed at very specific locations, to strengthen the energy grid of Mother Earth, those places where the energy goes back into Mother Earth, and links up with the energy of the other crystals in place. So the energy of the crystal placed in Hawaii connects to the Redwoods, to New Mexico, to Sweden, and so forth. This grid of energy is Mother Earth’s arteries and veins, if you will. These crystals must be in place before the great shifting of the Earth happens. I have four more crystals to be placed… though I do not know yet for where they are destined. When the time is right, I will be told where each must return.

The Shift from Mind to Heart Consciousness
There are two great ancient civilizations that today hold the key to living from the heart—the Mayans and the Aboriginal people. They still live from the heart and they are the ones who are teaching us now to start living from the heart again. Since the fall of Atlantis, human civilization has developed in a particular way. We have developed the capacity of our rational minds to the extent that we have made great cities and inventions, and in very recent years have made a huge leap in our discovery of new technologies. We have done some amazing things. But the problem is that we have left the heart behind. We stopped acting from and making decisions from the heart, and from a feeling of connectedness to all of life and to Mother Earth. We have overvalued the rational logical mind, and believe in only what we can see and experience with our bodily senses. This was never how it was intended to be. We are being asked now to start living from the heart again—and this is one of the messages I have been asked specifically to help share and teach.

It is a universal law that I have been taught—that the more loving you are, the more intelligent you become. If you can imagine everything we have created from our minds in the last ten years even—all the advancements and technologies. Yet we still cannot solve some of the most urgent problems facing us today. The largest problem is how to heal what we have done to the Earth already, and how to stop doing what we have been doing to her ever since human beings forgot their connection in the web of life. If we have been able to create so much using just our minds, imagine what we might create if we were operating from the heart! Mind would not be inactive or unused—it would grow much more powerful, because it would be in right relationship to heart—to the source of being, and to creation. If we stop operating from an ego-driven, mental consciousness, we stop striving for meaningless things that gratify only the smallest part of who we are. We stop wasting our mental energy and can start directing every ounce of our hearts and minds to healing the earth and creating bounty for all beings. We could create a paradise on earth, unlike anything we have seen before.

I have been taught by Spirit that Mother Earth is sacred and that human beings will not be allowed to kill her. She is sacred to all life forms in the universe, not just to human beings. If human beings will not be allowed to kill her—then we need to raise our vibration high enough so that we can shift with her into a higher being, because we have been causing her great harm for so long that something major must happen to correct the path we are on, to help her to breathe again. For human beings, the situation is urgent. We must shift into a higher consciousness if we are to remain on planet Earth as her children.

If you listen, none of the indigenous elders or wisdom keepers on our planet are saying, “Now you must go and do something.” They are saying, “Be.” They are telling us to be the change, to focus on “being” rather than on doing, for once. If enough of us can connect with our hearts and the Love that is there, the Love that is all around us in nature, and understand the beauty and sacredness of this life we are given—we will flip the ruling consciousness of the planet from mind, to heart. We are sparks of the Divine consciousness. Each of us has a “Great I AM,” which sent a spark of us here to experience and learn from being in a human body and from having this amazing human heart. I am here to help you to remember.

By living from love, and being in the heart, we remember that most sacred truth that we are all brothers and sisters and children of one mother—Mother Earth. We are not separate from each other, or from any other life form. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. Because human energy is identical to Earth energy, what happens to Mother Earth also happens to us, and vice versa. Yet we are capable of changing this world we live in. There is a prophecy in many indigenous cultures that at the time of the great change on earth, in this time we are living in, humanity would unify as one family, one tribe… and that this tribe would be made of “many colors.”

When I was initiated as shaman and told that I was a “wisdom keeper,” I was told that my tribe was to be the “tribe of many colors.” I know now that my Great I AM sent a spark of me here at this time to help the children of planet Earth to remember who they are, to love our Mother Earth, and that “we are the ones that we have been waiting for.” We are the Tribe of Many Colors, the strongest of strong souls who chose to be on Earth at this time, to fulfill the tremendous task of shifting the consciousness on the planet back to the heart and to Love. We must unite under the banner of Love and show our most sacred Mother how much we love Her, how we are willing to do anything to save Her, and to continue on as Her children here on Earth. We are capable of creating a beauty we have barely glimpsed on earth. And we will.

Kiesha Crowther “Little Grandmother” video clip
Kiesha Crowther “Little Grandmother”
keynote speaker and workshop leader at the
2013: DAY 1
The Prophets Conference Palm Springs, California
25 February – 1 March 2011

BRINGING TOGETHER RESEARCHERS, VISIONARIES, AND INDIGENOUS PERSPECTIVES, 2013: Day 1 — The Prophets Conference Palm Springs will be a combination of conference presentations, social gatherings, ceremony, and indepth experiential workshops with like minded individuals that will help us navigate this critical time we are in and imagine the world we want to see manifest. Presentations by Alberto Villoldo, Andrew Harvey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Daniel Pinchbeck, Flordemayo, Freddy Silva, Geoff Stray, James Gilliland, and Little Grandmother. Join these outstanding presenters in Palm Springs or watch and participate from home through live online video.

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