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 Every person in this country must see the documentary-style movie, “FOOD, INC.” Even kids. Everyone!

This is not another crazy political back-stabber. It is the honest truth. I know. I’ve been tracking what has been happening to our food source for years, and it isn’t pretty. The film carefully documents what is happening with chickens (producers like Tysons and Perdue), how mass-produced chickens never see the light of day (in the dark the birds are easier to handle), and how they are fed growth hormones to force the development of large breasts in about 1 1/2 months rather than 3 to 4 months – which makes them so heavy so fast their legs buckle and they can hardly stand. The movie shows what is happening with our cows and milk production, and how by forcing them to eat corn and exist solely in feedlots, their entire digestive system is put at risk (cattle were made to eat grass, not corn), and how E-coli basteria strains easily morph in such an unnatural environment, not to mention how the cattle have to stand in their own excrement all day. And don’t believe any dairy outfit who brags about how clean their feedlots are. I’ve personally see many of these feedlots, and spoken with neighbors to the lots. The lots are only cleaned up when inspectors stop in. Similar with cattle for slaughter. You can get by with corn a few weeks before slaughter to fatten up your herd, but you cannot keep these animals in feedlot situations throughout their life and on corn. THEY MUST BE ON PASTURE. Cattle are grass eaters.

You’re eating those hormones and shots given to the animals in every mouthful of meat you eat. Your children are drinking the same in every glass of milk they drink. And all the other foods and soft drinks that are now either corn or soy based. Look at the skyrocketing incidence of diabetes in our country today, and, especially the epidemic of juvenile diabetes with children. And obesity. We saw this in our own family. A niece of mine was becoming quite chubby, her breasts developing far too fast for a child of 10. She was taken off store bought milk and milk products entirely, switched over to organics and organic milk. IN THREE MONTHS SHE WAS BACK TO NORMAL SIZE! Don’t believe me. Try this yourself. Yes, the organic milk is more expensive – but what about the difference in your health and the health of your children. Isn’t that even more expensive?

The most damning of all is what has happened to the world’s seeds – Monsanto own them. The most serious mistake ever made by the U.S. Supreme Court (and mainly by Clarence Thomas, formerly employed by Monsanto) was to allow genetically modified foods to be copyrighted. The draconian measures Monsanto now employs to “own” our farmers and our farms are unbelievable. How did we allow this to happen? It wasn’t like this when my former husband and I were farmers and dairy ranchers back in Idaho. It is now!

We the people are purposefully being kept in the dark about what has happened to our food. In the name of product “safety” even more stringent bills are now before Congress to further “cleanse” and restrict farmers and gardeners. They are not the problem. Look to the production companies where farmers must sell their food. Examine the contracts farmers and ranchers have to sign to even have a market for what they raise. What has resulted in America’s shame.

Please, talk to your Senators and Representatives. Form lobby groups of your own or join one. March on “city hall” when Monsanto sends out security troops to spy on farmers and then sue them in court, forcing them out of business. This is a nightmare! It is happening all over our country and in other countries where the likes of Monsanto are muscling in to trap farmers. From the producers we hear “But we have married science with production; we can do more with less cost.” That’s true. But – look at the unintended results – in our girth, in our poor health, in our poor soil, in the explosion of super weeds and super allergies, and hybrid seeds that are dead to nature. We vote at the grocery store. Please vote for health.

See the movie for yourself. But don’t stop there. Visit these farms. Talk to these farmers and chicken growers and pig farms. I have. I know we are being lied to. And this must stop. So, we’re going to overhaul health-care costs? That won’t accomplish much if we fail to overhaul the production of our food and the right of growers to own their own seeds. This is serious, folks. Especially for near-death experiencers who return far more sensitive than they were before, to foods, to pharmaceuticals, to liquids. Educate yourself and then speak up! Thank you, PMH

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  1. Children are also the targets of a constant barrage of advertising that promotes extremely processed junk food. And in a lot of instances the normal physical activity that has been a portion of childhood for a lot of generations has been restricted by concerns for safety, or entirely replaced by sedentary activities like playing video games or watching Television.

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