Global Psychics has re-launched the website to make it easier than ever to get insights, answers, and advice from our professional psychics, mediums, medical intuitives, and animal communicators.

As some folks may already know, the biggest and most exciting change for us is that we are now able to offer “on-demand” phone and online chat readings. As a result, you can now choose the format that’s best-suited for you: email, chat, or by phone.

To celebrate our re-launch and implementation of these new services, we are now offering five minutes of advice free with every phone or chat reading ordered through our Click4Advisor system.

“Our goal was to help more people by making it easier than ever to get insights and advice. That’s why we teamed up with Click4Advisor to expand the way we deliver psychic readings,” says Danielle Daoust, the owner of Global Psychics.

When you browse the readers on our site, you can easily see which readers are available in which channel – email, phone or chat. And if your favorite reader isn’t immediately available, you can request a “chatback” or “callback” from the reader of your choice. To learn more about our very easy-to-use Click4Advisor phone reading service, be sure to review our page regarding How to Use Our Live Telephone Reading Services.

To take advantage of our offer for 5 minutes FREE, go to our Get a Phone Reading or Get a Chat Reading pages, and create your very own private Click4Advisor account HERE.

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