Everyone has animal totems. The easiest way to begin to guess at what they are is to look at the animals with whom you have an affinity, often from childhood. For example, my son has always had a thing for wolves, has wanted pictures and ornaments with wolves on them for years, and not just any wolf, but the silver wolf.
Says Cate in her article on Animal Medicine: “There are totems that come and go, based on need and based on lessons to be learned. There are totems for life, totems that rule your Dream time and guide you on your life path. Native Medicine teaches the power of animals. Native Americans believe animals and their spirits can be harbingers of learning and bearers of messages if one knows Animal Medicine.”
When you are in tune with your totem animals you can receive messages from them to help you as you Walk the Path here on Mother Earth.  Totem Animals will often appear in our lives in quite mysterious ways, and we will sometimes resist their messages.  What is interesting about our our Power animals is that they may challenge us, or even appear to be attacking us in our visions and dreams.  All the more reason to pay attention! Sometimes our teachers and guides need to give us a good shake so we will notice how we have been getting in our own way, how our fears and resentments are blocking us.  Here is a wonderful story of how our Totem Animals may present themselves as our guides.

Hello, I have recently learned of spirit/power animals and have done some research about them. Yesterday I tried a meditation session on my own to help find my spirit animal. Now, first, recently I have had this strange almost internal pulling towards wolves, and have been wondering if there is a deeper connection there. Second, my mind can be very creative and I am not sure if what I saw in my meditation was my mind being creative or if it was truly from my spirit guide. In my meditation, I met a wolf. I was in the forest in the mountains, and I had knelt down to take a drink from the stream. Then a wolf came out of the woods on the other side of the stream. After looking at it for a minute, to my left all of a sudden a volcano went off, then a few seconds later another explosion. This startled me and I became anxious. A few more seconds later, the wolf walked towards me and held out a heart for me, and I took it. Then the session ended.

When I went to bed last night, I asked before I slept to meet my spirit animal in my dreams (I wasn’t sure if I really would or not). The only dream I remember is that I was in a big warehouse, and a single wolf was there, following me like it was trying to hunt me. After a while a guy who I was with but didn’t really know-I think he worked there or with me or something-got mad at the wolf  (I think he talked to him about not hunting me) and gradually the wolf began trying to be my friend, and I cautiously began trying to be friends with it too. 

Now, I just finished another meditation session. Again I am not sure if all the thoughts are true or if I manipulated some of them with my creative mind and thoughts on what I was doing and was supposed to be looking for. But I ran down into a meadow (which is what the meditation said to do). The sun was warm with a very slight breeze, and the fragrance was like a honey-sun. There was a distinct gap in the forest that surrounded the meadow to the east of me, and so I went there. I soon came to the edge of a hill that went downwards below me. Even though I felt pretty sure I was east, the sun was setting there. Below me the earth was covered in many different beautiful flowers, and it was so beautiful. In the setting sun, everything seemed to have almost a gold hue to it. I sat down at the top of the hill, and I was wearing a floral dress that was mostly red and purple (I think) flowers, but all colours were present. I sat over-looking the valley when a wolf came and trotted to my side and  sat beside me. I turned and smiled to him, then put my arms around him. I leaned my head against his shoulder, and he put his head on my head. He liked my face, smiled. I asked him if he was my true spirit animal, and he then threw his head back and howled at the moon. I looked up to see the stars and the moon (not entirely full) were coming out bright and beautiful-this is my favourite time of day although it usually looks like that at dawn. I think I asked him another question, and he howled again. He then got up, walked over my legs and lied down on my left, resting his head on my legs. After a few moments, he was sitting beside me and put his nose to my ear, breathing. Then suddenly he was standing right in front of me looking into my eyes. I suddenly shifted into him and saw myself through his eyes (not so much my face, but I could see into my soul, like I was pouring liquid gold down my soul throat, where it reached the bottom of my soul and turned into fire, and then my soul or heart I couldn’t tell was gone, and something was coming out of the ashes-like a phoenix. This is one part I am not sure I made up or not, it happened very quickly and I was not thinking of this, but I had read something earlier today that involved the mention of a phoenix, so I don’t know if this happened or was my mind thinking it without me knowing). Then I was looking through my eyes again, and we both nodded. As the wolf turned to leave, he turned back and gave me a pocket watch, and I could feel it ticking in my hand. I actually felt my pinky on my left hand twitch and curl in when he gave it to me. He walked to the edge of the forest on my right, stood on a small rocky cliff jutting out over the hill and howled again. He looked at me, then turned from silver to white, and began running through the darkened forest (not so much dark with night but with mist and shadows). I watched him as he went around the entire meadow, and I could see him on the edge of the forest weaving around the trees. When he was exactly on the other side of the meadow, deeper in the woods, he stopped and watched me as I floated up and out of the meditative state. I am not sure if the dream and the meditation session are connected in any way, and if they are what the meanings are in them, and what I should do next. Kathryn


Try not to rationalize the session so much during and after your sessions. Messages just come, do not think about them with a label of logic or confusion.  It makes perfect sense that you would have a wolf in your meditation.  They mean a lot to you.  That’s a pretty good sign that they are one of your power animals or totems.  These meditations are for you.  It sound like you could possibly be having an initiation or two as your totem animal work leads you on.  Journal the meditations and keep the information to yourself.  If you tell all the people you know, believers and nonbelievers, the meditation gets diluted and manipulated by others reactions.  It no longer is yours, it’s been shifted by their thought.  These are YOUR MEDITATIONS.  If you want to learn more medicine from the wolves and others, keep the knowledge to your journals where they are kept from others to be your own experience.For further information about totem animals and meditations, guided and otherwise.  I would plug the different animal totems into Google and ask for the Native American meanings to these animals. Love, Laura

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