This is the time of year when our furry friends are most apt to go missing.. for whatever reason, when the weather is good, they are drawn to take a puppy or kitty adventure – giving their owners a near heart attack… certainly that's how I felt when my Tucker-boy decided to see the world. I thought my story might be useful to some of you.

When a client arrived earlier this week, chaos erupted at the door, our two dogs got all excited, and I got flustered, focused on getting my client in and settled. The reading was a little more than 30 minutes, but as soon as it ended, I realized that I hadn't seen Tucker who usually hung out with me, especially in the garden where I did the reading.

It seems that my little Tucker boy took an opportunity to escape out the front door in the midst of the confusion and by the time we missed him, he was well away from the neighbourhood. We immediately got a search on, neighbours and friends spread out looking for him. I had a sense of where he had headed so my son and I drove around that area calling for him, but no sign of him…. at this point my friends sent me home to start working the social media.  In addition, I was given three specific web sites that posted lost and found pet notices for the area. I felt guilty sitting at the computer when I really just wanted to get out and find him, but my friends were right.

The web is an apt name for this system that's become so much a part of our lives. Posting the notices with a picture on Facebook and the lost pet sites was like casting a net around the whole city – within an hour or less of posting, up came Tucker.  A very kind lady called to tell me he had been found (in the area that I had searched with my son) and taken to the London Animal Care Centre. I could claim him in the morning. What a relief!


A Sad and Dejected Tucker Just After He Was Found

I had a feeling he would come home, but didn't expect that it could be so easy… I imagined us having to comb the whole area, praying that someone would find him. In fact, he travelled a fair distance in the few hours he was on the run. Even just a few years ago, it would not have been so easy to find a lost pet, and certainly in rural areas this system may take awhile longer than it did for me. But the number of pet rescue and animal care groups has proliferated in the last years – how wonderful that there are so many loving folks reaching out to protect our beloved furry friends – and so there are many more people who notice a frightened stray and are willing to do something about it. Bless the person who managed to coral Tuck.

If you've lost a pet, in addition to the tips you'll find at this link, I urge you as one of your first steps to get to a computer and get connected. Use Facebook and any other social media to post a picture and a description along with your address and phone number.  Then Google Lost and Found pets in your area, for example, I looked up London Lost Pets.  Look up the Humane Society or Animal Control sites and any rescue groups in your area… most have web sites now that will have an option for you to list your lost pet immediately. Then calm down and stay by your computer and your phone, let your friends and family do the searching for you. Make some posters and get your friends to post them as your next step.

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