I’ve always known that  Bin Laden would be found and eventually “taken out”, and have been tracking his energy for many years.  Although rumour had him dead, or living in a cave somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan, I felt him very much alive and attached to Pakistan, living quite comfortably in a protected community. For a short period of time in the months after 911 I did see him “holed up” in a cave with a band of dedicated supporters, but this would not have suited him for long.  Bin Laden was a man of means, used to certain comforts in life, including the comfort of women who would tend to his needs. Cave life would make him very cranky…. and so the next time I connected with his energy, I could see him living in a small well-hidden community in a quite lush valley. But life here, although it offered a certain security and a comfortable bed, was still quite primitive compared to his accustomed style.

I was triggered to check in on him a few years later when I found him walking through a small desert-like town, windy, sandy, little color in the images… he was obviously known – and protected – by all around him. Again the sense that he was either in or near the border of Pakistan, that he was in something of a valley, and that he was able to move freely at least within his community. These were the images that came consistently any time I was asked about him… although I occasionally felt that he had moved, the circumstances remained the same… ie, that he was living in relative security, protected, and that it would be very difficult to get to him.

I believe that he was found about a year ago… here is a note that I wrote to the Global Psychics team last June:

Tue, 15 Jun 2010 23:29:48 -0400
I had a strange series of visions last night… began by seeing a man looking through binoculars, and then hiding his face in a black mask – the kind you see in Afghanistan, covers the whole head so only the eyes can be seen…… as I followed the thread, I saw him looking down on a community where Bin Laden was living… the community is on a kind of plateau, accessible only by one road which is very well guarded…. high in the mountains near Pakistan, if not in Pakistan…  from what I could see, Obama was informed several months ago that Bin Laden has been located, but this community is a kind of fortress, so for now, all they can do is watch him… the man I saw is an American, working with an Afghan, a kind of lone ranger who travels as a doctor, and sometimes as an old woman in a black burka… the sense is that he is some sort of computer wizard as well as being a very good scout… the sense I have is that he has been following various network activities and was able to locate this community based on the level of transmissions that were coming from that area.. a sense that this has been a long tedious search, tracking signals

I got the sense that there could be some news of Bin Laden in the next few months… wondering if any of you have picked up such… lotsa LLLove, Danielle

When the news of Bin Laden’s death included the information that he had finally been located through couriers, the visions I had last year made sense… he was found through the level of unusual “transmissions” coming in and out of the Abbotabad compound. And the “fortress” around him was that Pakistan military camp.

Who knows why I was given to see how Bin Laden was living, and even something about where… remote viewing doesn’t necessarily come with the longitude and latitude of the location you are looking in on, but the news of finding Bin Laden certainly confirmed that what I was seeing was real, if not in real time.

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  1. Hi Danielle
    I have always believed in you and your abilities.
    It was nice to read this article, which proves the point that you are a true , genuine , authentic and so good a psychic which is so different from the crowd of psychics whose only Motive is to make money.
    Thanks for being there .

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