I know I am psychic, but I need help developing my abilities, How do I find a teacher?

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Being psychic is a birthright, it’s in each of us to be able to sense the subtle signals that influence our lives, to be able to see and read energy, to connect with the One and talk to the trees and the animals.  But just as each of has has our own unique set of talents and interests, we will each express our “psychic-ness” in our own unique way.  Some folks dream, others read Tarot or the Runes, or the Sacred Path Cards.  Some find it easy to read tea leaves and coffee grinds, while others can read the knobs on your head.  Each culture will have its own method of divining the future, and none of them is likely to be more accurate or better than the other.

The key to getting started on developing your ability then is first to acknowledge that you have the gift of inner sight, and then to explore yourself to see what methods you would be most interested in learning about… in other words, follow your natural inclinations, study what interests you and let Spirit, your Higher Self and the One guide you from there.  See what courses are being offered in your area, and over time you are likely to find a teacher or mentor through this process… or go get some readings, find someone you like and ask them if they’d be interested in teaching you….

However, the truth is that, when you are ready, the right teacher will show up somewhere in your life…. that teacher could be a book, a guide from another dimension, an angel or a real person, it’s up to you to notice their presence in your life and to ask them to teach you when you see them there.  As Geri pointed out, there’s a tremendous amount of personal work that’s required before one is able to read accurately for others, so sometimes the first teachers who show up are those who will guide us in dealing with our personal issues so we can then benefit others.

While being psychic is as natural as breathing, there’s a lot of work involved in learning to be clear and sensitive.  And it’s not a linear path – you can’t expect to start at some imaginary step one and follow a list of exercises that will ultimately lead you to “being psychic”.  It’s more a way of life that you begin to experience and practice, an attitude, or an approach to life that step by step will open you up to the “universe beyond the veil”.  So, get started – anywhere, read whatever you can about it, take whatever courses and workshops are available, allow yourSelf to be your guide, you will lead yourself to the right teachers, when you are ready for them.

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