Since I was a child, I have been able to sense things in a room. I also dream dreams that later happen. As I grow older, it seems my senses are running amok because I occasionally “hear” a voice, and this may sound strange, but it comes from an area deep in my core. Once it was so loud that I felt it vibrate through me (it was trying to get my  attention). In any case, recently I have started physically feeling spirits. I get a tingly sensation sometimes when they are around. I would like to develop this God-given gift, and help those that I can help. Do you have any suggestions? Norma

When Spirit is trying to give us a wake-up call, it helps to have a discipline that other souls have already been through – a spiritual trail that has already been blazed. Just don’t think for a second that everything has already been said, done, or written on any subject, as there is always room for expansion, clarification, and ultimately new frontiers to be explored in every direction. One of our birthrights is the privilege to be standing on the shoulders of giants, whichever giant you chose. There are so
many giants to chose from, and so many paths to explore, so don’t feel obligated to stand still for too long. Keep an open mind and a joyful heart, and you really can’t go wrong.

A discipline can be a doorway through which you can pass into higher, further realms. For instance, your higher self may find it easier to talk to you through various meditation techniques, such as yoga, the shamanic drum, trance dance, etc. Your bag may be the tarot, runes, I Ching, or some other divinatory discipline. If you’re hard-wired for complexities of Universal proportions, and already have a broad knowledge of the mythical archetypes, I might suggest the craft of astrology, but you’d have to leave your ego at the door, just like I did here. Tee-hee!

Seriously, a discipline of some sort helps on so many different levels. It can create a focus for your intentions, and this can hopefully lead you to a clearer understanding of what your higher self is trying to tell you, and simultaneously where it wants to take you and your Soul.

The veil is especially thin these days, so you are embarking on your path at a very unique and critical time for our species. An over-riding sense of fun and joy will be your ticket to success, so I’d suggest whistling a happy and significant tune while you are blazing new trails. Just walk through your nearest metaphysical book store and see what jumps out at you. Peace on your journey, Phil the astrologer

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  1. For over a year now, I keep seeing the numbers 4-2-7. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t look at the clock and see 4:27 pm/am…totals ring up $4.27…this cannot be just chance. But, what is really strange is, I was born on April 27th (4-27). I feel like something keeps trying to tell me something. I just don’t know what it is….this never happened before. I do not believe it will stop until I understand what the message is about. – Michael

    • I can’t help but notice that you posted this Sept 4 2007 427 is in there

    • it could be that you are very intuitive… meaning there is a verse in the bible 4:27 states that there is evil amongst you and you must turn the other way. simply put.. something evil is following you trying to get you to do evil things but as long as you go the opposite direction you should be ok. thats just my general guess and something tells me im right.

    • Dear Michael, I believe that you should go to a numerologist because these three numbers sum upto 13, which is considered to be a symbol of negetivity. As I don;t know your date of birth, I can't simply assume anything but try to consult a numerologist.

  2. For years I have been able to feel thing that no other person around me can. When I was in ninth grade, I felt the death of a student before it happened. But what scares me the most was when I had my fist preminetion. “I was standing in the middle of a city intersection. I looked around me and the whole city was burning. There wasn’t a single star in the sky, not even the moon. I can hear the screams and feel the terror of the thousands that ran by me.”
    About a week ago, I saw my first spirit. What weird I can sense and see parts of demons that are in people. If anyone reads this, what do I do?

    • being a very intuitive clairvoyant, i experience a lot of the same things you did. the best thing you can do is not ignore the fact… this is a very special gift you have and in many ways can help in the future.

  3. Whenever I’m in a room and my back is facing the door, I sometimes get this ringing sort of sound in my ear and when i turn around, no ones there??
    Also, when someone is trying to sneak up on me, i don’t hear the the footsteps or anything, but i get the ringing noise again, like i can feel their presence?? so i turn around, and they’re behind me! :S its soo weird! i’ve only told my mum, everyone else would think im crazy

  4. I kept envisioning car accident. I became fearful to be in a car..for weeks. Then I told my mom that it was so over bearing I kept getting head aches. The day came, for some reason the woman who passed away kept being talked about amongst my mother and I was. I was in San francisco that day and I started freaking out, having a panic attack full blown, couldn’t breathe…that night I kept freaking out, so overbearing I thought about comitting a horrible act I couldn’t take it. The next day, the girl I mentioned the day before died when the morning I headed to San francisco…you tell me. All those feelings? I have a gift, I am to help. What am I supposed to do with this gift? I am blessed. I predict a lot…de ja vu. I stop things when I have premonitions. Long story..

  5. last night in my sleep this loud many voices in my head
    and could not move a muscle in my body woke me up 2 times last night it was the first time this has ever happen to me i need some answers i do not know who to go to hope you can help


  7. This evening I was taking a nap, and I had woken up and was laying there with my eyes closed! And then all the sudden I felt someone get on the bed, which my back was facing, I thought it was one of my kids so didnt think twice about it, like 10 seconds later I hear this like growling not animal, but more like a deranged person growl, that was eitherin my or next to my ear, and instantly after the long growl I got this major tingling feeling that went from my head through my whole body, the whole experience lasted maybe 20 seconds. Does anybody have any idea what that could hae been, I know I was AWAKE when that happened!!!

  8. In the darkness , i can see the other side , as my powers have grown i have become less mortal , seeing spirits of all kinds , i have know something soon is going to happen to the world in which i will have a part in ..

  9. Hi Jessica, Christopher Ree here. My, that must have been quite unsettling. It sounds like you were visited by a not too friendly spirit. I would purchase some sage and burn it, spreading the smoke throughout the house, especially near the bed. I would also get a quartz crystal and black tourmaline stone to ward off this obviously negative energy. If this happens again, immediatey ask Spirit/The White Light to protect you and ward off his obnoxious spirit. What you experienced is farily common and usually can be warded off with the crystal/tourmaline and request of the Light. Let us know if this happens to you again. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree,

  10. Hi, I recently lost someone very special (love of my life) I cried every day and pray for him. But one night I was so sad and went to sleep, and I felt his precense, he laid down on my back and rest his head on the side of my face, on my sleep I raised my hand and touch his hair. I was not scared I told him that I love him. After the day I don’t feel his precense any more. I don’t want him to sufer or anything but is so hard for me to let him go, I don’t know what is going to be for me with that the posibility of him been around. Can anithing be done before we really said our good bies for the moment.

  11. i have been seeing spirits for ages now. they tell me about the weather. i always know what to wear because they always know what the weather is. JUST KIDDING ITS THE NEWS CASTTTTTTT

  12. so my mom asked me the other day why my cat always sleeps in the bathtub…..and i just said i dont know and she beat me up…. not my mom……the cat

  13. I’ve been able to read people sinces i was 14… now i’ve been hearing voices and there is no one there or I’ll ask my husband did he say anything he’ll tell me no.. and i hear them all the time then i get bad and good feeling when i go to a buildings any building… And now I’m having stranged things happening in my house my lights flicker and strange bang when I’m only in the shower.. i dont know what to really do if any one knows what I’m going through mail me.. My husband dosen’t know because he dosen’t believe so i need some help.

  14. hi every night i can not sleep because i have a feeling that somthing is around me or watching me is that the feeling a weird feeking in the pit of your stomach?

  15. when a soirit is around what is the feeling you get plz tell me

  16. casse im 14 now and i think im starting to expirence that stuff :[

  17. At Christmas time we had our family over and my sister brought my niece over in her urn. Cassy passed away in march of 2009, she was only 12 years old. at the end of the night they were leaving and my son unknowingly picked up Cassy in her urn which was in a decorative bag and pretended to toss this bag to me ( he into football) and i lost it saying “that is Cassandra!” he then gave her to me and i was visibly upset and my five year old came up too me and said Cassandra didnt like that and she had made a noise. I said to Tori, no she didnt honey and she said ya she did mommy and i asked her to make the noise cassy made and she did. now do i beleive my daughter, i have asked her several times about it and she insists she heard Cassy. what should i think? any answer would be nice. thank you

  18. Hi Bob, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics. What you are probably experiencing is the presence of your spirit guide. Try to make contact and ask for guidance. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

  19. Hi Pam, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics. Tori indeed did hear Cassy. It is not uncommon for the recently deceased to linger and observe their funerals and their family’s reactions to their death. I call it astral curiosity. Cassy was indeed upset by being tossed about like a football. Your son was very irreverent and should be told so. He should have more respect for those who have passed. They still exist; we just don’t usually see or hear them. Tori heard Cassy’s reaction! Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

  20. Hi, Bob, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics. Usually you will feel a chill, goose bumps, and the hair rising on your arms and neck. Sometimes you will get a shiver up and down your spine. When these things happen, spirits are near. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

  21. Hi, im Gracie. I am Psychic ever since 3rd grade. Cause ive been hearing ghosts seeing ghost. ive can feel good and evil spirits. Sometimes I hate it. But i fear it. I dont run away anymore. Cause when I was at the beach i felt a cold rush go behind me and i said “Whos There” the ghost said Eric. So he watches me. So i see hear feel good and evil and feel emotion and i can talk to ghost. so sometimes i hate it.

  22. So I told my friend and my family. My friend talks it about it w me when i go over to her house. My family and they said im being paranoid. So that hurts that my family doesnt believe me.

    Last night i was walking home w my friend. And i was being followed by something that wasnt even alive. its dead. I tried to get my friend if she hurd that. but she didnt hear anything.

    Last week i was at her house alone. Cause her dad was at the Store. So me and her were in her room w her cusin. So i started feeling something walking and my Friend felt the move in the house. I told her its not a mortal its dead. She said, ” How do you Know that” I told her nobody is not in the house except me you and your cusin. So it kept walking and walking closer to the room that we r hanging out in. Then it went away after that.

    My friends Cusin is 8 yrs old. Its kinda scared for her to be hearing the things im saying to my friend right in front of her. To me it seems like im putting her somewhere in not a good possion. so im hating my gift. But it sometimes.

    So anyone has anything to say i would like that. Cause i dont know what it is anymore.

  23. The day I found out my mom past I was walking through walmart parking lot with my boyfriend, I looked over into the next isle and I saw a woman and her teenage children. At that moment I stop walking and I told my boyfriend that I felt alone I thought I was grieving my grandmother who had past away a few years ago. Two hours later a police woman knocked on my door to inform me that my mother had past away. I have always been able to feel spirits around me sometimes but now its like they are there all the time. If I am sleep they are standing over me, if I an sitting I feel them come up behind me, I am not scared of them but they are visiting to much. When my mom first past I would dream of us talking and spending time together, then in one dream she told me she was leaving to go to Minnesota now I only have dream of her where she is in a distance. I have a brother and aunt in Minnesota so I figured it was her way of telling me she was going there to watch over them. I have this uncanny way of feeling death and it bothers me how do I make it go away. Or is just in my mind.

  24. For the past year I’ve caught myself looking at the clock and it almost always saying 9 1 1. I’m unsure if it’s because if it might be a sign to go into law enforcement or a danger sign. And, a few nights ago I was sitting on my bed while texting my boyfriend, when I heard this voice that was right in my ear but was far away at the same time. It told me not to fall asleep, its me and you shouldn’t forgive him yet. The voice didn’t frighten me just made me wide awake and it always seems I’m being watched while in that room.

  25. I have been able to sense things, predict things and see spirits since I was 6 years old. I have experienced alot of things in my lifetime , which is too detailed to write about. This morning at 5:45 am, I awoke and went to the bathroom, returned to bed. I was laying there for about 3 minutes and I heard a mans voice right next to me ,saying…”hey baby…’re late”. About a minute later it felt like someone sat down at the end of my bed. I am just wondering,was a message directed towards me and if it was, what does it mean?

  26. Hi,Im kia I had my first spirit contact 2002.I went to visit my inlaws for the second time.I had just met them about three months before my second visit.That was the first time i experienced seeing a spirit.Well it scared the mess out of me.I caught the next bus home.What was crazy was the spirit followed me.I think there’s one around me now as im typing im getting the jitter,and all of a sudden im starting to get cold.Anyway me and my 2nd husband just moved into this house(we are buying) about amonth and a week ago.Ive felt a presence when i would go into the basement to wash was a calm one it didnt make me nervous.Last monday night i went to the basement to wash clothes but this time i was putting clothes in the dryer and i felt a presence at the door way the presence was strong that it caused me to continue to stare at the door way i thought maybe it was my husband or one of my children playing trying to scare me but no one came around the corn so i slowly walked the door way no ones insight.So i headed towards the stairs in a fast pace.I was so glad to hit the top of the steps.I hurried and closed the door. Ok now its thurday me and my husband is outback on our sun porch.Well we finally decide to go for the night.We are in our room.I forgot my soda out on the back children was still up but laying in their bed watching a movie.I continue to the back porch.I get my soda.Im back in the house i close and lock the back door.As i go to walk away from door i notice the basement door was’t closed tightly(french doors)So i reached out to close it completely and wow!I felt a spirit soooooooo strong it scared me it felt as if i was standing in the spirit i have never experience the presence of a spirit so strong.So i started towards our bedroom.My instant was to scream at the top of my lungs.But my children was awake.I didnt want to scare then.When i got in our bed room i sat on my side of the bed and started praying the blood of jesus over me.I started to cry my husband started comforting me .So now we are laying in the middle of the the mix of him comforting me i felt the spirit again.Now hes on my side of the bed it .I started to cry sooo hard. i kept saying get out my house.My husband gathered our 5 children me and him and started praying.The spirit is gone for now.It will be back.What do you think it want.Im not going to help it.Im not into that helping spirits or crossing over to that world.this kind of thing spooks the mess out of me.The Lord is keeping from freaking out,and is able stay in my house.Again What do you think it wants.

  27. i experience spirits all the time since im 14 and i sence this buzzy pins and needles feeling around my upper back and neck and know that im not alone. usually positive thinking follows after this as in instinct rather than illusion. when the bad spirits are there i literally feel negotive right away and in some ways our world is run the same way. media are negotive while our own spirits are possitive.

  28. I have been visited by spirits on several occasions. Since we moved into a new house about 1.5 years ago my son who is 2 now has been scared of the birdy at the end of the hall way, and at other times while he’s busy playing he will become afraid and run crying to me. At times my husband has heard me talking to him from the next floor… and when he asks me about it …. I know i didn’t speak to him. Again today while I was at work my husband was at home puting our son asleep and he heard me speak to him from out in the hall way… i was saying goodbye to him (I WAS AT WORK) my son heard it aswell because he looked around and said mama. This is starting to scare me, what should I do?

  29. I have always heard voices. It wasn’t till recent that i found out who the spirits were. I know one is my grandma and one is My kids great grandpa. (there moms grandpa) I also know whey there are there. They have two things hey are trying to do. One is to protect my kids from all of the other spirits that come to me for help. The other is that they are waiting for there chance to be reborn as my kids children. There is always a third spirit around. Untill a month ago it was a Spirit named Samantha Guzman. She told me a lot about her self and that she wanted to help children in the living world save them if they were in trouble and that i was to help her. things kinda went off the other direction and i told her that she was missing out on her life by never having kids as she had passed at a early age. She decided to cross over and after that i had this evil spirit that use to pretend to be Samantha. It was my grandma that told me this spirit was evil and to stop talking to it. So i helped it cross over. Never got a name form it. Now i am getting some contact from a spirit That wants to tell her children not to worry and to stay together in there grief. Except i am having trouble finding info on her. I think her last name is rebca halston or alston .She died from head trauma with in the last year and from what i have gathered it was in Utah. My question is how do i get the whole name out. It seem that every time i talk to the spirits my ears hurt all night and in to the next day. Also now that the spirits know i can talk to them they never leave me alone so my ears hurt all the time. Been to the doctors and there is no problem with my ears except there a bit red and swollen in the ear drum Doctor says its usually from listing to music loud like at a concert. I don’t do that Hmmm What to do. How do i Focus so i hear more of the conversation and not have the ear issue

  30. i 2 experience da feeling of someone geting in2 da bed beside me at nite but theres never anyone there. last wk, yl lying on my stomach i felt sumone put their arms around my neck nd felt like they were tryin 2 rape me. I also hear sounds like wind and whistling nd often experience bright lights, paralysis nd levitation yl in bed.This has happened 2 me in at least 4 different houses.Any ideas anyone?

  31. Hi,

    Just a question, don’t know if anyone can provide some mental clarity on the subject.

    I am raised christian, but have been reading a lot of Jung’s work. These days I sense inner spirits, but I am declined to not see them as real demonic manifestations like the christian worldview (or at least the conservative worldview) sees it. I more see them as manifestations of the subconscious, like spirits that are part of our own spirit. Like every living spirit also breaths through our own soul, or is even a part of our own being.

    However, I do am a little bit disturbed by the discovery of deep dark fallen angels-like demons, that still feel like my own deep pain/parts of me that have been put away.

    In Jungian sense I can describe them as archetypes, but I have limited knowledge, though the tone of this article is nice.

    I do connect to my higher self in the sense of trying to let the light/God guide me/love me/calm me. Still, I do wonder if this spirit integration is a good development, or a path that leads to destruction.

    I would love to talk about this with someone who is really capable and understanding and maybe above all has great discernment and wisdom.

  32. I hear voices of those past all the flaming time. or that’s what it seems like. Too much to explain quickly but i’m pretty sure.
    It’s not fun and they just take the biscuit really.
    Although they might be interesting at times i cant afford to get into a conversation cos it damaging to my actual life and they don’t care a bit. I DONT recommend starting looking for them.
    Don’t get me wrong some of them are lovely and some beautiful things happen but it will destroy you if you start being normal with them and they will take you to the cleaners for nothing more than conversation.
    I don’t think humans and spirits can mix sensibly.
    Ignore spirits at all costs folks, they have different values to you and you will most likely get hurt.

  33. hi, my gran passed away on friday night after a long illness, last night (saturday) as i was walking around the bottom of the bed to get in it, i can only describe it as “walking through a wall of draft”………i felt it on my arms, legs face, as if i had literally just walked through a section of a room air condioned….but there was no windows or doors open to cause this draft
    i have experienced things before, and my 5 year old daughter has been seeing shadows and other things the last few weeks, but they have stopped……….did i walk through my grans spirit?

  34. Hi…im 14 now but ever since i was little ive had this VERY STRONG feeling (ESPECIALLY at night) that something is watching me and when i close my eyes, i swear to go someone is in front or by me, i dont get much sleep from it either because it bothers me so much…and i never get a positive feeling from any of this its all a negative feeling when this happens.

  35. Also…when i dream i have little clips of a event..then atleast,24 hours later, it will happen and itll be like deja vu.

  36. Megan, this is a situation where fear has taken control… if you haven’t
    spoken with your parents about this, you need to… when you go to bed at
    night, say a prayer, ask your guides and guardian angels to protect you and
    thank them for their guidance.. ask God to be sure your guides and angels
    are on the job, and then trust that you will be OK. What you are manifesting
    “in front of you” is your fear, and that is why it feels negative… instead
    of focusing on it, focus on something you love, on the good things that
    happened that day, pray, turn on some soothing music… get a nice chunk of
    amethyst to put beside your bed or under your people… it will help you to
    sleep, will protect and calm you, soothe your spirit, OK? Lotsa LLLove,

  37. I work at a hospital and I was studying for my test one night in the Cafeteria. It was around midnight and I was reading about skin cancer. Then all of a sudden a woman’s voice who sounded like my Mom said my name. I felt like this voice sent sent vibrations through my body and it had a hand on my shoulder. I was too afraid to look because I thought I might be scared if whatever it was would be close to my face. It said my name in a playful way, I nodded my head to acknowledge it but waited a couple mins. It wanted to be acknowledged I think but I was afraid to see what ever it was. After I didnt feel the hand on my shoulder anymore or presence I turned looked around and saw nothing. I am not sure what it was. I know it wasnt a person because I felt no breathing on me when they talked in my ear. It was strange because it was a very high pitch voice and it didnt hurt my hearing in my ear.

  38. Hello, 5 months after my father passed away strange things started to happen, my mother got really cold and she said it felt like someone hugging her and I walked to my sister’s room to get water from the kitchen but then my music box played when I was leaving the room. What is this about?? I’m in need of advice

  39. when i was little i seen spirits on and off i lost some loved ones i watched them die they told me a lil about my future! and i had a bad divorce and led me in rehab i read my tarot chards and saw that comeing my cards r allways right! i started to hear voiced and breathing down my neck pictures come off the walls in a straight line and then smash with force to the floor! i got a spiritaul adviser/aa sponcer she was sitting across from me and her whole body got stiff and said ” im a sober soul ill guide u and save ur life” than relaxed her body and started laughing again! she said that never happend! i have dreams that happend! i step back and let things happend to my friends and loved ones i feel gilty for doing that! i know i need to stay connected to god! my lil sister has the gift to but she ended up on the dark side!

  40. I recently spent the night in a childrens hospital with my son who had an infected foot. I really did not like the room we were in. I couldn’t sleep, had a headache and kept seeing movement out of the corner of my eye. I was suddenly very aware of a chair at the end of my bed and had the sensation somebody was touching my left foot. It felt icy cold and I had a tingling sensation. Suddenly I had the overwhelming urge to cry. I felt a kind of feeling of loss and despair. Then it went. I felt like there was a child sitting there that had passed and he was trying to communicate. It was a horrible feeling of being lost.

  41. Twice I have felt a strong force around me. First time I was awaken from my sleep. I was pinned down. I could hear him breathing and laughing. I tried turning my head toward my husband to talk but my throat felt like it had pressure and could not talk. I tried so hard to yell but no sound. The force kept pushing my head the opposite direction. I could not move. I felt something touching my thighs. Felt more like pressure. Then it just went away. I was completely scared. One night I also heard voices. Many people talking(sounded like women). It was a quite talk then it got louder and louder then it just stopped. Another night I woke up needing to use the restroom and came back to bed but some thing would not let me on the bed. The same laughing sound I heard before(felt like an invisible pressure). Then that force pushed me up against the wall. Then it was gone. I was scared but not scared enough to feel like I was going to be really harmed. This all happened in one month but have not felt or heard anything since then.

  42. This was the first time it happened, i was kneeling and praying to god and asking him to help these people who were physically and mentally abused. I often feel normal while praying but this time was different, i felt something really evil behind me – it went cold and i got so scared i felt hot and cold at the same time it felt really bad like someone evil was watching me, wanting to get me. So i kept on praying and all i could think of was god protecting me, as i opened my eyes nothing was there the cold atmosphere went and all of a sudden i got goosebumps and the evil vibe went. Everything was back to normal. Please help me im quite freaked out, i have always thought something was in my room but now i think it might be true.

  43. WHen I was a child IF would fall sleep on the floor in front of the Tv.. When I would wake up I would hear a Evil laughing…. It has stop since I have grown up.. But now I can feel people sprits before they walk in the room or on a telephone… I also can sometimes think a thought and within 24 hours it happens ..

  44. Last night I was relaxing in bed and it sounded like I heard a voice. I tried to listen to it and when I did, everything went from being silent to it sounded like dentist drills were roaring through my ears and a lot of voices were all speaking at once. I was afraid so i tried and to open my eyes and I couldn’t. It felt like my body just went haywire. I was afraid my breathing was off and I just wanted it to end so I didn’t try to take it any further. I’m aware that there’s a chance that the sounds were just tinnitus, but I’m skeptical. I’ve looked at multiple articles and I haven’t read anywhere that the other things I experienced were related with tinnitus. I was hoping someone could maybe offer some insight. I’m just really confused as to what happened.

  45. Since I was a little girl I have always felt different. My Mother passed while having an operation when I was 7. I could hear her speaking to me from above the bedroom when it happened. She was pronounced dead for 6 minutes before waking up a different person. Today she is terrified of the ghosts and demons that are after her. Anyways as I have grown up I have encountered several things , feeling presence of ghosts, having them touch me shoulder talking to me seeing white orbs in the mirror that you cannot see across from you. I haveha
    Ve had experiences where I have had to tell them to leave they are not welcomed and go pray the Lord will help them to find their way. I hear the slightest sounds from my left ear, once I heard two women that were talking about my children, then had walked into my room and said this is their Mother. Talk about freaky.A couple of days after Christmas a man touched my brow and said goodbye to me.I feel bad because I cant deemine his voice it was a whisper I never asked for all of this I do look for God to help me through Things have definately increased in activity as I have gotten older but my belief in the Lord is also stronger. My Daughter has unfortunately been given the same as me. She had to help another little girl cross over who tried to strangle her I do not look for these things but they come to me. Recently I did fd find a passed family member who was a ShapeShifter. I dont believe in them but did turn my eye very sharp the other day in the living room to see the back of a big black dog jumping. I pray, that ti I have the Lords presence with me as all of this can be frightening to cope with. Not many people are understanding to these issues and think you are crazy if any suggestions or insight please respond to me Thank you

  46. Well their is somthing about about their day you were born you need to ask your mother what happend on your day of birth from knowing their state of their hospital or how u drove back it might be a reminder to u of what has happend this spirit is wrong cause u seem to have no idea it could be great things happening if u see their time look at how the day starts an ends their things u buy maybe a reminder of who you are and were u come from

  47. Hi , Well Um , I feel spirts emotions as well as hear a ringing in my ear.
    Idk what’s happening to me . Am I crazy ?
    I believe in ghost and a lot of the energy I feel is like sad like as if they come to me for help
    Someone help ?

  48. I have just begun to feel a strange tingling at my shoulders & back of my neck several times after my beloved dog passed. I have his ashes downstairs awaiting burial. This tingling seems to happen near them. Also only downstairs where he was eventually allowed before he died due to becoming somewhat immobile. This feeling does not frighten me & it doesn’t last long. What is this feeling? If it is a spirit, who? And why can’t I see or hear them if I can feel them??

  49. I have a 7 yr old son that is hearing voices. The voice is giving him commands and is mean to him. He is a different person. It’s like this takes over him. He cries because he doesn’t know what is happening. At school he can not focus when this voice or spirit is present.Please how can I make this STOP or how can I HELP HIM

  50. They must ne Schizophrenic voices. Tell a doctor, my friend had the same diagnosis.

  51. hey, I was laying in bed talking with my husband and both of us very clearly heard someone say “hush”. It was very soft very low but clear. My husband immediately got up and went all through the house but there was no one. To me it sounded as if it was right in my ear and gave me chills. For the next two nights my husband was woke up to what felt like someone pulling covers off his feet and there has been a few other odd happenings. Any ideas or explanations?

  52. Hi my names Matthew I’m 19 and I hear spirits 24/7 at first I was scared Cuz my life seemed like a horror movie my step dad is who I first talked 2 he past away a while back and my mom went 2 work one day and I was smoking weed in the house I took a few hits and decided 2 take a shower but when I was gettin my clothes I heard a voice perfectly clear say sum smarteolic 2 me so I responded real quick and he said sum back I froze and was like wtf I know sumone ain’t in the house with me so I followed the voice to the kitchen when I got 2 the kitchen I felt strong vibrations and I said sum and he said sum back we went back and forth for a bit and then I finally said get out! But then the voice said Na! U get out! And started throwin blows at me err err err err I heard every detail shoes slidein on the floor and I was gettin hit by strong vibrations on my body so I I open the back door in the kitchen and closed the door and I wasn’t even dressed I just woke up about to take a shower I was trippin like wtf did this really just happen and I could hear the voice on the other side of the door u wana mess with me! U wana mess with me! Goin crazy screaming I was terrified but I needed my car keys and a shirt so I hurried up and ran inside for a shirt and my keys and holled azz 2 my uncles down the street it was hard to explain 2 them they thought I was crazy but my older bro stayed with them so he came with me back 2 the house I had a gun revolver stashed in the house I went in the house and when I went in I heard sumbody sayin oh shit oh shit and shoes like sumone was running tryna hide and I grabbed my gun and searched the house and no one was there

  53. Since i was a child ive always been drawn to the supernatural…since a young girl my intuition was amazing cause whatever i said or told someone it uasally happened…as i child i suffered from sleep paralysis…and one night it happend at least 3 times the 3rd time i saw something creeping or hoover as you would say into the room i was in it had long arns long face yellow eyes and long horns on top of its head and it hooverd closer and closer i was screaming so loud but no one heard me mouth couldnt move and body could not moved it was me having to pray strongly to release me….another night as a child i woke up with the room spinning as i walked towards the door it got further away i call myself reaching out for it …then slam…the door closes with me litterly a half an inch away fron the door i asked my mom if she closed the door in my face she told me no ive been laying on the couch i thought u just slammed it…one day outtta highschool now a guy who heavily liked me his mom passed away he had her scarf…he gave it to me and wrapping around my neck i described a woman to him with tears feeling his eyes he said thats my mom how do u know that …i immeaditly gave him back his scarf…i have more encounters but not enough space to tell all tales ….its creepy

  54. You are not crazy at all….keep a rosery hanging in the house and a bible under your pillow ….pray keep yourself safe…you have a gift….or a curse but whatever the case it is there…protect your vessel!!!

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