Have you been feeling anxious for no explainable reason? Feel like something big is coming at us? Are you having some unusual dreams or visions? You are not alone. I received this note earlier this week and thought it was worth passing on. 

TAI Alert #15 Impending Event Alert

Here at the Arlington Institute, we have worked with real precognizant dreamers who have had experience with intelligence services and we have subsequently learned about the hundreds of case studies of individuals who had explicit dreams about the 9/11 affair (people jumping out of burning high rise buildings, etc.), beginning some six months before the event. We have been intrigued with the notion that the human collective unconscious somehow anticipates large impending perturbations. Our WHETHEReport project, for which we are looking for funding, is in fact based upon this dynamic. In telling people about this project I have received strong confirmations of the efficacy of the underlying logic from many individuals around the world. Well, in the last two days I have received four independent, explicit indications from far removed friends suggesting that something very substantial and disruptive is going to happen to the U.S. within the next 60 days or so. If these warnings manifest themselves in an event of the significance of something like 9/11 then people all over the world should begin to experience dreams and other intuitions suggesting that something extraordinary is about to happen.

So I’m asking you to participate in an experiment with us. If you, or someone you know, experiences any kind of significant suggestion (dream, intuition, etc.) that something big and disruptive is about to happen in the coming weeks, send us a note and tell us about it. We’ll compile them all and see if we can find any patterns or pointers toward an actual future event. Just cut and paste the form below into an email and fill it out and send it in. I’ll let you know what happens. If you have multiple experiences, please send them along too.

You don’t need to include any identification and we’ll certainly keep all of this information confidential Thanks.

Send to dreams2008@arlingtoninstitute.org and copy me at danielle@globalpsychics.com

Date of dream or intuition:
Geographic Location of dreamer:
Narrative of actual dream/intuition

Degree of urgency of dream/intuition: (scale of 1-10. 10 is most urgent):

Element of the dream/intuition that stands out as being most important:

Geographic location of the dream event (if any):

Illuminating comments about the experience:

  1. could this be due to the hurricanes?

  2. Yes, and perhaps also the breakdown in the stock market this week. But I think there’s more to this story yet… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

  3. Yes, the stock market, all the doom & gloom in the news of the Large Hadron Collider, and of course the US election has emotions running high.

    That can all affect people’s dreams

  4. This is interesting, because I had a “dark” dream a couple of days ago. I jotted down what I could remember when I first got up, but I mainly remember it was about seeing some very, very dark clouds in the sky. They came into the house, and I told everyone to say something like “God bless you” to them. When this was done to each one, they slowly receded/contracted and vanished. Except for one seemingly stubborn black cloud. As I recall, this one morphed into a sassy little girl wearing a leather skirt — and she had a matching leather zip coin purse, lol Seriously, that was my dream.

    But the black clouds in the sky seem to align with a disaster in the air. Maybe the little girl is somehow another symbolic “hint.”

    Note, I’ve had many precognitive dreams of the symbolic variety, a few literal ones. But mostly symbolic. I also got bits and pieces of what was to come on 9-11 (beginning with a vision in May 2000) and a dream that strongly aligned with it in the fall of 2000.


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