Unusual encounters with animals or birds in or dreams or in life mean something. Sometimes they are identifying themselves as your totem animal, at others they are coming to offer a specific message.

I recently remembered an encounter with crows. I was sitting on my back porch early one morning. It was very quiet that day. One by  one, crows began landing in a bare tree until it was full of at least 15  of them. There was some cawing, then just long staring silence. At the  time, I was going through alot of emotional pain. Does this make the crow one of my totem animals? Sincerely, Terry
Hi Terry, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics.  Crows are major totem critters.  They are one of my favorites.  To be singled out by crows is very special.  They are avial ambassadors from the other side.  They are extremely intelligent and signal to you that you have a specific mission in life. You are to help others deal with their pain and suffering.  Your personal sufferings are only echoes of the very real sufferings that others are going through.  You may very well being told that you are a “healer”.  There is a wonderful book that you may be able to still get called, “Bird Brains” ( The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays) by Candace Savage, 1995, Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, ISBN 0-87156-3797.

I view crows and ravens as sacred birds. They are messengers and are trying to tell us something when they appear in our space.  I consider both Crow and Raven as totems for myself.  They appear to me on a regular basis.  They even leave me their feathers.  I have quite a collection of feathers!  They always bring me a message.  These crows you are seeing are trying to help you get over your pain.  Hope this helps.  Keep us posted.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

I had a dream with an eagle who dropped a large white (2-3ft. when I held it) feather as it flew off into the sky. A man I don’t know picked it up before I could get to it but then gave it to me. I thought that it would be something to show to school children.any thoughts?
Hi, Having an eagle drop you a feather is very special.  It was nice ot the man to give it to you.  It is good sign that eagles are a totem for you.  Eagles have lots of power.  The sign Scorpio is assigned to the eagle.  It represents the highest of the Scorpio attributes.  I would say that this dream is definitely a sign of Totem energy.

I saw a bald eagle just last month as it flew low over my house in Cassadaga, Fl.  It didn’t drop me a feather, but it was cool to see it so low in the sky with the sun glinting off its white head and tail.  LL&L, Chris

  1. Hi, I am up early on a most “mistical” day in Marshfield, as the mist is rising from the fields, and it was so heavy this morning. I came to this Blog and have read several.
    They are beautiful commentaries.

    The other day a large hawk sat close to our house, on the fence that separates us from the pool. I think it was a red tail, and it allowed me to come quite close to observe it but I didn’t want to disturb it so kept a bit of distance. It felt like a “sign” to me, and seemed powerful. Not that long ago I was in the Newton playground in Newton MA close to our other home. I was with my son and I asked him if he had noticed a house he had almost bought, that it seemed to have sold. Anyhow it turns out, unknowing to me, that he had parked his car right next to that house and we were walking towards his car. Suddenly a large eagle, an American eagle, flew right by us, and landed on the top of this very house we had just discussed and I was in shock. Others gathered to see this. I mean, an eagle in Newton Centre was an experience.

    I feel a deep affinity for birds and I see that “God is in the wings” meaning I feel we are all of us a part of that divinity. It is said that you never find just one feather. Once you pick up a feather there are more and more and there is love behind all of this. A feeling of being beloved.

    I find the book Animal Speak to be a wonderful source of American Indian wisdom on this subject.

    in truth/ruth

  2. Hi, I just re membered this, and so wanted to include it as a beautiful commentary on birds. When the beloved father, Jay Krieger, of a good friend died, I was feeling very sad, because he was a wonderful man. I was in Marshfield, looked outside my office window, where I am now, and I saw the tree filling with blue jays, literally filling and I have to say I have NEVER seen so many jays in one tree, together in my life. Of course his name was, Jay.

    I was reminded of this just now as a blue jay flew into that very tree carrying a big morsel of something in his mouth. Perhaps I am “meant” to send this.

    The message is love, and hope. Perhaps as it is said, “staying alive is no accident”. For me, these are signs and portents that are positive and entirely loving.
    We all have them. It is frequent to see, when a beloved person dies, something that was very much a part of them or a sign, such as a butterfly, telling us to be serene and that they are with love, having passed over into another realm but safe and it’s entirely a soul felt thing.

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