F- Failure to

E- Engage an

A- Active

R- Response

Fight or Flight is the typical response to fear.  But an active response, as the above states, would seem to me to move us forward in spite of what we perceive as something bigger than we can handle. (Remember that the difference between heroic and cowardly behaviour is that a hero or heroine goes forward in spite of fear. )

You see, we aren’t using the right perspective most of the time. Shoot, I’ll never forget the day my first husband left me (for a girl who was still in high school!!!). I walked outside, looked up at “God” and acknowledged my numerous fears…then said, “I’m afraid of not being afraid.” Fear was a known quantity to me. Not being afraid was unknown territory.

So the right perspective is the realization that if, to maybe use a scriptural reference (Ephesians–We are seated with Christ in the heavenlies), well, God is outside of Time, and as such is not hindered by its ‘parameters’. So if we are seated there (and if we see ourselves even from the perspective of an astronaut, we can ‘image’ this in our minds), then we can see how small–and perhaps even nearly insignificant in the whole–anything we are going through at any moment is, then we are seeing from God’s perspective.

Another way of seeing that is to imagine a circus going down the street and you are watching it through a knot hole in the fence. When the clowns go by you feel happy (unless clowns scare you) ;oD but when the lions go by you are afraid. BUT if you are in a tree looking down on the parade, you can see the beginning and the end at the same time and aren’t affected by each passing participant.

So it takes a lot of things we wouldn’t like particularly by themselves–lions, say, in the last example. Or just eating baking soda or salt or shortening or raw eggs…but if we put these things all together (along with other fairly ‘nasty’ things in their singularity) we will have cookies or a cake, right?

As psychics we kind of have an advantage. We CAN see the final product. True, we don’t know if it’s cake or cookies, but we do know the final outcome is a peaceable kingdom. So we work toward that. In the meantime all the little nitpicky disturbances (and yes, some of them are pretty crappy–we can all name a few) can get our goat, so to speak, make us afraid. But if we lift ourselves up into the tree/heavenlies, we can believe for good outcomes or a good final outcome. “In EVERY thing, give THANKS.”

I am trying with all my might to see things in a more positive light all the time. I think WAY too much negative interpretation has been out there for 2000 years! Even when I do readings that seem like they could have a bad/negative meaning or connotation, I look for the positive. If it’s true we create our own reality (and Hebrew thought even implies we are co-creators of days), then seeing a positive outcome or seeing in a positive light can only help bring about something other than stinking Armageddon and destruction to the entire world and its population. I am just so tired of hearing that from ‘out there.’

I hope we can encourage one another to see the light and walk in the light and be the light… Ella Baker said, “Give light and people will find their way.” THAT is what GP is all about. So go shine, my lovelies. ;oD Fear not, for lo I am with you, even unto the end of time. ~JC ;oD

Hugs, Teresa the Tired

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