Certain abilities come to us through our genetic coding as much as through our past lives and soul experiences. In fact, some souls will choose a specific geneitic structure and then find the families that best meet them, in order to be born into a natural ability that they can build on. This applies to as much to our abilities as scientiests or athletes as it does to being psychic, or being able to see spirits and function as a medium.  Many of the readers on the Global Psychics Team are third, or fourth generation psychics. I inherited my abilities from both sides of my family… my mother’s mother used to talk about it as the “devil’s work” and my father still relies on his “hunches.”  

Our visitors often ask about whether they could have inherited their abilities, and then what they can do to build on them:

Ever since I can remember I have had a “sixth sense” or woman’s intuition which ever you would like to call it.  Some of the women in my family have it also. I feel I have it the strongest because I have been able to see spirits. I would like to further my gift but am lost on how to. I found the first step it to clear the mind….what next. thank you

Intuitive abilities are often genetically passed on, especially on the women’s side of families. This can be a great source of strength so long as it doesn’t degenerate into any form of competitiveness. A very good way to keep this from happening involves my first recommendation, which is to pick up a few good books on women’s spirituality like “Drawing Down the Moon” by Margot Adler, or any of a number of books with titles like “The Goddess Within,” or the magazine “Sage Woman” – that type of thing. By elevating
your inner feminine to divine status, you will hopefully find that this energetic is sadly lacking in our world, but is making a necessary comeback after an absence of a couple thousand years.

It would also be helpful to pick up an established discipline of some sort like the tarot, runes, astrology, or a combination of many, and begin creating your own theology around whatever you find sacred. A book or two on Native American spirituality might also be useful, as their ancient voices are wanting to be remembered.

Above all, keep it joyful and fun! Enlightenment begins with a heart that’s lightened up. Remember that it’s all a mystery, and as soon as you’ve settled on any one thing, another door will open up for you – another gateway into another mystery. Peace, Phil the astrologer

When I was younger I was always seeing ghosts of people and at one time which I still remember very well,  I saw a dog sitting at the side of my bed.  I have heard footsteps when I was in the bathroom, which went from the backdoor all the way to the bathroom door, but i was alone. Now I am 24 and I don’t see anything in physical form,  I can only feel it.  I  still hear things but it seems to be not as frequently as when I was younger.  The last time that I remember seeing anything that nobody else that was with me could see I was in the 11th grade.  I am just curious why all of these odd situations have slowed down, as I do not want them  to.  I was frightend as a child but as I got older I was becoming more and more comfortable with it.  Is there something I can do or is there  something that I shouldn’t be doing?  It seems that my mom and and her mom (my grandma) have all had these type of things happen to them, and also my  sister.  What should I do to open up and allow these abilities to come back to me?  Michael

Psychic abilities are often handed down genetically, so it’s not uncommon that your whole family is in on it. And of course as we get older, our brains become crammed with distractions like puberty, high school/college, getting our drivers’ licenses, and all that stuff. We don’t lose our gifts, we just put them on the back burner.

What might be called for is a discipline of some sort, whether it’s astrology (!), tarot, runes, or whatever metaphysical activity speaks to you. These are only tools, so you should be careful not to rely on the actual physical things too much, but concern yourself more with the energetics they hold. Each and any can provide past-life memories, which may have a direct relevance to what your life is all about. You might easily find out a few things about your Souls’ purpose for being here, and this is very important, no?

The word “discipline” is important, as it gives you a sense that it shouldn’t necessarily be treated as a hobby. It also shouldn’t be seen as “work” although one of these could be your life’s work. It’s probably a combination of things, but it really depends on your sense of urgency for creating your own theology at this time. By looking at the planets and how
they are effecting our own planet, I’d have to say that things are accelerating at a very rapid pace. Perhaps a sense of urgency is entering your awareness these days?

Cool. Move with the flow and open your heart to whatever you may be drawn to. Get deeply into whatever it is but don’t put blinders on to other things. The spiritual path is loaded with dead-ends and treacherous foot-falls, so don’t become too invested in any one thing. Keep it loose, keep it cool, but most of all keep it fun! Enlightenment comes from the root words for being lightened up. Look it up in the metaphysical dictionary!
Peace, Phil the astrologer

I was at a friends house. We were watching a movie and something caught the corner of my eye. I looked over at the doorway and seen two long grey figures cross the doorway and it looked as if they just evaporated into the wall. I was shocked, scared, nuts. I actually thought I was having a psychotic break and hallucinating but I swear it was there.

Just recently I was in that half-asleep state and clear as day right by my ear I heard, “You’re going to be just like your daddy!” in a loud high pitched voice. What do you think this is? Am I attracted to paranormal activity? Ashley

I guess it depends on whatever your father was – a clairvoyant, butcher, banker, baker, Indian chief… There are lots of talents and abilities that get passed on genetically, but being an intuitive generally skips a generation, however you could be an exception. But if your father was in any way a negative role model, they can be just as important as positive ones.

Some people are inspired to emulate the positive impact of the life of Martin Luther King for instance, while others dedicate their lives to stopping the next Hitler, the ultimate negative role model. The important thing to know is that no matter who says what you are going to be, you have the free-will to change your “destiny.” I’m thinking that what you actually heard wasn’t the whole thing that was being said to you. Are you positive there wasn’t an “…unless you do something about it” tagged on that you missed? We can block the whole part of such messages, especially if the first part freaks us out to the point that we put up all our shields, or snap out of our susceptibility too soon.

The first things you saw were ghosts, but they’re everywhere. There was probably a psychic trigger for you in the movie you were watching, maybe some seemingly innocuous comment in the dialogue that caused a higher sensitivity, but if you were watching “The Sixth Sense,” you may have indeed been seeing dead people. Big deal – I see dumb people. Ghosts can be scary at first, but they can’t cause you any harm. You can reach a level of acceptance with them, and just realize that you’re more sensitive than most folks. This can lead to welcoming better, and non-scary communications with your Guides, and that’s all good. Just knowing that there is something beyond your five senses can be a major stepping-off point to further your understanding of how Spirit works.

What you have seen and experienced is just the tip of the iceberg, and these things can be seen as trickster energies – “teasers” that your Guides send to you to help wake you up to deepen your understanding of what is above and greater than yourself. Run with it! Read about reincarnation, Spirit Guides, walk-ins, angels, etc. Realize that fear is just something that you currently don’t understand.

Unbridled fear can turn into violence – outward violence is bad enough, but violence turned inward is a lot worse for your psyche. The opposite of fear is love, and true self-love will help you make sense of your extrasensory experiences. Peace, Phil the astrologer

  1. Family Genetic for physic abilities does run in my family but only with the females! My Grandmother was a practicing Medium in Northern Italy, My mother was very sensitive to Spirits and my sister was the Plaqued one..She was intouch with Ghosts and perhaps demons all her life and still is in touch with these entities but over the years has found a way to keep their presence at bay somewhat..She has the ability to call for help from a Guardian spirit to protect her and her husband at times of need..She is so sensitive that she can tell which home or area is possessed or haunted just by driving by it…As I get older I feel a burning desire to look into this but my sister has warned me to stay away..I feel very drawn but have a healthy respect for my sister advice…

  2. I have known about my psychic abilities for a while, I can see the future in my dreams. . . that is, if I remember them. I’ve been writing them down for two weeks and have predicted new movies, tornados, and my sicknesses. But I need a trainer so I can harness my abilities and see them on command. I also think my mom is a clairvoyant, but she doesn’t realize it.

  3. Hi Kristine, Christopher Ree here for Global Psychics. Spend some time in our website and peruse the areas that interest you. Go to used book stores and check out their occult section, same with your library. We do offer mentoring at Global Psychics, so if you can’t find a teacher in your area, you can find one with us. Write your dreams down and keep track of them. Stay in touch. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

  4. Hey psychic abilitys run in my family. My mom has been able to see ghosts since she was seven. I can occasionally see little float specks of varying color that float in random patterns, I nor
    ally see them in the sky and they follow the wind current. I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is paranormal or not, to be honest I’m not sure what they are at all. I don’t know what to call them so I can’t do any research. Any information anyone has on what I’m seeing would be extreamly helpful, thanks

  5. I maent normally where that big space is, my bad

  6. Hi. phychics have been running in my family, only last night did my father realize i could be too. ever since i was a younger child i have been seeing things that others cant, ghosts or figures. i thought i was going crazy, two days ago i saw a figure that looked like my dad, but when i called to it it vanished, but not completely…there was a transparent hand moving back and fourth, back and fourth with the thermistat. it pulled it off, threw it in the air, caught it, and put it back. i almost cried..this has been happening my whole life, i can always feel them and hear them. i dont know what to do or who to tell, but im hopeing you can help me..

  7. I am seeking information on my genetic mixture if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Do I specifically have caucasian admixture?

  8. Hi well ever since my first grade teacher died I always felt as if she’s talking to me or trying to communicate with me. My grandmother can sense when someone is in trouble or somethings wrong. I don’t know if it skipped my mom. I really want to know what’s going on. Please help me!!! Cecilia

  9. Can psychic abilities change? Even through generations? On my fathers side my great uncle can see and speak with ghosts, he’s had many incounters. My sister claims she can see the future. And when I was young my mom thought I was seeing ghosts, but now i can’t, but I have become an empath. Is this possible?

  10. I have a power that runs on my moms side…we can see spirits and we can feel the ones close to us if the get hurt and where… im not very good at my powers yet i just started to believe in them recently. If any one can give me tips on how to make them stronger i would love for you to help me.

  11. I’m always amused when people are so astounded by others who can see and communicate with spirits; I grew up in a family where seeing, hearing, and talking to those who have passed was a norm. There are other abilities that my relatives have, but it’s rare. Of course, I’m kind of the outsider. I have claircognizance. I know things from facts about complicated subjects that I’ve never studied, death, the future(it’s extremely hard to explain how I know-not see or dream of-the future. I mainly know about death and, since I’m the only living claircognizant in the family, I have no one to relate to. I mean, I knew this boy in my class was going to die months before he committed suicide. I didn’t tell anyone because I had no idea what was going on at the time, after he died I felt like I failed and I had and still do not have anyone to relate to, not even in my own crazy family.

  12. My great grandmother was a medium she could see and speak to ghosts and it skipped my granny and the gene went to my dad and then to me so both me and my dad can also see ghosts and speak to them I think its kinda cool and we often see demons but we ignore them when they try to influence us

  13. Ever since my grandmother passed away when I was around seven, I’ll have dreams with her hugging me, talking to me, or just stairing at me. She even grabbed my hands and prayed (I didn’t understand what she was saying). I also have frighting dreams of men wearing black robes and the star necklace. They would point at me or grab me. I fought one, one time. Lately I been having dreams of some dark thing trying to get in my house and I’ll hold the door close so he couldn’t get in but while i hold the door close I would feel hands on my back and the feeling felt real. Psychic abilities does run through my family but I just want to know why I do I have dreams were things would call me a soldier or try to get inside my house. In one of my dreams a man the wore a black robe and sat on a throne told me to pick my destiny soldier. Then the one that would terrorise me showed up and I screamed that I want to be good but then something weird happen and I felt really really strong and then I fought the evil guy. I feel like I’m going crazy but sometimes I see blue a blue figure in my room at night standing right next to me when I wake up. I told him that it wasn’t my time to go yet then that was all I could remember. I also was walking with my brother on the train tracks at night and I had my head looking down as I was walking but then suddenly without thinking I stopped my brother and looked up to see a dark shadow stairing at us. I think I have something but I dont know what it is.

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