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February 2012 Tarot Card

Teresa’s Reading for February

I drew the 3 of Pentacles reversed when I asked this question: What is the energy of this month and how will that propel us forward to become the person we hope to be at the end of this year?

Three of Coins/Pentacles/Earth: Works
(Upside down) 

Introduction: The 3 of Pentacles is a very positive card, particularly with regard to work and career questions, but it’s a good overall omen that you are, in general, doing well.

Introduction: The 3 of Pentacles is a very positive card, particularly with regard to work and career questions, but it’s a good overall omen that you are, in general, doing well.

The energy of this card is WAY positive, hence, the energy of February is positive as well (that’s what I asked, right?). *grin* In fact, even though I drew it upside down, there is still a positive application that will affect how we move ahead in this year.

Upside down it would appear that the good things the card foretells are there for us to accept, but we have some work to do in order to see its fulfillment by the end of the year.

Either way, it is a very good start to this new year. We can set out the goals and expect that if we do the work, we will see success come our way.

Right side up this card would tell us we have chosen the right work; that this is a time of inventing, creating or engineering; the skills we are using are the right skills; all things material are moving into alignment to work with us; we can expect material success; we will continue to succeed as long as we do not lose our sense of heart or spirit.

In reverse this is telling us we need to check in and be sure we are in the right place (never a bad practice, right?). We need to be sure we are using the proper tools and skills so that all things material can move into alignment to work with us and bring us material success. We WILL succeed, and then continue to succeed, if we do not lose our sense of heart or spirit in the pre-work as well as the work we will discover this month as the ‘right work’ using the ‘right skills.’

Basically, I’d say there’s really no negative way to see this card. Either things are happening right this minute or there is the enormous promise that success and all good things are ours if we will but ‘check in.’

Once things are checked and corrected if need be, body, mind, and spirit will be in unison. The mastery of skills required to move ahead with the knowledge that your state of personal equilibrium will help you achieve your goals. Remember to continue to trust the value of teamwork and cooperation.

In my deck of Tarot the Three of Coins/Pentacles/Earth looks like a tower embossed with 3 golden circles containing winged and crowned hearts. The top one has 3 windows in the heart. This is the building toward the completion 3 oftentimes represents, and the window to see out into the future from a high place. Reversed, of course, we see from a lower place, but once we ‘turn things around’ by course correction, we will be seeing from this great vantage point!

Here at the Three we have realized what is necessary. That is why things are (or will) begin to work this year. Move lovingly and carefully and you will realize material increase. Your energy (and the energy of February and its card) will be most constructive when it is moving according to divine will. This alludes to our making sure we are in the right place using the right tools.

Are you contributing to the positive flow of the universe? Are you nurturing Mother Earth? Are you respecting life? Are you acting from a basic goodness?

These are the most important motivators. True wealth is balance of conviction, love, divine reason (using the intellect to positive ends), and health. True freedom is contributing to a healthy and positive universal flow. How can you not succeed when linked to that?

February’s energy is earth-y and grounded. It is a good foundation for days and months ahead. It is telling us we have the power to create our reality through the very routines of our daily lives.

Are you working in divine and pervasive happiness? This is what February assures us. We can look forward to walking in balance and moving forward in the direction of light, prosperity and beauty.

I think this answer is filled with the all hope a Valentine suggests and the potential to be ready for the coming year. Teresa

Danielle’s take on the three of Pentacles for February…

The first thing that comes is that whether on a global or personal level, this month we will be called to “make corrections”. For some, this may simply mean that they need to hold back on expenses as they catch up on the year-end bills, for others this will mean investing in some much-needed repairs, especially in our living spaces – and this includes in our businesses, careers and jobs. Work is another significant living space for most of us and the month of Feb will probably highlight the need for changes and improvements in the way we make money. The good news is that these changes should produce the results we hope for!

The three of Pentacles reversed suggests that we should hold back on any big decision for now, especially if they impact the budget… take time to do more research, or to gain a little experience in what you want to do… if you don’t, you’ll likely find that a small repair could turn into a big problem… for example, you want to repair a leaky faucet… instead of just taking the fixture apart and expecting that you can find and fix the problem yourself, get the manufacturers’ name and go talk with an expert at the local hardware store. Once you explain the problem, you will probably find that they have exactly the part you will need and can tell you how to replace the old one with very little trouble. This month, if you just go for it, without getting expert help, you’ll end up mucking up the job and could end up having to hire a plumber to come in behind you and do the job right.

With the energy of the 3 of Pentacles reversed in the air, we could find a very interesting story in the news of some pettiness or significant weakness in a large organization that usually holds itself to a much higher standard…. or through the news, we could bear witness to another very public “partnership” falling apart.

The good news is that the corrections and adjustments we make this month will make it a lot easier to accomplish what we want this year… They are necessary and productive…. I find it very interesting that this card appears just when I am undertaking some big – and much-needed – changes on our web site…

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