There is lots of information published about how to develop your psychic abilities, hundreds of books and even more articles on the web. But there is very little said about the personal qualities that help a developing psychic to make the most of their abilities.

A good psychic also needs to be a counselor, and schooled in many different techniques, whether it's working with astrology, crystals, colours, numbers or cards. But it takes more than knowledge and tools to make a psychic a good reader.  When I interview for our team, I am looking for people who are knowledgeable in metaphysics. I want someone who has the tools and the insight to give me an accurate picture of the present, the future and even the past, and can offer some useful advice on how to achieve my goals; I am also looking for someone who is empathic, compassionate and loving in their approach to a reading…  I am looking for someone who has some special qualities:

  • A kind of daring or fearlessness, a willingness to jump into the void, to seek out the unknown
  • curiosity, a desire to explore new ideas – along with the flexibility to change beliefs as new information arises
  • a sense of humour; laughter keeps the energy moving, keeps us focused on a lighter, more positive approach to life and living
  • detachment –  a willingness to say what you see, to observe objectively – when you are detached from the outcome, or the pain the client is experiencing, you can be honest, your responses tend to be wise and thoughtful as opposed to emotional and reactionary.
  • unconditional love, fits with the need for detachment – being detached doesn't mean that you don't love, rather that you don't attach yourself to an outcome, you don't expect your love to be returned – or even noticed. You simply do and say what you see and feel with love and the balance that love brings forth.

These qualities enable a psychic to easily make a clear soul to soul connection, whether the soul is human or animal, on planet earth or in some other dimension…. What is interesting, is that fostering these qualities in ourselves is a good way for each of us to approach life and relationship.

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