Are empaths precognitive? The reason I ask is that all my life I've been able to connect to other people. However, as the years have passed, I'm starting to have prophetic dreams and I'm starting to get gut feelings that are spot on. My mom is Clairvoyant so I was wondering if I somehow absorbed it from her. I don't have any knowledge on empaths so I would love to hear back from you. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response. David

In my eyes yes, empaths are precognitive, as I myself am a natural empath and I also am precognitive. You could well have absorbed your gifts from your mom. Empaths develop through 3 different stages:

1st being emotional empath – you pick up on others' emotions as in say someone comes to you and you're feeling really happy in yourself, next thing boom you're feeling real low or teary – this is you picking up on emotional empath.

2nd one being physical empath -you pick up on others' aches and pains, i.e. say you are out somewhere as in visiting someone in hospital and again next thing boom, you are feeling all kinds of aches and pains from every direction, at times you may even feel this before the actual person does and also feel it a lot stronger – this is you picking up others pain.

3rd being intellectual shape shifting – you know what another person is going to say or you tend to finish sentences for them).

I strongly advise you David to ground and protect yourself – also put up extra protection, such as visualizing gold all around you and see it building up around you stronger and stronger each day when you do ground and protect. I feel this is very important for us empaths.

As in you being precognitive, yes at times this can be frightening as you are seeing things, or being given information in your dreams of things that are going to happen. Again, for me personally, I feel very strongly this in itself it to prepare us or pre-warn us.

I also would like to suggest that you get a really good book on empathy for you to be able to understand it more. The more we know about our gift, the more we can understand it and also learn to control and work with it.

I can also suggest that you call on any Archangel (whoever you feel comfortable with) and ask that they take these feelings that you are picking up away from you, ask from your heart David and know this does help. I can also recommend a book which would benefit you greatly: "Dancers Between Realms – Empath Energy, Beyond Empathy" By Elisabeth Y. Fitzhugh. I hope this helps you some, sending much love and blessings, xxx Karen

I have the ability to feel what another is feeling by either standing next to them or just by thinking of that person. I get this 'gut reaction' and sometime shake all over. In the case of my very ill and alcoholic mother-in-law, when in her presence I feel all she has admitted to me, guilt, anger, frustration, illness, pain. I also can see in my head 'snap-shots' when talking to people, friends. I ask them about what I see and 100% of the time I am write. How can I harness and help myself because I do not understand what is going on.I read about clairempathy by accident on the internet. Help me please, I need to harness and understand what is happening because I do not understand how to interpret what I feel and see. G

I most certainly feel that you are indeed empathic as in picking up others' feelings. I also feel you have some clairvoyance abilities as in seeing spirit etc. For empath, yes, it can be a pain at times, but once you understand, it is a fantastic gift. Also, having clairvoyance which is clear seeing is fantastic too. I feel this will develop for you in time too. I would suggest that you read up on clairvoyance since it can be quite frightening at the start – but please know that spirit would not show us anything that we couldn't nor can't handle.

I would like to suggest that you start to ground and protect and put up extra protection as in really grounding yourself into Mother Earth. Visualize your feet going down deep into Mother Earth sitting with your back towards a tree of your choice (I personally love oak trees) but it can be any tree at all. See your feet becoming entwined with the roots of this wonderful tree and know you are totally safe and at ease, also very much loved. Then when you do this please visualize pure white light and let this light enter from your crown chakra which is at the top of your head. Let this light work its way right down your body, feel the warmth from it as it moves down your head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, tummy, thighs and legs. Then please visualize this gorgeous golden light coming towards you and see it swirling all around you. Go with this, as this is protection for you, you can also call on Archangel Michael and ask that he places his blue (cobalt) cloak around you too as for more protection. I ask you to do this since I feel you aren't grounding and protecting – as you say, you shake sometimes which indicates you need to ground. Please do this and you will feel a big difference. Read and learn a lot more on empathy as it is a very precious gift – so long as you learn to control it. In my own personal opinion we can not turn empathy off but we can reduce the volume, I hope this helps you – sending you much love, health and happiness, blessings, Love & Light xxxx Karen xxx

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  1. I think that i might be an empath also. Everytime I’m around a lot of people i get real nervous and i shake. It is also hard for me to maintain I contact with people. I just feel very uneasy around them. People always tell me their problems and they say they feel better after talking to me while i often feel depressed. I also get tired real easy after spending some time around crowds. I’m just not sure what is going on.

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