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Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT), also known as Tapping, is a type of the broader Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT).

EFT, a healing tool with origins in ancient Chinese medicine, is a technique that works on the body’s energy systems, much like acupuncture but without the needles. Used to help release negative emotions, see how unreal our thoughts are, the affect these thoughts have on us, and in the process help us discover how quickly these negative thoughts can change or disappear, EFT is a great technique to get us to be fully present in the moment, closer to being in the Here and Now.

Because EFT treats the problem at its source it is therefore a quick and effective way to deal with things as they come up as well as things that have been a struggle or problem for a long period of time.

When disruptions or imbalances are caused in the body’s energy system because of stressful and traumatic experiences—which, in turn, bring about the experience of negative emotions—we tend to lock them in our bodies and/or make them part of how we function in the world. With EFT the negative emotions are released and shifted into positive emotions by correcting these imbalances, generally in a matter of moments. Of course, some emotions are very deeply seated and may take several rounds of EFT over a period of time.

Initially, you will feel better and the recurrence, if it can be called that, may come when something you might think is completely unrelated brings it up. Most things, though, dissipate rather quickly. I’ve seen people go from feeling what they are experiencing is at an 8 or above (on a scale of 1-10) and by the time they finish a few minutes of Tapping, they are down to at least a 3, if not a 1. I did a round with a friend at the gym the other day when he told me he was feeling waves of depression for about a week and was concerned he didn’t know how to get free. By the time we had walked around the track once (a mere 1/13th of a mile) he was already feeling better and was smiling. In fact, it was cute to see that before we even finished the first ‘negative’ round, he was seeing the faulty thinking that had brought him to that place and made a positive statement that changed his thinking further and guided us in our statements forward.

As I mentioned, experiences are locked in our body. They say the more emotion we are feeling at the time of some occurrence, the more likely we are to remember it. It becomes a ‘part’ of us. I believe our body remembers it with us and sadly this ‘memory’ gathers energy and creates a blockage that eventually causes us physical (as well as mental/emotional) pain. We also feel what we are experiencing in certain areas of our body, like feeling fear in our chest area, distress in the gut, or whatever. Hence, dis-ease occurs.

EFT helps us “tune into” the negative emotion—sometimes identifying where it is we are feeling it at the moment. Some people assign it a number, as I mentioned, in order to better see what a difference they will feel at the end of a session. After ‘tuning in’, we tap on energy meridians and perform other energy balancing exercises to help the mind/body heal itself. This powerful approach has been known to quickly resolve emotional distress, as well as frequently remove many physical complaints such as headaches, sore muscles, recurring pain, etc.

The way energy travels around the body changes while doing EFT. The gentle tapping done on the end points of the body’s energy pathways/meridian points (I’ll explain where these are later) accomplishes this. Small shock waves are sent through the energy system during Tapping which stimulate smooth flow and clear blockages. To top it off, this process creates “feel good” hormones. Woo hoo! J

EFT is so successful because it focuses on the energy patterns within the body and often works where standard and even alternative therapies don’t.

EFT is:

  • A simple tool that gives gentle and long-lasting relief.
  • Done with no drugs or special equipment.
  • Something anyone can learn quickly, even over the telephone.
  • Not required to be done “perfectly” to work.
  • Something that can be done as little or as often as we want. There is no minimum or maximum amount of tapping.
  • A tool where emotional problems, as well as physical problems, can be alleviated.
  • A technique we don’t even have to believe in for it to work.

EFT’s method is so easy it can be taken anywhere we go—to work, the gym (I’ve taught it to other people there, too), on a walk, or while watching TV. I’ve used it in the car when listening to a book on tape brought up issues I was feeling right at that moment. Of course, I had to pull over. J In a crowded place simply visualize the tapping points and do it silently. There is a short version of tapping on the fingers that can work when in a place that it might be embarrassing. It is actually a form of self-love (I think) in that case, because just touching the fingers is comforting, or so I’ve experienced anyway.

As with anything, EFT is not a substitute for qualified medical advice from your doctor. It is a way to put yourself in charge of your own life and healing.

The Meridian Points:

Begin by making a positive statement and tapping on what is called The Karate Chop point on the outside of your hand. This statement will look something like this: “Even though I (fill in the blank)—i.e. feel afraid—I love and accept myself totally and completely anyway.” Repeat this three times (3X) while continually tapping on this point.

The points from here are:

  • Above the eye/eyebrow
  • Outer side of the eye
  • Under the eye
  • Under the nose
  • On the chin (actually, between the lower lip and tip of the chin) J
  • On the collarbone (this one can be used by itself when something positive is happening you just wish to reinforce)
  • Under the arm (where a woman’s bra would hit)
  • Top of the head
  • Some practitioners also include tapping the wrists together and/or front or back where kidneys are—but the eight shown here are the most common—they’re what I use) J

Repeat this “cycle” at least once speaking to the negative emotion, i.e. “I don’t know why I feel so afraid when things like this happen.” “I wish I didn’t feel so afraid.” “I hate that I get so afraid and worked up over something so insignificant,” or some statement relating to your original statement, moving from one point to the next with each brief statement or revelation, always ending a cycle at the top of the head.

At some point you may realize why you feel as you do. Tap on that! You are releasing the emotion at its source/root. Speak to that and keep tapping. By the time you do at least one round, two if you need it, you will then have some positive emotion or insight on which to tap at least one round with positive statements, again always ending at the top of the head. “I understand now why I have felt this way for so long.” “It is amazing I was able to function with that much fear paralyzing me.” “Wow. I feel so much better now.” “I can do this.” “I don’t have to be afraid.” “I’m not afraid.” “I don’t feel the closed up feeling in my chest anymore.” Whatever works for you.

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Smile. J You are on your way. Remember, too, to drink plenty of water, as you are doing a deep ‘detox’. All those negative emotions and energy that were ‘locked in’ are being ‘flushed’ from your system. Repeat if and when necessary.

BTW Don’t worry if you get a positive reaction before you cycle all the way to the top of your head. That’s a good thing! J Also, don’t worry about doing it wrong. You can’t do it wrong. This is about you and for you.

Of course, there are people on staff here who will gladly help you through this if you think you could use some help. Danielle can figure out the charge and let you know. We all want you to be all you can be. EFT is an excellent tool to help you cross that last crippling ‘story’ off your list.

Remember, it’s all energy. Let’s just find a way to transform it into POSITIVE energy! LoLove, Teresa

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