by Matt DiLorenzo

So many people are really going through hard times right now, and some are really suffering. There are many ways to alleviate suffering but so many of them cost money and are out of reach for so many. A wonderful cure for this suffering has been around since the mid 1990’s and is available to anyone for free, yet so few are aware of it, and even fewer take the time to learn to use it. I’m talking about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I recommend it to 80% of my clients. Why, because there is no therapeutic advantage and many physical disadvantages to being overwhelmed by difficult emotions or by physical pain.

I consider this technique, developed by an engineer, Gary Craig, to be the greatest gift to humanity of the last century. Gary made this technique available to everyone at no cost. For the first time since man could walk, every individual on the planet that can read a manual can learn how to reduce or eliminate emotional pain, physical pain, allergies, bad habits etc. by themselves without having to pay anyone.

What is EFT? Basically it’s self acupuncture done not with needles, but with your fingertips. Learning EFT can seem daunting at first, there are so many things to remember, but, as with most other skills, a little bit of practice and perseverance makes perfect.

The first step in learning EFT is to download the manual. This is available for free from, Sign up for their weekly emails and their free start-up kit. Another very useful document is at You can also read the “Resources” section of the website to learn about all the conditions that have been successfully treated using EFT. The “Tutorial” section is full of advanced techniques that help you get past blockages.

Once you’ve read the manual and found all the points on your body you’re on your way.

Anther useful resource is the main video at which shows a young man facing you while he taps. I found this useful for my first attempts because I was so focused on “doing it right” and my memory was not so good. Instead, by watching the video it was like looking in the mirror and all I had to do was follow along without thinking. The video was done before all the points mentioned in the current manual were being used, so just remember to add the point on the crown of your head. By the time I’d watched the video three times, my body had memorized all the points. As I got better at it, I was able to do a full tapping sequence in under three minutes. That’s a tiny investment in time that brings huge rewards.

I wish you well, Matt DiLorenzo

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