by Phil Reckard

In regard to the current financial crisis we’re in, I’ll revert to my “Sun in Libra” forecast for how things stand at this moment, with a couple of significant caveats.

Astrological forecasts are very much like predicting the weather, with the added onus of personal responsibility as to how we’re going to react to various predictions. For instance, a meteorologist can tell us that a hurricane or tornado is coming, so we can exercise our free-wills to act accordingly and prepare for violent weather. Similarly, if Joe Weather-guy says there’s an eighty-percent chance of showers for eighty-percent of the viewing area tomorrow, he can’t tell us for sure just who will get how much or for how long.

An astrologer can tell us about similar percentages for planetary influences effecting us all, but so much relies on an individual’s free-will to move correctly with the energetics and to prepare for the possibilities. On the other hand, we can also react against our best interests – against our birthrights as citizens of the Universe – and choose to become victims of the oncoming storms. The choice is always ours.

For instance, last month I warned that the Devil’s Play card would be in effect for this month, indicating that the Trickster was going to rule. During a Mercury retrograde cycle, the Trickster has had the potential for turning up anywhere and everywhere – such is the very nature of the Trickster – and we still don’t know for sure who or what is trying to trick whom, especially when it comes to such huge numbers effecting international financial matters that few of us fully comprehend. It’s hard to believe at this time, but the Trickster is an ultimately beneficial agent of the spiritual realm. There are some very real lessons to be learned here. Duh.

As for how to maneuver correctly through this troubling time, my forecast spelled-out the Sabian* imagery for the New Moon of September 29, the day the US House of Representatives initially rejected the bail-out plan; “A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks.” In Rudhyar’s (and my) commentary of this symbol, we have had an opportunity to identify with either one of these three figures – the chickens, the woman, or the hawks. In regard to the Trickster energetic, we could be seduced into evoking Chicken Little, screaming “the (economic) sky is falling,” or even “the hawks are circling,” or worse. And there’s always the possibility that the hawks are only trying to make us all live in fear, causing us to become “chicken” and/or forcing a high-stakes game of chicken in the US’ Congress. Let’s keep it simple.

The key here (as always) is to live fearlessly and to rely on the Earth Mother – the Goddess if you will – for providence and spiritual sustenance. It also doesn’t hurt to live as simply as possible and to realize (to make real) that hawks are also symbols of warmongering. As Soul-Master Marvin Gaye so aptly put it in his 1971 “What’s Going On? …War is not the answer, only love can conquer hate.” Love and understanding are the opposites of fear and hate – it’s our Soul’s birthright to rediscover this truth about ourselves – especially at this time.

Regardless of how much Soul we may possess or embrace, even a newbie astrologer knows better than to sign any contracts during a Mercury retrograde, let alone sign the largest piece of financial legislation in history, which is in essence a contract. No, seven hundred US billion dollars is NOT going to solve much of anything – all that paper would be put to better use as kindling in our stoves and fireplaces to heat our homes this winter, especially when in the hands of friends of the same people who got us into this mess to begin with.

It has yet to be seen how the Sabian images for the Full Moon of October 14 will play out for us all (this written on October 9), with the energetics of the Libran Sun (“A child giving birds a drink at a fountain – the concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved beings who thirst for life renewal,”) opposed the Aries Full Moon (“The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires”) but there’s more than just the hint of a desire within the collective subconscious for divine intervention with these images. There’s even a widely circulated prediction of the decloaking of the Mother Ship for October 14, no doubt a piece of divine intervention that would certainly lead us to the gate of all (some?) fulfilled desires.

Whatever may or may not happen, we need to keep in mind that the potentials exist for us to be led up to “the gate of all fulfilled desires,” but that no one is going to push us through the gate – we have to walk through it on our own free-will. This implies action will be needed on our part, whether it’s getting rid of things we can no longer financially afford, or voting for the candidates we think will offer us real change. Better yet, realize (make it real) the truism that “when the people lead, the leaders will follow.”

Stay tuned for my Sun in Scorpio forecast – the Tower (struck down by lightning – divine intervention!) is up next. Should be – gulp – fun.

In the meantime, remember that it is far better to stay on top of our surfboards than it is to drown underneath them.

(*The Sabian symbols are from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala,” 1972.)

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