As you will be aware, our City of Christchurch has suffered a monumental earthquake in recent days.  I feel I may have had a warning about this a few days prior, as whilst stayng at our seaside residence, 4 evenings prior to the earthquake I was sitting next to the estuary when the water began to come in very fast, and quite noisy.  There were no boats about or anything on the surface to cause this.  Next day, my friend and I were sitting on the deck and were visited by a small flock of beautiful swallows with red breasts.  They swooped and circled around us for around an hour, then disappeared.  Later that same evening, we were down at the estuary again and a large flock of seagulls landed next to us within touching distance, and stayed with us for some time.  We felt the birds were all trying to tell us something, but I did not feel in danger with them.  I did with the water the night before though. This property is about 1,000 km away from Christchurch in the North Island.
Can you explain the significance of the visits from the birds please.  I am intending to go and live at this residence very soon, and would like your thoughts.
Take care and God Bless to you too. Lynne
Your observations of unusual flocking of birds on the estuary most certainly were indicators of some kind of earth changes in your tectonic zone.  Animals, especially birds, will show unusual behaviour just prior to earthquakes.  I am very fond of NZ and even lived there once upon a time in Rotorura.  I hope my friends in Christchurch are OK.  I haven’t heard from them since the quake.  Watch the critters for signs in weather and other events.  Birds are the best indicators since they are on the wing and respond quickly to any shifts in the energy.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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