I have been asking around but no one really knows what does it mean when you have the same dream as someone else the same night? Usually my dreams are prophetic unless they are spiritual dreams and that is when I have a hard time understanding

Thanks for asking this very important question. There might be several reasons for it:

*the spìrit or spìritworld wants to make sure that their dream message is well remembered by humans, in which case the same dream is transfered to two or more people, even in different countries or cultures.
*You and the other dreamer are linked in or for a special reason, like twinsouls or twins in this life or another reincarnation before.

May peace be with you  Mischa

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  1. I have a question along these lines…

    I have about 4 dreams a week that come true. Usually they little things but sometimes big, like terrorist attacks, natural disasters, deaths. What is the cause and purpose of precognitive dreaming? Am I suppose to learn how to control and use it for some greater good?

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