I have had several dreams where there is a man whom I love very much and feel I know him better than anyone I have ever known but when I look at him he is someone I have never seen before.  When I wake from my dreams I have this overwhelming feeling of love that I have never felt before.  Then I become sad and miss him and can’t wait until I see him again.  Just wondering if you have any insight on these feelings and dreams and why they are so powerful. Martee

I used to have dreams like this, too.  It is an overwhelming feeling to love someone from a dream, someone you have never met.  I always assumed it meant the person I was meant to be with was going to show up and I would ‘know’ it when I met him.  Thing is, I couldn’t tell you if it is the man I eventually married or not.  *grin*  I wasn’t able to carry the image in my head…and it didn’t matter at the point I met my husband anyway.

I think these type of dreams are so powerful because love is a powerful emotion, but also, I suppose, it is because we are longing for that person who can make us feel this way~this incredibly amazing way.

I don’t know what to tell you about how to ‘wait.’  But maybe if you offer these dreams up to the Universe as a ‘wish’ or need or deep longing you will find them fulfilled.  I wish I’d thought of that for myself WAY back when!  You might also ask your Higher Self to show you what you need to do in order to have this person ‘show up’ in your life.  This (Higher Self’s revelation) can happen in dreamtime as well.

Fortunately, one thing about dreams, in time we are released from their hold, though some dreams stick with us much longer, even unconsciously working to bring about things we aren’t aware of because the pain and ’emptiness’ would be too much to deal with on a conscious level for too long.

Much love, Teresa

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  1. I did meet my dream lover , not in person, but on a dating site. I am sure it is him as I remember (!) how he looked in my dream. I had this dream when I was 16, I am over 40 now and met him one year ago. I did have the feeling of a strong connection to him, but it looks like he did not think the same or his spirit just did not recognise me. It’s devastating. Any suggestions?

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