I was wondering if there is a way that I could develop a “sixth sense”, or if people are just born with it. Ronnie
Some people are indeed born with it, and for some it emerges and is developed later in life, and seems its never too late.  For some people it is not part of thier path to see and that is ok, they are here for certain lessons and experience and this would interfere.  Other people cant quiet the mind enough to pick up the subtle signs, which will grow more clear and stronger the more you trust what guides spirits and angels are bringing.  This is not something of the mind, it is beyond it.  Meditate, listen and trust what you get.  Developing is about having a faith and building trust with spirit by accepting what you get and who you are.  Peace and joy, Anthony
Yes, there sure is a way to develop your 6th sense.  The best and least stressful is to practice meditation.  Meditation quiets the inner dialogue that many of us have constantly going on inside our heads.  To still that “noise” and tune into the higher levels of thought and inspiration is the key.
Meditating does not have to be some ceremonial task where you light candles and incense, cross your legs in an uncomfortable posture and chant some foreign words.  All it takes is a little bit of time, a quiet place away from distractions, and you.  Take 15-20 minutes out every day to do this.  You can do this while walking in the woods or along a beach, or simply soaking in a nice hot bath with the door closed.  Do check out our website and you will find many items that will assist in exercising your 6th sense.  It all takes practice, but before you know it, you will be using your new sense.  The sense of smell is very close to the 6th sense, so aroma therapy could be very useful in your meditations.  There is nothing like certain smells to bring you images that you can relate to.  Hope this helps.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree
Phil the astrologer here. I would have to say that there are definitely ways to develop a sixth sense if people don’t seem to have been born with it. In fact, I’d have to figure that “fifth sense” folks might have an easier time with the spiritual path, another term for the sixth sense. From what I’ve heard from others, and what I’ve experienced first-hand for myself, being born with “the gift” can more often than not feel more like a curse until we have discovered ways to harness it and utilize it for the benefit of others. I for one wouldn’t be doing anything like this if I hadn’t learned some things about turning this “curse” back into a gift – my original birthright. It’s only taken me fifty-plus years, and by now I’ve learned a few short-cuts.

I’ll freely admit to being particularly biased in my views, but the study of astrology has filled me with a continuing awe of how those distant planets can effect we mere mortals on a daily basis. I also know that it takes a type of obsessive personality to want to dig so deeply into a very complex discipline that incorporates the science of astronomy, rudimentary geometry, human psychology, ancient archetypes, universal theologies, etc., and still come away with a consistent marvel of how it all works, but I was born with that particular natal design in my birth chart. Other folks in other fields of fascination would probably ‘fess-up to their own equally obsessive personality traits, but I digress.

Regardless, here’s why astrology keeps me going, it’s the Law of Correspondences that rules astrology, as well as every other mystic tradition – every other spiritual path – I know of. It states, “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul.” In these brief statements lie too many truths to get into here, but essentially, what goes on “out there,” goes on “in here” as well. It’s the Universe effecting our Souls, but also vice versa. It’s the spirit of spirit itself, instructing and reflecting stuff we already intuitively know – stuff that we’ve necessarily forgotten about as part of our pledge to return to this Earth plane after one or many incarnations here. If your mind can grasp any of these simple, yet highly profound truths, that level of fascination can easily turn our five senses into an acknowledgment that a “sixth sense” actually exists.

In this regard, simply by asking your question signifies that you are already fully in possession of a sixth sense. In other words, there’s something beyond your five senses that has alerted you to a sixth sense, something that may have been triggered by something as simple as perhaps the movie of the same name. Run with whatever has first gotten you to this point. There will surely be spiritual dead-ends along the way, but if you keep up with it, retreat whenever confusion sets in, rest for a while, and then dig into something else that keeps your fascination level up – you’ll be all set in your own personal spiritual path – your own sixth sense.

Here are a couple of short-cuts I’ve rediscovered lately. Emmet Fox’ “The Sermon on the Mount,” the “Nag Hammadi Library,” and either of the last two books by Eckhart Tolle. Although they all espouse a Christian view of the spiritual path, the wisdom in these books goes way beyond anything the Bible has to say about the way things truly are. Being “Christian” merely means fully knowing the Christ Consciousness, known in other cultures by different names. For instance, this same level of Divine consciousness can be found in a disciplined study of the experiential shamanic drum, the teachings of Buddha, a complete understanding of Rumi’s poetry, or anything else that gets you “there.”

Always remember though that it’s your own spiritual path – your own sixth sense – that will get you to where you intuitively know you need to get to. Many others have already been there though, and these are the short-cuts we all need to remember and reawaken to.

Read and explore, read more and explore more, re-read and re-explore. We eventually begin to know that we’re standing on the shoulders of giants, and can see horizons our ancestors – even the great Masters – never knew existed!

Peace on your path, Phil

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