Money has been in short supply in my life ever since I can remember… my Mother was always trying to stretch the budget so that there would be enough to eat until the next payday.. new clothes were reserved for special occasions, vacations were rare, a big treat was going to the Dairy Queen for a 10 cent ice cream. We didn’t think about it much back then, though… Mom had her priorities straight… although there might not have been a lot, we had skates and bikes, and good places to play, meals were mostly healthy, with lots of fruits and veggies – and of course, dessert. There were birthday and Christmas presents, special treats at Easter… Mom did her best to get us what we wanted – or near. We had a warm and comfortable home – even when the end tables were made of orange crates, and the pretty curtains made from old sheets that had been dyed. Mom was an expert at making do… In many ways, my upbringing was quite normal for those days… my classmates and friends came from similar circumstances, so it never really registered that we were not exactly “well off.” Dad always drove a nice car, and eventually Mom would get the kitchen appliances, the freezer, automatic washer and dryer, and the stereos and TV’s that her neighbours had..

I think we took the money struggle for granted… it was part of life… we were taught to work hard, stand tall, and to be grateful for what we had… and we were, life was full of fun, new experiences and interesting challenges back then….

The real impact of the years of struggle didn’t hit until I was an adult…. and then years of conditioning, deep-set, unspoken fears of never having enough or being good enough to have anything began to show their effects… I ended up raising my disabled son as a single parent, with no support from his father and very little from my family… then dealing with years of back surgery, and one catastrophe after another – including my house burning down when we weren’t insured, and writing off my first car. Like Mom, somehow I always managed to keep good meals on the table, a good home around us, goodies on birthdays and holidays… but not much more. It wasn’t until I fully opened to following a spiritual path that I began learning how to ease the struggle… when I recognized how my thoughts and feelings were creating my reality, I was finally able to start attracting a little more of what I wanted in life…

But it comes in fits and starts… and lately the struggle has become rather critical… in addition to being behind on bills, in the last few days our sites have been hacked, I need to come up with an extra $1000 to update and secure the system… and I desperately need new glasses and a better car – every time we leave, I pray that it will get us back home safely… Since I know many of you are also struggling these days, I thought it was a good time for a refresher on attracting abundance.

This first article was triggered when I was looking up something for a friend in Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life… as synchronicity would have it, I opened the book at Chapter Thirteen – Prosperity. Louise opens the chapter with a list of the negative beliefs that we so often express when we are thinking or talking about money…. for example.. Money doesn’t grow on trees (one of Mom’s favourite lines), artists have to struggle, I’m not good enough to make good money, I don’t deserve to be comfortable, I must tend to others’ needs before my own…. These all hit a nerve fore me… the line I most remember from childhood is Mom saying “I’m not the Bank of Montreal” whenever we asked for extra money for school or some project.. Unfortunately, as children, many of us are subtly taught to think we don’t deserve more…

Louise identifies that deservingness as one of the key blocks to prosperity and offers a number of useful suggestions for opening up to more of what we want from life. In order to break old patterns, we need to examine what we believe about money, and how we feel about ourselves… a lack of self worth shows itself in a lack of abundance… we struggle because we think that’s all we deserve… The good news is that we can change. Here are some of the suggestions from Chapter 13:

Make Room For the New… many of my clients have received the advice to clean out closets and drawers, to get rid of everything you don’t need, like or use…This clears old the old dead energy and opens the space for new to come to you… and serves as a great way of triggering an inner clearing and new opportunities for personal growth.

Love Your Bills… stop worrying about money and resenting the bills… a bill is simply an acknowledgement of your ability to pay… and if you pay with love and gratitude, you open the channel of abundance. Your security is not your job, or your bank account, nor your investments or assets, nor your spouse or your parents. Your security is your ability to connect with the cosmic power that creates all things.

Rejoice in Others’ Good Fortune Avoid delaying your own prosperity by resenting others who appear to have more than you…. trust that there is more than enough for all…

Affirm Your Prosperity: Use affirmations to remind yourself that you live in an abundant universe, that you are powerful and creative and can attract all you need and want in life. Be nice to yourself, think of what you are doing… if you only want money in order to help others, then you are again telling yourself that you’re not worth much.. make a list of what you want, create a vision board, be active on your own behalf… even the smallest gesture, can help to shift the energy in a more positive direction… and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want…

I deserve the best, and I accept the best, now…

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