Dark energies can attach themselves to us for a lof of different reasons – most often to teach us that we are not victims, that we can take control and release ourselves from the negativity… the more we work on raising our vibrational frequencies, the less likely it is that such energies can interfere with our progress.

I was reading the section on your website about dark entities and posessions.  I have reason to believe that I have been messed with by entities myself and was seeking more information on the matter. I’ve heard many different theories and am not quite sure what to believe, but my intuition has been telling me that what I am experiencing is most likely caused by entities.  Most of my friends are extremely skeptical and most of them don’t believe me, most of them just think I’m psycho. I really can’t blame them, really who would want to believe in such an awful thing, I really wish I could fully deny it myself but I still have a feeling that entities really do exist. I have felt their presence and have even “seen” them so to speak and I know I am not the only one. I believe they came after me because I am here to be a light worker and I was at my most powerful when the disruption began. I belive they want to dereail me from my path and they have done a pretty good job of it I must say. I feel like I went completely insane and experienced personality shifts that were way out of character. I feel like I am finally beginng to regain my spiritual strength after such a bout with darkness, but still feel that I need spiritual protection. I don’t think I am completely free of their infulence as of yet and am seeking out tools to help me release them. I am extremely interested in the depossesion prayers that you mentioned in your story. I would greatly appreciate any advice or tools that you may have to offer. Love, light and blessings,  Wren

Hi Wren. You are absolutely right. There is a war going right now and lightworkers are being attacked, challenged, driven to despair and so on.  Any prayer that you firmly believe in can protect, regardless of your path. Seek the joy and focus your energy there.

To cleanse yourself and your home do the following:

First take a cleansing bath.

Boil Orange skills, garlic skins, sliced apple, sage (from the spice section is fine) rosemary and thyme(also from the spice section is fine) in a two quart pot of water with one half cup sugar and one half cup of salt.

When cool, drain and put oragnes skins etc to the side and wrap in paper towels.  For three nights do the following (and this will be odd) After you bathe/shower, pour this liquid all over you from head to toe and say your prayer. Then picture all negativity washing away from you, down the drain and into the sea.  DO NOT TOWEL DRY. Air dry. Put an old sheet on your bed and this will not be rinsed off until the hext day. You must sleep like this. After you are dry, take salt and sprinkle all over your house toss onto the walls and let it settle on the floor. Be sure to toss into corners too and into you closets. Let it be for at least 2 hours.

When you go to bed, sprinkle salt around you bed and onto your sheets. Take the skins etc that are in the paper towles and rub lightly across your forehead.

Do all of this for three nights.  Keep us posted… Cate

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