A Note about our 2011 Predictions, an Excerpt:

We can expect the “father” figures, our leaders to be challenged in new ways…. the old boys networks and patriarchal ways of the past are fighting to keep their old power, but the demand for change is beyond their control.

  • Be watchful of North Korea, and any other countries where leaders are mentally unstable…. could create some unpleasant incidents.
  • Old bonds that have entangled will be broken, a “release from bondage” . And I feel a connections between this and the comments about our unbalanced leaders – perhaps we will see a break for the people of Somalia in 2011.

Our 2011 predictions are proving accurate.  Interesting that when I wrote the words above, Qaddafi’s name come to mind, and here we are…  Although I expected rebellion this year, could see masses of people rising up to be heard, I didn’t expect to hear of so many dictators being challenged at the same time, and so many people at their limits, ready to fight for freedom.

Pay attention, folks, the recent rebellions have the potential to change the world…. the massive uprisings we are bearing witness to represent just the beginning of the next phase in a global transformation, a quickening in the shift that has been underway for the past decades…. millions are changing their minds and thus changing their worlds… millions are deciding that this is the right time to claim their freedom and their power… the impact of this shift is untold… this is a powerful wave that will ripple into each of our lives.

Whomsoever has declared himself “king” is due to be deposed.

Say your prayers!  Take care of your families… be prepared for a new world to unfold as the mad kings disappear and the newly freed millions set a new course – for themselves, and ultimately, for the rest of the world.
A new day is dawning.

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