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Hey folks, especially to all of you interested in and fascinated by numerology and symbology. We’ve all seen them before but this is the first crop circle I think I’ve been able to decipher, so let me know what you think.

First though, I just “know” that crop circles are coming from a higher intelligence of some sort, not human, the origin and placements of which can be debated until… whenever your favorite time metaphor might be. I simply believe they are messages to be decoded by those of us who are in-tune with our own versions of what we might consider “the Divine,” so here’s my take on it, admittedly coming through my own filters.


On the “animal as teacher” level, and coming when this formation did (July 29), this snake to me represents the cosmic kundalini of our Mother Earth, currently arising and being reborn during this great shifting we’re all feeling. It’s as if our “snake mother” Gaia is trying to shed Her skin, or a Mother Earth-egg is emerging from Her shell, whatever analogy fits. I mean, we can all feel that something huge is about to go down (it’s already started?!) but the questions remain about the timing of certain unknown variables, such as this past May (sorry Reverend Camping), December 21, 2012, or as some have suggested October 28, 2011 or even sooner and later. I personally prefer seeing it all as coming down in “less” harmful incremental changes, such as the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Japan which shifted the poles ever so slightly, allowing most of us to hang on a bit tighter. And, a lot of folks have been sensing something about 11/11/11, so please let me toss some fuel onto that fire.


Counting from the head of this “snake,” the eleventh circle is at the center of what could be seen as the serpent’s breast or heart shield. This “shield” contains the symbol of an astrological opposition (two planets on seeming opposite sides of our galaxy) arising from the eleventh circle, such as we’d see at a Full Moon. Astrologically, the only astronomical constellation shaped like a serpent is Ophiuchus, which perpendicularly intersects the Sun’s ecliptic between Scorpio and Sagittarius, recently made infamous by that Minnesota astronomer trying to discredit astrology with his “there are 13 signs out there” BS, obviously exposing his ignorance of the fact that there’s a major distinction between what constitutes astronomical constellations versus astrological signs.


Anyway, it looks to me as if the eleventh circle could represent the Earth, “half” way between the Sun and Moon during a Full Moon, and the heart shield’s circumference could represent the Sun/Moon connection, pointing to the significance of an upcoming Full Moon, symbolically arising from the heart of the matter, so to speak. And looking for when the Full Moon will be happening while the Sun would be “moving” through Ophiuchus points to November 10, 2011, just a day before a numerologists’ wet dream, 11/11/11. The Sun at that time will in fact be “pointing” toward the serpent Ophiuchus’ head on November 10, and interestingly the Moon will be pointing to the 22nd circle from the head, eleven circles away from the Earth’s heart center.


There’s your 11/11 right there but in numerology, the number of total circles forming the snake’s body (29) reduces to eleven (2 + 9 = 11) and further down to 2, the number of duality, astrologically represented by Gemini the Twins. And the fact is that the tail of this snake ends in the center of the largest (and most significant?) circle in the whole formation, most likely in or near the constellation Gemini, so perhaps this circle points to 11/11/11 as the date for full UFO disclosure or something equally monumental? Anyone’s guess is as good as anyone else’s, although it might be equally important to know that this serpent formation was created on July 29, the day before our most recent New Moon.


Now, the largest circle at the end of the tail would constitute a 30th circle, and 3 + 0 = 3, a sacred trinity number in any numerological and/or geometric system. Adding the Sun and Moon circles to the equation brings the total number of large circles up to 32, and 3 + 2 = 5, the number of the Goddess Mother Gaia as seen in the pentacle. However, if you’ll notice those much smaller circles surrounding each of the larger 29 circles, four around each, their total is 56 which can again be reduced to eleven, 5 + 6 = 11, assuming that the smallest of the 29 circles within the tail are each surrounded by those same much smaller circles (can’t see them from here). So, there is another grand total of 88 circles in it, which I’ve heard is a significant number in some system (Kabala?) or simply a couple of perpendicular symbols of infinity, which can be reduced to 8 + 8 = 16 and farther down to 1 + 6, producing a lucky seven. Further though, there are two circles on the ends of the serpent’s “jaws,” bringing up a truer Grand Total of 90 circles, 9 + 0 = 9 the ennead, and the square root of 9 is of course 3.


The shape of the serpent’s head is interesting in that it is looks like a crescent Moon, perhaps further suggesting the Moon’s significance regarding the 11/10 Full Moon, or even a connection to the July 30 New Moon when it appeared. The tongue of the serpent is shaped like Neptune’s trident, unlike any snake found in the natural world (as far as I know), further evidence (?) that this serpent formation is of an other-worldly/divine Neptunian (spiritual/unseen) source. The planet Neptune (currently retrograding from Pisces to Aquarius precisely on August 5) will be stationing direct at 29° Aquarius (yet another 2 + 9 = 11!) on 11/9/11, the day before that Full Moon and two days before 11/11/11. The Sabian image for 29° Aquarius is “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis,” and the Sabian for the Full Taurus Moon of 11/10 is “A new continent rising out of the ocean,” another couple of verrrry interesting portents. This might be splitting hairs but that Full Moon will be at 19° Taurus, 1 + 9 = 10 = 1, the monad of supreme unity.


Neptune’s role in this November 10 Full Moon is further important because Neptune represents the higher vibrational energetic of the Goddess archetype Venus, whose origins are said to have arisen from Neptune’s foam. Neptune can thus be seen as Venus’ mother, and the mother of all life if we assume the primordial soup theories are somewhat correct, either literally (scientific) or symbolically (biblical). And at the Moon’s exact fullness, Venus and Mercury will be aligning in the eleventh (!) degree of Sagittarius with the Sabian image of “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body.” Hmmm, this conjures the hypotheses of our immortal selves as merely occupying our current mortal human containers, so perhaps we’ll be asking ourselves something about the spark-origins of our inner light? As many believe, our inner flame (the soul) burns eternally, perhaps just stuck or well-maintained in ancient temples of belief paradigms, or do we get to rebuild Mother Earth’s temple? The light within our heart-shield knows beyond a shadow of doubt, surrounded by the I AM presence.


As a kind of cosmic fudge-factor, the snake’s heart shield intersects with two (3?) circles on either side of the heart-center Earth, possibly “telling” us that whatever monumental event might be happening on the two or three days before or after that 11/10 Full Moon, such as on 11/11/11 itself. And perhaps of significance is that the 11/10 Full Moon will be coming just two weeks before a partial Solar eclipse on November 25 and a total Lunar eclipse on December 10, we’ll just need to wait and see.


I just love this stuff! Any other interpretations or comments? Feel free to forward this around to any of your puzzle-loving friends to help figure out all of the above together. None of this is etched in stone, it’s all subject to change as evidence to the contrary presents itself, the mysteries simply continue. Maybe a global meditation/celebration on 11/11/11 will help manifest a new Earth, the one we want? Details at eleven…


Peace, Phil the astro-geek.

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