Spirit shows itself and communicates with us in many different ways, and for as many different reasons.  Sometimes it is because they are attached to a specific location, sometimes because they need help crossing over.
My younger sister has, for the past 4 years, been seeing a girl around me constantly. This girl, she says, looks like me, only 8 or 9 years old, with poker-straight black hair. Her head is always down, and she wears an old-fashioned white nightgown. Just recently, my sister has finally been able to communicate with the girl, who says her name is Sarah. I need to know what I should do. Thank you. Talia
Hi Talia,  Christopher Ree here.  From what you are saying it feels to me that you have yourself your own personal ghost.  This young child that your sister sees around you is an earthbound spirit.  More than likely a child that died.  It feels to me that she died in the flu epidemic of 1918.  She has been stuck all this time.  I suggest you do a memorial ceremony for little Sarah.  Light some candles, burn some sage, and tell her she is free to leave and meet her loved ones on the other side.  Things like this are quite common, so don’t feel scared.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree
 I think I see spirits – it is at night and they are not in human form – it is very strong in my bedroom.  My mother also sees lights and my daughter hears things.  Sometime I question is it my imagination.  How do I know I am really seeing spirits and what do they want. Nicola
It is not your imagination especially if others are experiencing oddities like you are. Because spirits are around it does not mean they always want something. Some are protective agents/spirits that you and your mom can see. I sense this gift is your family tree somewhere. This does not mean you have to develop it. Your daughter hearing things could also be the beginning of the gift of what is called clairaudience – the ability to hear spirits.
You are under no obligation to develop gifts if you choose not to. The best thing to do is to say a prayer of your belief and light a candle for those spirits that are not guardians to go on to the other side. Do this for at least two weeks. Sprinkle common salt around your house and leave it down for at least 24 hours. This part is important: sweep your floors toward your door and sweep it out the front door. Do this three times a week for two weeks.  Toss the salt onto your walls so it falls down. Anything negative will leave. As for those that are guardians simply talk to them and let them know their appearances and activities are disturbing. Thank them and let them know you know they are with you. Cate
  1. Hi Talia,
    I love your name. If I had a girl way back in the day, I would have given her that name.
    I used to fear the presence of these beings as well. As a child I lost sleep because of this sensation and wish I had known someone who could have explained what I was sensing was not to be feared, especially if one is surrounded by prayer. I continued to pray and as years went by felt less fear. I had no information from anyone what it was I was sensing, except that I was an over sensitive child with a great imagination. Now that I have done some meditation and research, I realize they are my spirit guides and guardian angels. I have asked them to continue to be present and thank them. Since I have done this I have gradually noticed I can hear them and see an energy of them. If I ever doubt that is what I am sensing, I say a prayer of protection. At that point I always feel an extra presence of a large energy, that I have been told is Arch Angel Michael, who can be with all and any of us at once. Sometimes I know when relatives visit as well, because when I ask (silently or mentally ), who is there, what I see is the relative in a very young version. It is very comforting because they are relatives that appear to be smiling, not lost or fearful. My favorite sensation is when I feel someone stroke or touch my hair. I hope you find the peace that I have found with this knowledge.

  2. this morning i was woken up by a feeling of wind. I live on the groud floor, no doors or windows were open, the wind seemed to be present only around my head.I am quite psychic I have recently been working with energy and meditating a lot and this seems to have increased my dreams, visions etc. my dad and my grandparents are as well. As soon as I felt the wind i started praying, It’s not the first time I feel strange things around me while I am sleeping and this is usually how I deal with it. The thing is I didnt feel danger, i was’nt scared or threatened but i must say it was the strangest thing i have felt. Before it stopped I saw a vision of a room and heard some whispering but i couldnt make out what it was. Any comments?

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