For a long time, I tried to overlook my abilities as a medium while I focused on learning to be a good psychic….. but things kept happening, spirit kept dropping in… It wasn't something I seemed to be able to control… my guides explained that "I have my lights on" as if I anyone with some ability as a medium emanates a certain light that spirit uses to recognize who is open (and able) to receive them. Over the years, it became obvious that I needed to learn more about mediumship, that it was no longer something I could avoid.

One of the reasons I kept delaying work as a medium was that I kept thinking that it was too easy, like having a conversation with someone at the table –  there had to be more to it… unlike working with the Tarot where I spent years learning the subtleties in order to be able to do a good reading, spirit would often spontaneously contact me in a reading. Then I discovered that when I wanted to connect with a spirit, I just needed to put out a call for the person I wanted to speak with… and then wait… "something" would happen… that is when I discovered that the "more," the work of being a medium, was in learning to read the symbology that came with each connection.

Once I make the call for a particular spirit to appear, I wait for a response. It could come as word, an image or simply an impression… at that point I will often tell the client what I am seeing or feeling and ask if it fits in any way… and then I kind of follow the trail… as I focus on the image, it will lead me to the next, sometimes a whole story will unfold, sometimes I'll feel a wave of love flow over me…. it's like following a trail of breadcrumbs, but in this case, the crumbs are in the appearance of the spirit, in the details of how it showed itself and what it shows me.

To be able to receive the whole spirit message, I needed to understand the meaning of the colours and numbers, to notice how the spirit presented itself, how I felt, what smells come, who else appears, what is around the spirit and then to be able to understand and interpret the symbols that appeared in the connection, I will ask questions and watch and listen for answers, usually it is like having a brief conversation… each connection is different, except for one thins – at some point, almost always, the spirit will express it's love for the inquirer…. a bonus for me, since I get to feel the love coming through.

Before I make a call, I will say a prayer asking my guides to protect me and the spirit and so when our conversation is complete, I thank the spirit for coming, ask the spirit if s/he has anything more they want to share and then send along a prayer for them.

I think the secret to communicating with spirit is to allow it to be easy, to converse with the images and sensations of spirit as if there were a real person with you – there IS, they just don't have a body….

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  1. Great post! To have such rare talent is incredible. Interpreting images and signs can be real hard at times. I would like to know, how do you personally develop this gift, is it through meditation? tarot or simply a focused mind?


    Editor's note: This is a "learned" talent – gained from studying nature, and reading learning as much as I could there are a lot of good books on signs and symbols

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