Our 20 year-old Midnight died this past January and I was heartbroken. But within 24 hours, his messages began coming through.  First from Laura Simpson, the animal communicator who works with our site.  Laura knew Midnight, had been checking in on him with me for at least 10 years, so I had let her know that he was gone… when she replied, she told me that Midnight was comng back, that he wasn’t finished with us, and we should look for another black cat with a little white hair on its chest in about 9 weeks. The second came the next day from Albert, our house mate.  As soon as he got up that day he came into my office to share a dream with me.  “Midnight isn’t gone you know. I mean, he’s coming back in about 9 weeks. You need to start looking then for another little black kitty.”  I hadn’t told him about Laura’s note….

Needless to say, we have Midnight back now, her name is Moon.  She may be a girl, but she is so much like Midnight that we can’t deny that he is back with us.  The first clue was the way she chose Pat, my son, as her protector.  When Midnight was a few years old, he quite deliberately chose Pat as his favourite, at a time in Pat’s life when he really needed the love and affection – and yes, even the protection of a big, mushy, very handsome and very loving cat. Now Pat is loving doting over this wee Moon.

What is interesting about this story is that Midnight made his presence known around our home on many occasions before we brought Moon home.  Albert continued to dream about him, and with each dream he seemed to be coming closer. I kept seeing him around the kitchen, and in the garden.  One day, Pat commented that Midnight had jumped up on his bed that morning, that he felt him curl up at his back the way he used to.

But as soon as Moon arrived, the communications stopped. Albert had one more dream the day after we brought her home, this time Midnight was at the beach, looking good and feeling fine, as if he was taking a vacation after a job well done.

While Moon is clearly herself, a new and different version, she is a loving reminder of our good old boy. She has settled into our family as if she had always been here. I think she has. Midnight is back to finish his job with Pat.

Midnight is not the first pet to make contact with us after arriving on the other side.  In fact, having had so many connections with animals in spirit, I was prepared to follow up on the messages from him.

For me, there has never been any question that animals have a soul, and like us will reincarnate. Which also means that we can communicate with them, in spirit, and that the bonds of love do indeed cross the dimensions of time and space, even with our pets.

Hi do animals have spirits as we humans have? I mean when they die do the come back as spirits or angels or guides? Can they listen to what we are tryinng to tell them or do they understand our emotions of pain? I want to know about my pet who crossed over, what shall I do? Plz help Ruhi

Most certainly animals have spirits – they are living beings just like us sweetheart. Not only have I personally experienced the most undeniable return of a few of my own pets (as spirits), there have been countless reports of numerous people experiencing much of the same. Animal spirits behave much like they did when they were alive. And most definitely they do feel our emotions and thoughts in spirit just as much as they did when they were alive. One thing a lot of people say is that animals couldn’t possibly feel the way that humans do. But as an animal communicator and a life long horse trainer and worker, I have to really stress that animals DO feel emotions just like we do. It is ignorance of the human race to believe such a thing that animals cannot feel as we can or do not have spirits as we do. They are God’s creatures just as we are. Animals feel pain. They get depressed. They miss loved ones or play mates. They feel lonely or scared. My husband and I rescued over 20 horses from slaughter. As we worked with them we could see the depression in their eyes. They would refuse to eat. Refuse to be amongst the herd (which is very uncharacteristic of horses seeing as they are in fact herd animals). I have also seen first hand how dogs and cats for example can sense when their owner is about to have an epileptic seizure – they will sit beside them or even lay on top of them until the seizure passes. Same as when their owner is sad or depressed; I don’t know how many times my female yellow lab Sheba has come to me, put her head on my lap and just sat there with me trying to comfort me.

Whether they are alive or have passed on, our pets always understand our emotions, thoughts, and pain. Realize too that most pets are indeed telepathic – they can not only feel the energy surrounding their owners, they can also “read your heart.”

Ruhi, you yourself can feel your beloved pet if you were to quiet yourself, be still, be peaceful, and just listen and pay attention. You may feel that brush up against your leg or a nudge on your hand by a cool wet nose. Our pets I do strongly believe are always with us in spirit and heart just like our human loved ones that have likewise crossed over. If you wish to ask specific questions of your pet, and you cannot hear or feel the responses, you could also most certainly contact an animal communicator that works with spirits of animals as well as the living (some animal communicators only communicate with live pets, while others, as in my case, can and will do both).

I do hope that this has answered some of your questions and has helped you out a little bit. Please take care, and please try to rest easy knowing that your pet has in fact crossed over peacefully, and you should NOT harbor any guilt any more. Much love and brightest of blessings always, Lisa Caza

I need a medium help to talk to my crossed over pet. Is it possible? I have lots of qustions related. Plz help. I lost my pet, she was not well but I loved her lot and still miss her physical being… I want to know is it possible for pets to reincarnate? or do pets contact after crossing over. Do they hang around where they died? Or can they follow us everywhere even other country??? Can she see me? Is she around… I had a dream the same morning b4 she left that my hubby killed a beautiful black pregnent goat… Then I felt my grandfather who passed b4 I was born telling me don’t worry I’m there… I had never seen him but I  know it was him. I want to know was the dream warning or my grandfather had come to revive my pet to help cross over? is it possible that she will return to me as my another pet or in anyway?I want to contact her. What do I do? How do I contact her ? I want to see her,  is she in peace or she reborn again or she will come to me?

Oh it is always so hurtful and devastating when we lose our beloved furry babies. It’s just like losing a human loved one – you can never forget them and you will always miss them.

But most definitely you can certainly communicate with the spirits of our pets who have crossed over. Animals have spirits or souls just like we do sweetheart. They are most often found around their human companions (and in my experience they tend to stick around other pet companions as well – for example this one time I communicated with a dog who passed away. He was the ruler of the roost while he was alive, but still would love his cat companion to death – would even cuddle up with each other at night).

Our pets, especially when we have a very strong and deep bond with them, do in fact come to visit us every now and then (and yes some do also stay with us as well – it depends on the spirit). They can see, hear and feel us – and they do try to comfort us in our times of need … just like they did when they were alive. Also realize that ALL spirits – both human and animal – they are spirits – and they can travel wherever and whenever they wish! So please do not fear the possibility of your pet “losing” you. They will always know where you are at – just like our human loved ones who have passed on. They do not “hang around” where they died (for example in a veterinary clinic) – they prefer to be with the ones they loved prior to their death. Also realize that even when a spirit is reborn (which I am told animals can do just as much as what humans can … they are given the choice of where they wish to go upon crossing over), even when it is reborn you can still communicate with the side of the spirit that you knew. You will always be able to contact that side of your pet’s spirit … whether they are reborn or not.

A lot of your questions though cannot really be answered unless you do in fact purchase an animal communications reading sweetheart. I do feel that she is at peace, she does not feel any pain and she does see and hear you, and most definitely there seems to have been a point for your grandfather’s appearance. But I can’t get any further into these concerns without doing an
actual reading.

But you can communicate with your little girl yourself my dear. If you were to just lay down, be at rest, relax, close your eyes in a meditation visualization, ask for her to come to you – and you should be able to see her and indeed speak with her. However just be prepared that in the case of animal spirits, they pretty much take on the same forms and ways of communication as they did when they were alive. You may not get actual spoken words … the messages will be more “feelings” than anything else – of which I am sure you would be able to interpret yourself if you knew your girl real well. You would undoubtedly have no problems in understanding her and what she would “say” to you.

You’re never alone my dear – and should you wish to have a psychic pet communicator (with mediumship abilities) to help you connect to your little girl and do a reading, I would love to be able to help you in any way I can. Please rest easy – that little girl is happy now – no more fears and no more pain for her. She is so joyful right now and at peace, and I really do believe that she would only wish for the same thing for you. With love and brightest of blessings, Lisa Caza

Pets sometimes return in spirit to visit their former owners.  I have had this happen to me on several occasions.  The spirit of an animal can also reincarnate into another animal form and become your pet again!  This is quite common. I recommend that you keep your eyes open for a familiar vibe.  Look into the eyes of other animals and see if you recognize your old friend!  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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  1. Hi,
    It is nice to see Im not the only one that talks to there pet that has past on .My dog JO-JO of 16 years would comunicate with pictures and smells in my minds eye so to speak , even when she was alive.
    She would be sleeping in the other room and I would imagine throwing the frizbe and her catching it and send the thought to her , and she would come in the room from a sound sleep to let me know its time to play.

  2. i am so glad i found you all ,i just had to have my little dog put down,march 8th,,, i am missing him so very much ,he was my loyal friend for 11 years ,i talk to him all the time , i have asked him over and over to come to me so i know hes at peace and happy now that hes out of his sick hurting body..he was blind ,had diabeties and arturitis , he was so good through all the shots and blindness ,but it took over in the end ,i feel i let him down and didnt do enough for him , even though my vet told me i did .as i read some of the notes here i know he is with me or will be ..and i will watch for another animal that may be him ,if it is possible i will know .thank you all

  3. What a wonderful post! My beloved 1 1/2 year old cat died of a terrible virus which claimed her life in a matter of days. It was such a shock to me. I immediately felt she was with me after she passed and I’ve been talking and having her around me ever since. I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing my pet with me in spirit form. I will look for her in a new reincarnation. Thank you for makin me feel like I’m not alone doing this.

  4. ive just lost my lovely fury friend tommy he was 13 that day, i too keep thinking I was a bit distance andlet him down then I wonder if he got fed up with me and just decided to go? I saw his eyes a bit differently just before he went out for the last time, I cuddled him and kissed him and off he went. Strangly that day he sat in my car and I drove it down the road it was surreal as he seemed to enjoy it and I thought maybe I should let him come out with me now and again as maybe he gets too bored when Im for long periods of time? Anyway this sadly wasnt to be but I spoke with a medium who sensed my loss straight away and she said he was there very safe and quite bouncy she actually said he wanted to be a dog??? I dont know what to think?

    PAULA ……..Love you tom come and see me soon (I did go in the spiritual church on thursday and in the first ten mins I couldnt stop tears and sensed he was there in the pew but then I doubt and think its my imagination?

  5. it was 5 am this morning, my cat Friday that was missing since last December 6 2010 while I was overseas came to my dreams, she had came to my dreams many times but this time I felt she came to say good-bye, I was sleeping but my soul was very sad to see her go, then I woke up crying hysterically and I went to the living room as for some reason I felt her presence (soul) I started to pray and ask God to rest her soul and take her to a good place, I was talking to her even though I know I was talking in the thin air, my heart hurts so much because I know she misses me so much, she loves me so much and has been with me since 1994 until december 2010, she wasn’t sick, I did not know what happened as I was searching to get an answer, if I can get someone to channel and connect to Friday I would, because what happened this morning was just unreal, I cried waking up knowing she is coming to say good-bye…please help. I need to know she is going to a good place and I wanted to connect with her if possible, I always feel her presence ever since…I could not stop crying since this morning…she love me so much she made an effort to come say good-bye…

    • On January 25th, 2017
      I lost my best friend, who was also like a daughter to me.
      My beloved Doberman Pinscher Comet.
      I was very traumatized.
      She passed so suddenly, I feel as if I didn’t have enough time with her (at the end).
      I can’t stop crying.
      For 3 days I sat in the dark crying.
      the fourth day, I walked around the empty house, in disbelief… In denial. Not willing to accept that she was gone.
      I do remember something that happened, as soon as she passed, I was lying beside her lifeless body, when I heard her whine, very loud and clear.
      I then took some soiled bedding to the laundry room, and heard her cry again. Very loud and clear.
      It was not a whine, as if she were afraid, but just to let me know she was okay.
      Also, the next evening, I sat in my chair and felt my chair rock back and forth and something was touching the back left corner of my chair.
      After that, I went to get something from my side of the bed, and I smelled her…. It was like a wet dog smell.
      Yesterday, I was really missing her, and I passed by a spot in my front yard, and immediately felt a presence.
      I stepped over to where I felt the presence so much.
      Then I realized it was my dog Comet,
      wanting to communicate with me.
      Then we started talking, only in our mind, and spirit.
      I told her that I miss her and that I am so worried about her.
      She seemed to laugh, and said…
      Don’t worry about me! I am having a blast over here!!
      I have some friends, and we are running and jumping, playing and exploring!!
      I am so HAPPY!!
      Don’t ever worry about me she said.
      Then she filled my heart and soul with love and peace.
      It was such a beautiful feeling.
      I wanted to stay there with her forever.
      Then, I remembered something I needed to do in the house, and she said, please don’t go.
      Stay out here with me a little longer.
      So I did, and we had a beautiful warm and loving visit.

  6. How do you recognize the reincarnation of your pet???and how do you know if he/she did reincarnate???

  7. I just lost my dog Nicci of 12 yrs. on May 15, 2014. I had to put her to sleep she got so sick suddenly with what the vet says was cancer. I love her so much I cry everyday all day I have other furry babies too. I know they are sad as well, I dont know how to b strong I dont know if she hates me I talk to her all the time, I dont feel her presence, how do I know if she is here? I am so desperate dont know how to go on without her, everyone else seems so lucky.

  8. Hello…my heart aches. I had to put down my dear Lucy this morning. I miss her so much. Is she around me? I felt like she wasn’t there when I held her in my arms for a whole hour before. She was so nervous but when I loved on her she calmed way down. I have the biggest whole in my heart. Thank you for your heart

  9. Hey everyone. Really happy to have found this blog, I recently had to put my mini rex rabbit Coco down. She was eight years old. Really cute, small, and brown. I was so deeply saddened and still am by her loss. She was my best friend, but you guys have opened my eyes to the fact that I need to relax and remain spiritually open to her. She will always be missed, but even just twelve hours later I feel like shes here still. I truly feel like she wants me to stop crying, and know, that her body was broken but her spirit is strong, and will be with me often if not always. Even during the euthenasia injections she just kept kicking my hand, and I kept giving her face hugs. I will also keep an eye out for other incarnations of my little girl. Cheers! Here’s to our loving companions!

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