Have you ever wanted to say you’re sorry for something you did long ago? But by the time you realized that you should, the people you want to apologize to are long gone, to the other side, or the other side of the planet…

Once you acknowledge that humans are all spirits housed in a body, new forms of communications become possible…as spirit, we are not confined to the physical dimension in order to have a chat with another spirit. The same dynamics apply to communicating with spirits on the other side, as for communicating with spirits on this…. it is simply a matter of putting out a respectful loving call, a request for a heart-to-heart – and listening.

The technique is simple. You can easily make a soul to soul connection if you follow these steps:

  • Find a quiet place to sit, make sure feet are flat on the floor, take a little time to settle, to relax your body, get comfortable and get very present, notice the sounds and smells, the movement of the air in the room.
  • Close your eyes, and take three or four big deep breaths, deep into your belly… in through your nose, out through your mouth. As you breathe, think of someone or something you love, feel the loving feelings filling your heart chakra.
  • Then visualize the person you want to speak with and put out the call… for example “Dad, would you please come to talk with me. I’m upset. I want to know why you seemed to give up in the last years of your life.” Then give the soul, or spirit or Higher Self of the individual a little time to time to collect him or herself and enliven the image you have been holding of them.
  • When you feel or notice some movement or shift in the person you are seeing in your mind’s eye, open up, share your feelings, say all of the things you have wished to be able to say face to face… as lovingly as you can… and listen…. notice how you you feel, what thoughts come to you, how the person you are imagining is reacting… these are all clues or answers, responses to your communications… trust that your imagination knows what it’s doing, that whatever response you are getting is coming from the soul of the person you are imagining.
  • As you end the communications, tell the person you are imagining that you love them, (even if you’re hurt or angry) thank them for coming and being willing to speak heart-to-heart, give them a hug and let them go…
  • Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes longer as you come back to yourself, breathe quietly, think of what you have just shared, what you heard and saw, let it all register with your mind and body…
  • Then watch for some shifts in your relationship with that person… they may be subtle, manifesting over time as opposed to overnight, but they will come.

You can use this technique for connecting with a loved one on the other side, for sending an apology to someone you haven’t seen in years, for healing a relationship, even settling an argument, or trying to get through to someone who is mentally or emotionally unbalanced… but be careful… it is important that you approach this form of communication with love in your heart, and healing on your mind… it is OK to express your anger through the communications, to share your feelings of resentment, frustration or even fear… but this forum is all about providing a loving platform for souls to share and to grow… if you are doing your best to listen from your heart, at some point you will feel the anger and hurt dissipating. Then you are ready to share that hug and to move on.

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