The connection between being psychic and going green

In honor of Earth Day 2008

When Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970, his intention was not only to raise awareness of the need to conserve. He dedicated a lot of energy to starting a grassroots movement that would force attention on the environmental issues that the political establishment prefered to ignore. It has taken almost 30 years, and Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, but that grassroots movement has finally caught up with the world’s political and economic leaders.

Still, while it is essential that our governments begin introducing “green” laws and business begin going green, at the end of the day, it is up to us, one by one, to go green.

I developed an environmental consciousness as a young girl living near Lake Nippissing – a beautiful lake that at that point was no longer safe for swimming. A lake once rich in perch, bass and pickerel could no longer be fished.  I remember how the entire community was mobilized at that time to stop polluting the lake, and how this movement was expanded to stop littering. Within 10 years, the Lake was safe again… but it took people acting, one by one, to make it happen.

There are so many little things that we can do to “go green”… it is just a matter of making different choices, breaking old habits and establishing new ones.  A few easy examples for you: three years ago, we changed as many lights as we could in the house to the eco-friendly fluorescent lights that we are all now being asked to use; in the past year, I added to my stock of cloth bags – now we also keep some in the car so we no longer need to take plastic bags at the store. We are avid recyclers. Our blue boxes are always filled to overflowing at pick up time.  Even old clothes, dishes, appliances and furnishings get passed on – and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve found some wonderful additions to my wardrobe and our home at second hand shops and yard sales.

I have a beautiful garden every summer – all organically grown. We use soap and other natural remedies to keep the pests away, and natural fertilizers and compost to produce an abundance of healthy flowers and vegetables.

I have a thing about not wasting paper – every scrap matters! Ill take time to find an old grocery bill or a used envelope to write this week’s list on, rather than taking a fresh piece of paper from the office.

Year by year, we become more noticing and aware of our consumer and consumption habits. It’s worth it, not just because going green ultimately saves money, but also because I believe it can save lives.

There is another very good reason though, for me to go green.  In the early years of developing my psychic abilities, I became very conscious of the flow of energy around me and I began to notice my reaction to certain environments and smells.  Toxins and air borne gases would give me terrible headaches, or make me feel ill, or very congested. The more sensitive I became, the more important it seemed to avoid using synthetic products and chemicals in my home and office.

I progressed to noticing that certain fabrics irritated me, and before long, I also saw that we needed a natural diet, preferably grown locally. At the grocery store one day I realized that my stomach cringed every time I approached their meat counter. When I checked out a local butcher shop and didn’t have the same reaction, I knew my stomach was reacting to the chemicals that the large chains use to extend the life and improve the appearance of the meat on their shelves. Now I buy all of our fresh food from the local farmer’s markets, direct from the farmers. My stomach is much happier!

I know I would not be able to tune into my clients so easily if I hadn’t made the green and natural choices I have. As a psychic, it is important for me to stay grounded, connected and tuned into planet Earth. In order to be able to read the energy moving around me or my clients, I mustkeep the energy around me clear – going green makes that a whole lot easier.

Being psychic is as much a lifestyle, a way of being in the world, as it is a gift and skill. In order to practice effectively, I must honor, respect and learn to work with Mother Earth.

So, celebrate Earth Day with me this year. Make a commitment to go green.  One simple change can make a world of difference. My suggestion is to choose one area to focus on. For example, this year I intend to stop all the leaks in my home, starting with my drippy taps. By the end of the year, we will recaulk all the windows and doors and hopefully replace a few appliances with more energy-efficient models. What will you do this year to go green? Think about it – you can help yourself develop your psychic abilities by becoming part of a much needed solution to a very frightening global crisis!

You can make a difference!

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