Years ago, I was worked with a large group involved in channeling. When I settled deeply into my connection with Isaiah, my spirit guide, Erika, who had been away visiting family in Texas, placed a small bundle of sticks in my arms with this question:

“If it is true that we are all One, even with nature, and that our environments hold memories, as we do, then these twigs hold a memory of something terrible that happened years ago and you should be able to tell me what it was.”

I had an immediate sensation of anxiety, images flew past my mind’s eye, but I asked to wait until the end of the session to answer. (The truth was that I didn’t believe what I saw could be true, because I didn’t think my friend had gone to Dallas.)

The time finally came to address her question. The bundle of twigs was placed back in my arms, and I again immediately had an image of Caroline Kennedy as a small child holding hands with her father who was clearly in spirit at this point (she was in colour, he appeared as a dark shadow..). They appeared to be walking on a grassy knoll… but instead of speaking of the image, I heard myself speak in a very deep voice:

“The memory of these twigs is as of a grandchild who was told the story of some terrible event her grandfather witnessed as a young man.”

At that point, I was so stunned I broke the channel. My eyes flew open as I blurted out in my own voice “these twigs are from the grassy knoll near where JFK was shot.” And then I was even more shocked to see 30 faces with their mouths on the floor. No one really expected that I could tune in to know where the twigs came from, or even more interesting, that dead twigs could tell me where they came from.. they were not so dead, afterall.

From that day on, I became very aware and sensitive to the energy in spaces and things…. and to the need to keep loving, uplifting energy moving through our spaces.

Clearing the clutter, cleaning, dusting, scrubbing walls and floors, getting rid of the trash, may all be homely tasks, but they are also highly effective for clearing stale old energy and attracting more uplifting energy into a space. Changing your bed after having an argument with your spouse can also change your moods… cleaning a room after a dispute can attract a healing to any rifts in relationship….

Native American traditions recognize the power, both negative and positive, that can be left in spaces which is why they designate some spaces as Sacred. They will often smudge a sacred space, or smudge a circle to create a sacred space. Smudging (making smoke with sacred herbs like sweet grass and sage) is a powerful way of clearing a space after there has been some trauma.

Prayer is another wonderful way to lighten a space… along with bringing flowers, music, laughter and joy into the space to lift the energy and keep it clear. I have been happy to see so many respond to trauma sites by bringing flowers and gifts to the space… this ritual not only honours those who have passed in that place and helps them to deal with the trauma on the other side, but it also helps the environment itself to heal. It reminds all who pass to be respectful of that space… and thus enables it to recover its balance.

We naturally gravitate to good spaces, spaces that have contained joy and love. My garden is one of those magical places that draws you in, calms your spirit and makes you want to laugh and feast your senses. We can easily create these spaces in our lives, environments that feed and nurture us. It just takes a little time and energy – and respect for the energy in your spaces… even at work, adding a flower or plant, a picture of someone or some place you love can serve to lighten the energy around you and make you more productive.

If you are interested in learning more about the energy of spaces, look up Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry on the web. Noticing and actively seeking to raise the vibration of the environment around you can make an enormous difference in your life… think about creating your own ‘sacred spaces’ as a way of attracting health, wealth and wisdom to you.

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  1. It was prayer that is most powerful. However we can also contribute things here on earth to make it a better living.

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