I love my baths, a tub filled with hot water, covered in bubbles is my favourite place to meditate. Something about soaking in the hot water makes it a lot easier for me to tune into my body for insights about what’s going on in and around me… I often do a chakra clearing while I am in the tub – somehow feels appropriate to be cleaning outside and clearing inside…

As I lay in deep meditation the other day, I realized I was churning inside… I could almost see the energy swirling around, unsettled, afraid to settle… I knew what it was about… I have been going through an incredibly stressful time… my mother was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and my son is having another wild episode, his acting out lost him his job and then he turned on everyone who loves and cares for him – except his grandmother… the churning was natural – but only added to my inability to relax and think clearly…so I took the  time to do some breath work, to listen to those feelings and send them love and compassion… and so the churning eased, at least for a time.

It is useful to listen to your body – but most of us think that’s only about checking in on how we are doing physically – the body has a mind, has it’s own intelligence system – and if we will take time to listen to it, we can help ourselves feel better, emotionally as well as physically. Listening to your body is about noticing how you feel on many levels… as a psychic, this body awareness is an invaluable tool… but it is even more important as a spiritual and personal tool… by connecting with what I am feeling, whether in my big toe or my belly, I gain insight into what is really going on… while my mind may be focused on finding answers, and planning the next steps, my body acts as an excellent barometer of how I feel about what I am thinking… and whether I am on the right track….

The inner churning – like inner chatter, is a kind of “white noise” that makes it difficult to maintain a focus… it clogs up our systems, drains our energy – and very often we don’t even recognize that it is there, distracting us from our purpose in the moment… at the very least, it is slowing us down and making it hard to think clearly.  Taking the time to notice what is in your body and to listen to it, to respond to it, can do a world of good… while I may not be able to do much to fix my mother or my son, I can at least attend to the other priorities in my life, now that I have acknowledged and quelled that inner churning…

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