As psychics we are often asked for winning numbers… but if it were that easy to choose “lucky” numbers, the lotteries would be out of business. Whether you’re lucky or not is a reflection of your attitude and approach to life – and whether or not you really believe you can be lucky. If you have some old childhood beliefs, for example, about not being worthy, or not having enough, or not being good at handling money, it can be very difficult to win anything, let alone a major lottery.

Like many of you, I grew up with some negative conditioning around money and luck, but some years ago I decided to change my attitude and to prove that I could be lucky, I started buying the odd lottery ticket. Although I haven’t won a lot of money, I regularly win free tickets and $5 or $10, once $157 – enough for me to let go of some old beliefs around money.

Since then, I’ve been curious about different ways of improving my luck with numbers. Heather Zais, a wonderful astrologer from Kelowna, BC, offered some useful tips for choosing lottery numbers in a recent interview on my Ask the Psychic show.

Start by calculating your Life Path number by adding the numbers of your birthdate together. For example, if your birthdate is May 9, 1975, your life path number would be 5+9+1+9+7+5 = 36 = 3+5 = 9. Use this number to pick your dates to purchase a ticket… so you will want to purchase your tickets on th 9th, the 18th and the 27th of the month.

To choose the numbers to play, begin by making a list of all of the important numbers in your life – your birthdate, your partner’s, children’s, parents. You are looking for numbers that come up naturally around you – your house number, your phone number, numbers that repeat themselves in your life. Then list all the combinations of these numbers, example the number 4 can be derived from the numbers 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58. So, if the number 4 is on your list, you will want to include all of it’s combinations on the list. Then put each number into a hat, shake it up and draw out however many you need for the lottery you intend to play.

Tell us how you make out! We’ll be interested in hearing how this system improves your luck!

You can generate lucky numbers as

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Winning is a Challenge

I need your help. I saw your website on the internet and decided to take a chance. I have never contacted a psychic before, other than as a curiosity thing a couple of times with friends. I feel that my problem is serious enough to look for professional help. I will describe my problem in the hopes you can advise me. I have always had a “knack” for picking lottery numbers. Actually the right term would be that numbers pick me. I could be crossing the street and see a number on a taxi cab and will take notice of it. After that it seems that that same number keeps turning up in several ways. Because this has happened to me countless times and on many occasions, the numbers have actually come out, I just attributed it to coincidence. I have discovered throughout the years that it was not a knack but actual an intuition about numbers.

The problem is that I have started seeing numbers in my mind and played them only to miss them by one number. Because this became an almost frequent occurrence, it has began to take a toll on my well being. If it had just happened to me a couple of times, I would probably not think anything wrong, but this has been going on for a couple of years. For example, I would play 6262 and 6962 would come out. I have noticed that it has become more regular in the last year. It has been very frustrating to me and I believe that it has begun to affect my health.

My friends tell me that I should just stop playing the numbers but I feel that its a gift and that if I don’t continue, I will be throwing away a gift. Unfortunately, it has also taken a toll on my finances. I have come to the conclusion that there is some sort of block or something or someone preventing me from achieving the wanted results. I realize that my problem may seem unimportant or perhaps trivial, but I assure you that it has begun to make me feel uncomfortable and I have started doubting everything. I would appreciate any advise you could provide for me .thank you very much.

This much I can tell you – there’s more to this business of numbers than meets the eye… it also depends on the days that you choose to play since they also have numerical and other energetic imprints and on your own belief systems. Get the book the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy for some clues about how you can work with yourself to start programming yourself for some success. Consider the possibility that you are being given this information for some other reason, and take up the study of numerology. And perhaps even astrology… since these will all have a bearing on when you win with what… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

If I were you – and I’m an astrologer – I would only play the numbers when, say, Jupiter triggers your natal Pluto by transit, or some variation thereof, in the progressed charts or solar arc charts, or when Venus hits your Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. I read some an article in some horoscope magazine about Bill Gates chart – he has Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in his chart – and it mentioned that lottery winners usually have some Jupiter/Pluto configuration happening in their chart……

Maybe, you see, it’s just a matter of timing. Craig Grant

Some of the best numbers have been given to me when I have asked during meditation . Just spiritually given. Victoria

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