Stories like Jill’s are becoming increasingly common.  Perhaps we are more open to them, perhaps it is the world of the Internet that allows so many folks to share their stories… and perhaps there is something going on… perhaps we have a new generation of children with us….

My 21 year old son past away last year when my grandaughter was only 1 year old.  His niece was his pride and joy.  Last week we were sitting on the back porch and my grandaughter was playing when she stopped, looked at her Uncle Jimmer’s Weber Grill and said “That’s Jimmer’s”.  Shocked, I told her a story about how he would cook dinner on the grill even though he only cooked on it once since he bought it only 3 days prior to his death. Then 3 days later her mother told me a story (I had not shared mine with her) that my grandaughter was riding her rocking horse, my daughter-in-law was in another room when she heard her say “Jimmer,Jimmer”  when my daughter-in-law ran into the room to see if someone had entered her apartment my grandaughter said “NO,NO,” a brief moment later said “bye bye” and blew kisses towards the door.  One more that just happened yesterday, my son was lying down when my grandaughter went up to him, rubbed his head and said “Jimmers hair”.  My son said “What?” and she said “Daddy has Jimmers hair”.  Both my sons have crew cuts and look alot alike but since my grandaughter was only 12 months old when her Uncle died how can we explain these situations other than she is seeing his spirit?  How can we enhance her special gift?  Will she outgrow it?  She is  advanced for her age and catches the eye of everyone that comes in contact with her.  How do we verify she is gifted? What is the best way to teach her Dad, my son who is only 21 that spirits do exist.  He has been so heartbroken since his brother’s death, not to mention he witnessed his brother’s accident.  Please help me help my family come to peace…. Jill

First I would like to answer your question about verifying she has abilities, I believe that she has already shown this to you in many ways. Children and pets are very sensitive to the energies around us and can see them easier then adults can. I would ask you to encourage her to keep doing this by talking about what she sees, hears and feels. Let her know that this is something that is not to fear but to rejoice about.
Make it something fun for her, ask her questions about what she is seeing and let her know that it takes a very special little girl to see these things. Have her draw pictures of her experiences as well. If you take the fear out of the unknown then it isn’t fearful anymore.    As for trying to get your son to understand that spirits do exist have him watch  her and he will see that what she is seeing is real. Your son is doing his best to work through your grandaughter to reach er father to let him know that hes still with around – and lookig out for his beloved niece. How could she possibly know the things she does unless it is ? Given time, he to will start to notice the subtle energies around him, I think right now he is in denial of everything. Keep encouraging her to do what she is doing thats the best way to help her advance.   Jody

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  1. Jill,

    I am a huge believer in the very phenomenon you are describing. I have read many books on this subject. I am by no means suggesting that I am an expert. The authors, however, talk about how, due to the fact that children are such recent visitors here from the dimension that we all originate from; they still have all of the memories that fade with the time and influences that we experience here on earth. This gift should be relished. What an incredible link, and proof that your son is still involved in your lives.

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