The other day I noticed that the car’s side mirror was reflecting the side of the car instead of the traffic coming up behind us…but then, I was in the passenger seat… the mirror was set perfectly for the driver. It struck me then what a difference even a slight shift in perspective makes.

As a psychic, my role is not only to see what’s coming for my clients, but also what they can do about it… and sometimes the solution is to change perspectives. Often what looks like a setback is actually an opening to a better situation…it’s all about the way you look at it… and react to it….

The one constant in our lives is change…and no matter where or who we are, or whether we even notice, we are constantly changing perspectives. The planet is in constant motion as it orbits the sun.. the moon and the stars are in a slightly different position in the skies every night….. nature makes every day a unique experience..

Our point of view makes a huge difference in our reaction to the changes we come upon in our journey through life….. Change can be an exciting opportunity to advance our purpose in life… or it can be seen as a burden to be resisted….

When we are willing to adapt to the changes in our plans and circumstances, we are more likely to succeed in whatever life goals we have set for ourselves…. it’s all in the way we look at life…Still, change can be scary, forcing us to adapt when we would prefer to hang onto what we know.

In the past few years I have been challenged to adapt in many ways, first to being disabled…. which then created the necessity of some BIG changes…. I could no longer handle the stairs in our little house, and I couldn’t properly care for our home or my gardens…. I needed a flat, a simpler life… now I am adapting to apartment living, with a container garden on my balcony.

I was terrified at the thought when it first became obvious that such a major move was necessary – 20 years in the same house, there was a lot of work needed to clear out the excess “stuff” – and I wasn’t well…I was in no mood to even think of adapting…. moving seemed like an insurmountable obstacle…  I was heartbroken…. but my family reminded me that I had moved before, I could do it again……  and the fact was, much as I objected, I knew it had come time to accept the inevitable… I had to change my perspective on this move.

I am blessed with a large family….but still, I was astounded at how my brothers and sisters all pitched in to help me sell the house, move, and get settled in a comfortable apartment. Perhaps one of the most significant changes for me was the recognition that I didn’t need to bear my burdens alone…the move brought with it a new awareness of the spirit of family…. love in action….

Change can be painful, devastating even, but at some point it becomes unavoidable… whether it works for or ag’in us is all in our perspective….all in the way we look at it.

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