Part 5  in a series on applying the Universal Principles to psychic work: The Law of Vibration… all is in motion, all of the time

The law of vibration tells us that change is inevitable… all is in motion, vibrating at its own unique frequency, all is constantly moving, changing, growing, evolving, expanding or contracting. This law also suggests that we keep our vibrational frequency high in order to move into the higher spiritual frequencies…. and that our words carry our frequencies into the world around us…in fact, our words carry the power to create our worlds.

“This law states that nothing rests; that the universe, and everything that exists, is in motion. The spoken word is a vehicle of power, giving form and expression to thought. Words clothe a thought with a matrix of vibration, amplifying it and easing it out into the physical world of matter and action. Many people creating and sharing the same vibrations generate a force field of energy. This is the power of music, singing and chanting to unify hearts and minds, to heal, inspire and celebrate.

Vibration, however is more than just the narrow sound band audible to the human ear. Everything vibrates as frequency, sound and temperature. Rocks, insects, plants, and people differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational freqency and energy pattern. Each molecule of the body is held in place, keeping its relationship to all the others, because of its programmed resonant frequency. Expanding one’s consciousness (like increasing the light in a dark room) and raising one’s vibration are synonymous. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, pure diet, body work, and so on help cleanse the mind and body of the impurities that keep it gross. Likewise, dealing with one’s inner issues, past trauma, and old habit patterns is part of what it takes to unload the ballast of the past and prepares one to receive more light and function at a higher vibratory rate (frequency).

The more focused the attention, the calmer the mind, and the slower the brainwaves (all very stress-reducing and achievable through meditation), the closer one’s approach to higher spiritual vibration and ultimate transendence is likely to be. Understanding the Law of Vibration enables you to FEEL the Big Picture so that you can begin to consciously move and shift it……. by increasing our personal frequencies, we can literally change the world…” From the opening chapter of the book: “Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Everyone’s Guide to the Coming Changes” by Moira Timms, (Ballantine Books, 1980, 1994, ISBN 0-345-36475-9).

Applying the Law of Vibration to Psychic Work:

This law also explains how to connect psychically with any aspect of the universe… it is simply a matter of tuning to the vibrational frequency of the object of your attention…. The Law of Vibration explains how it is that we can use numbers to read for a client, colours and crystals for healing, how we can find messages in our contacts with nature – the rocks, trees, plants, animals and even the waters… each entity carries its own frequency which is a kind of vocabulary that can be tuned into and translated.

One of the reasons we so consistently encourage our students and clients to think loving thoughts, and to move away from their judgments is because of the significance of of raising one’s vibration… Generating loving energy for ourselves and our world, our Oneness, is the surest, simplest, and fastest way to raise our vibrational frequencies.

Anyone who wants to play or work in the psychic or spiritual realms MUST become conscious of their personal vibrational frequencies in order to avoid untimely and unpleasant meetings with lower energies. This is what I mean:

1) I was once approached by a very talented psychic who had become disturbed at the number of frightening and painful cases that he was working on… he couldn’t understand why he saw everything that was terrible around him before it happened… if there was to be kidnapping or rape or murder, or an earthquake, flood or any situation that would certainly produce pain and sorrow, he would be haunted by the visions of it for months before – and after. It didn’t take long to also discover that this man was emotionally unbalanced, traumatized by an extremely abusive childhood, a man who had never adjusted to the world and was extremely unhappy within himself… it was easy to identify the problem here – this man’s vibrational frequency was so low that he was open to seeing all life in its lowest frequency… the solution for him was not so simple though… he needed professional help, and to stop doing psychic work of any kind… and to get into the joy of life, into love and laughter… and to start taking care of himself physically, to reconnect with nature, with the earth… he needed a complete change of attitude, and a new lifestyle in order to pull out of the blackness he was trapped in….

Without awareness of vibrational frequency, psychics run the risk of taking on another’s problems, acting like an energy sponge – raising the vibrations of those around them, but lowering their own at the same time… until one day you discover you’re burnt out, and only able to see the dark side of life… There is always a simple answer to this problem – meditate and pray, draw consciously on love and light – raise your vibrational frequency…choose to be happy, no matter what, choose to love, always unconditionally, do the inner work – take care of yourself – choose to accept and respect the ALL of life, with infinite compassion. Raising one’s vibrational frequncy is a lifelong task for a good psychic, since it is ultimately the only way we can see clearly and speak truly….

2) A quite mature psychic once inquired about the spirits that had been around him since childhood – many of whom were not so nice and by now had begun to cause some real problems for him and his family. I immediately responded with information about vibrational frequency, explaining that the spirits got into his space because there were places within him that were running at a low frequency; if he would deal with his fears and issues straight up, the hauntings would stop and he’d be able to make better use of his mediumship abilities…

Without understanding of vibrational frequency, psychics are open to attracting energies from the lower astral plane – any entity that can resonate with our lower energies will enter our spaces when we are open… These may take the form of spirits and even supposed guides, but their purpose is always selfish, they are opportunists who will take advantage of any chance to slip down here to planet earth to play for a time in the physical world… They are parasites who feed off our energy – and can wreak havoc in our lives when we are unaware of their presence. As in the case above, they can prevent a psychic from doing any valuable or practical work with their talents.

3) We are occasionally contacted by individuals who are mentally or emotionally unbalanced and complain of being haunted, or possessed by other entities. Fortunately, some of today’s psychologists and psychiatrists are gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual causes and effects of some mental and emotional illnesses. It is now not so uncommon for the healing professions to delve into past lives for solutions to some of these complex problems, or for them to recognize that in the midst of the dis-ease, the person is also having some sort of spiritual crisis that requires attention. There is a real connection between mental or emotional imbalance and psychic ability or paranormal phenomena. Because our psychic abilities are connected with our inner protective mechanisms and are often triggered by fears, and unbalanced person may be quite psychic, but their seeing and knowing will be warped, skewed to reflect their fears. Certain kinds of brain disorders are so electrically charged that they can literally manifest ghosts and create hyperkinetic movements around them. Some folks are so split, or so deeply stuck in their lower energies that they can be possessed by any spirits who can resonate with that energy.

As psychics, it becomes crucial to understand the role of vibrational frequency in paranormal phenomena – without this understanding, we cannot effect any real healing, nor can we protect ourselves from being invaded… whether by the negative thoughts and feelings, the frequencies of others around us, by our own lower frequencies, or by some spirit from the astral plane….

One of the most powerful ways to express one’s intent to raise vibrational frequency is through the spoken word. A good psychic understands and uses the power of the spoken word… language is a way of projecting our consciousness into the world, language is focussed intent… energy in motion… language alerts us to vibrational frequency and when we begin to actively listen and speak, we can not only more easily read what’s occuring around us, but we can also transform it, change it, make it move in new directions. By learning to really listen to ourselves and others, we notice the words that reflect our lower frequencies – and can consciously start reframing these thoughts , thus raising our vibrational frequncies. And as we raise our own frequencies, we automatically raise the vibratory levels of all around us – thus, we effectively change the world by changing ourselves.

So how do we raise our frequencies? In addition to noticing your language and actively seeking more positive uplifting words to express yourself, it is important to maintain a loving attitude, to move past your fears… prayers and meditation are also very helpful… choosing to be happy, to be enthusiastic, joyful, no matter the challenges you may be facing. Any form of healing work that you undertake to help yourself – or others will raise your vibrational frequency…. and so will playing with your children and your pets, helping another in some way – random acts of kindness are a really fun way of “getting high”… anything we do to facilitate learning, growth, expansion of the mind and heart, clearing and healing moves us upward on the frequency scale.

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction

You could say that the Law of Attraction – we get what we focus on – is derived from the Law of Vibration. The Law of attraction says that “like attracts like” – again, creating the life you want is really just a matter of understanding the basic physics. Says Lynne Grabhorn in her book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting : The Astonishing Power of Feelings

“when we’re feeling up, filled with joy and gratitude, our emotions are sending out high frequency vibrations that will magnetize only good stuff back to us, meaning that anything with the same high vibratory frequency that matches what we’re sending out. Like attracts like.

On the other hand, when we’re experiencing anything that joy isn’t, such as fear, worry, guilt, or even mild concern, those emotions are sending out low frequency vibrations. Since low frequencies are every bit as magnetic as high frequencies, they’re only going to attract cruddy stuff back to us, meaning anything of that same low frequency that will cause us to feel (and vibrate) as lousy as what we’re sending out. Cruddy out, cruddy back, it’s always a vibrational match.”

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