by Carmen

The World Mood December 2012
The mood this month: playful, optimistic, childlike, suspenseful, wired, expectant, bubbly, mirthful. surreptitious.
Lucky Stone:  Silica
Lucky number: 1

If you remember last month I drew only one card for your reading – one of Moderation ( Temperance )  and that ended up showing  that this resulted in a  50/50 tie in the US election and also from my observations many evenly split governments and countries.

In the first part of this months’ prediction a male figure appears. This is a person that lied ( or persons/parties that lied ) – but they will be disappointed and withdraw in time. To me that means that the ‘baddies’ may not admit their wrongs and silently withdraw when we least notice. This is a good outcome, even if unfortunately it does point out the fact that there are ‘baddies’ in the first place.

The problem will be that messages will not be relayed by this party or people of these changes so as to not embarrass their partners. This means that good things will develop quietly. No one will ‘announce’ positive change. This may be talking about many people that are now getting new managers and that more people are going to get caught for lying in politics, their work, their reputation and so forth. They will keep their secrets for another month still and then changes will start to set in. They are already.  Temperance appears again in this reading, in its particular position it suggests the problem with balance is that the result of this apparent balance is due to being too polite – and causing a pause in world decision making. This is already resolving since I wrote this a few days ago, so its nice to see this prediction already unfolding.  I could list at last half a dozen successes in the last few days and I would not hesitate to say it will continue to improve as predicted, albeit quietly and privately. This may mean more time to figure out better options, if seen from a more positive light.

For some reason the cards continue to say: People may have been negotiating too quickly or intensely and that is has caused a momentary stall in decision making.  Even if it looks positive negotiating, in fact, it is going too fast for the cards or for these parties. The reading mentioned ‘overseas’ ( my vantage point is from North America ) and ‘overseas markets’ may continue to lose money at a fast rate this month. I am concerned about the combination of the 10 of coins reversed and the six of swords in this reading, as it meant that losses in other countries, possibly tied to our trade now, in this global market.

 This may also mean that the travel industry is suffering and that tourism is not as strong this month or that there are many countries overseas in need of investment and support right now. This is especially important if many of you are traveling for the holidays – there have been storms this year and these countries are still rebuilding. Since I wrote this prediction on Sunday, a storm came through the Philippines, and it would be wise to continue travel to support these economies, but be smart about it, make sure you have all your insurance and back up plans.  I also know that many tourist destinations are having a lot of storms, so special attention must be paid to these areas.

In the long run, in my opinion. the reading revealed an uplifting trend. I strongly see in my readings that more people will be the getting justice they require and more trials will be developing. As yet they are in their nascent ( beginning ) and the results will not be apparent over the next three weeks.

Considering all of this activity, and all of this uncertainty, stronger players  or persons will prevent financial losses from getting out of control.  There is a group of people managing our problems and this is reassuring and benevolent energy. This means that despite the folly that defined 2012 there are more people that are being freed and more human rights arising from extreme changes and measures. This to me is apparent at this point in the reading with the Five of Cups and the Eight of Swords – which means leaving behind old and restrictive ways.

Not a single negative card appeared in my reading this month, besides the usual human ways, this issue about dishonesty – but  it seems we usher ourselves well into and past 2013.

Be safe and well and see most of you around the festive season for those occasional ingratiating mistakes that we call ‘human relationships’! Carmen Miro

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